Radical Agenda EP259 – Grabbable

White supremacist terrorist, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has made the treacherous journey across the racist US/Canada border to meet with fascist dictator Donald Trump. There are unconfirmed reports that the God Emperor grabbed Trudeau by the back of the neck and whispered “Come here, fuqboi!” in his ear, before taking Canada’s first openly gay prime minister to a holding cell in the basement of the White House, and tossing him in a cage with illegal immigrants.

Radical Agenda EP259 - Grabbable

Radical Agenda EP259 – Grabbable

Trudeau emerged bleeding from the seat of his pants, but grateful for the cultural enrichment. The two then went on to discuss swapping all of America’s non-whites for Canada’s racists (which, roughly translated means “all white people” in the Canadian vernacular). Many Canadians have demanded Trudeau stand up to Trump, even if it means a trade war with the United States. The odds seem to be against the much younger Trudeau in this conflict however. When Trump threatened to tax Canadian exports, Trudeau reportedly said “Great, me too!” before realizing his (((masters))) only want him to cuck his nation to non-whites.

Speaking of sexual assault, Lena Dunham reminded audiences why the first amendment is a terrible idea in the season six debut of “Girls”. The show attempts  to further the “beautiful at any size” narrative pushed by Dunham and her fellow saboteurs of western civilization, and features the pear shaped communist in full frontal nudity during a sex scene with brown skinned British rapper, Riz Ahmed. While the network claimed no refugees were hurt in the filming, animal rights activists are still concerned with the well being of the whale in the scene, apparently unaware that they were referring the Dunham herself.

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