Radical Agenda EP251 – Breaking Up

Tom Woods sent an ominous warning to his email subscribers over the weekend. America is breaking up. He says the dissolution of the United States has been accelerated by 50 to 100 years by the election of Donald Trump, and the hysterics of the left. Our politics today are so polarized that, as Tom Puts it “Ideological and cultural differences have reached a point at which huge pluralities simply loathe each other. What one group considers holy and praiseworthy the other considers abominable and deplorable.”

Radical Agenda EP251 - Breaking Up

Radical Agenda EP251 – Breaking Up

As if recognizing that helicopter time is upon us, Tom says “The left is in my view getting pretty much what it deserves, after having brought nearly all of life under the purview of the state. Not one tear should be shed for them.”

Tears of joy, perhaps. Watching these rabbits panic, knowing that their party is over and the rotary aircraft in the distance will lift them up, but that the descent will be their own responsibility, is the most intense excitement I’ve ever known. I’m terrified and overjoyed at the same time. It’s like being in a fist fight, thinking you’re going to lose, and then suddenly gaining the upper hand.

Whether they’re taking over the airports or just hanging out with D list celebrities in Rikers Island, you can see that what drives them today is no longer the thirst for power, but the fear of death. Leftists have always been violent criminals, far more prone to acts of illegal carnage than their right wing counterparts. What we’re seeing now though, is more the behavior of a cornered animal than that of a predator. It is frenzied and panicked. It lacks the premeditation and concern for consequences that we’re used to seeing. I can’t wait until the next frustrated urban youth does his mother a favor by jumping in front of a cop’s bullet and sparking a chimpout, so the God Emperor can send in the National Guard and deputize the Right Wing Death Squads.

Because while I once thought it wise and decent to let us live separately and in peace, I now realize that this is no more desirable than it is possible. Firstly, they will never permit us to live separately because a parasite cannot survive without a host. They might threaten to leave us, or we might walk away from them, but they will never stop trying to drain us of everything we have. Besides, they have already taken so much from us that we will never be able to measure the value of what has been lost. They cannot even make restitution because the harm they have done is of such a massive scale that it is literally incalculable. Letting them go now would be excusing them for their crimes, and allowing them to gather strength to attack us again.

No. There will be no separation. We will destroy them, and subjugate the survivors from now until the end of time. There is no act so brutal that it could not be justified by the necessity of stopping the left. They demanded a massive government, they got it. They deemed the purpose of that government to suppress their political opposition, and they used it for that purpose.

Now that we find ourselves in power, we should just allow them to walk away?

I don’t fucking think so.

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