Radical Agenda EP252 – Judge

Supervillian Donald Trump revealed the identity of one of his henchmen yesterday. Neil Gorsuch is a woman hating racist who wants to help Wall Street crush Main Street, and he is about to take his stolen seat on the Supreme Court of the United States. Soon, he will unilaterally strike down the 19th amendment. That means women will have to get their abortions done by drug dealers in abandoned buildings with coat hangers, and the only contraception they will have access to is anal sex, which we all know never works. Capitalism will enslave the nation, and blacks will be put back in chains.

Radical Agenda EP252 - Judge

Radical Agenda EP252 – Judge

Either that or the left is just continuing its usual freakout for no good reason whatsoever.

As it turns out, the leftist talking points were drafted without even knowing who the nominee was. So when pressed, the left wing activists had no idea of any specifics whatsoever as to Gorsuch’s record. They literally just jumped right to “A woman’s right to choose” and “Wall Street” generic smears kept handy for insulting Republicans. Tucker Carlson, as usual, was quick to call them on it, and I have some great audio clips from last night’s episode.

But I don’t think calling them on it is enough anymore. We have a very limited amount of time before the Democrats reclaim some portion of the government and put a stop to our reforms. Since Democrats are obviously playing dirty, I think it is time for the God Emperor to resort to assassinations. He could use either his own security personnel, or he could have an intelligence agency handle it, but he should probably have the remaining liberal justices killed, along with a dozen or so Senate Democrats whose seats are prone to Republican challenge.

Now, I know some of you might be freaking out and saying this is unconstitutional, but I disagree. Once the remaining liberal justices are dead and Donald Trump fills their seats with loyal white heterosexual males, they will rule the killings justified under the living breathing document clause of the constitution.

And that’s how you fight Democrats.

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