Radical Agenda EP255 – Comeback

I don’t watch much football, and that is unfortunate because on the rare occasion that I do, I really enjoy it. The excitement, the competition, the suspense, it’s a lot of fun. What’s even more fun is when the game becomes a series of perfect metaphors for all these other things that actually matter to me, as became the case last night.

Radical Agenda EP255 - Comeback

Radical Agenda EP255 – Comeback

Since I’m not a big fan, I didn’t have a great deal invested in the teams. I had heard about Tom Brady’s controversy over his MAGA hat, but I honestly didn’t even know what team he played. I usually tune out the opinions of celebrities and athletes unless they piss me off, like Colin Kaepernick. For proof, I didn’t even mention this during the pre-game show.

Also, since I’m originally from New York, I didn’t think of either side as “My Team” until I realized halfway through the game that “New England” includes “New Hampshire” where I currently reside. Then I was kind of upset that my team was losing. But right towards the end, they managed to tie it up, and go on to win in overtime.

My guys, the underdogs, the Patriots, making an unprecedented comeback at the very end against all expectations. It felt like election day all over again. And then the memes started, this was not just about politics or geography, this was racial too. Twitter erupted with pissed off black people complaining that white supremacy just won the superbowl. But perhaps I should back up.

A lot of high profile black and left wing commentators gloated before the end of the game, that America’s gayest, blackest city, had defeated these white sissies, proving once and for all their dominance over us. They were certain their victory was secured by the third quarter, and they wasted no time making it a racial conflict. Of course, when the tables had turned, they were far less chatty and called anyone who dared reply a racist.

If that isn’t a perfect metaphor for everything going on in the world right now, I don’t know what is. Not just the election, but hope for the future of our people. Not only that, but as some of you know I found myself in a very dark place at the end of last year, and I’ve since pulled out of it and improved myself. I’ve never been a particularly optimistic kind of guy. History has taught me to fear the future. But strangely, I find myself inspired by this game of sportsball, and eagerly await our next thrilling victory.

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