Radical Agenda S03E003 – Coloring

Christmas is just around the corner, and if you’re lucky, it just might be a white one. If you’re not so lucky, your Christmas may well be more diverse. It is our strength, after all.

Radical Agenda S03E003 - Coloring

Radical Agenda S03E003 – Coloring

If you’re stuck trying to figure out a gift for that special someone in your life, perhaps you can get her an ‘I Am So Sick of White Guys’ coloring book. That way she can do with crayons, what your government has been doing with immigration policy since 1965. That might sound racist, but fear not. The sellers of the book promise that 10% of the proceeds will go to the most anti-racist organization ever, the Southern Poverty Law Center.

As America gets colored in, and our collective IQ leaves skidmarks in the toilet on its way down, it should come as no surprise to any of us that adult coloring books are gaining in popularity. Whereas we once read great literary works and expanded our horizons, we’ve now learned to check our privilege and engage in mindless time consuming exercises that serve no purpose whatsoever. Well, no positive purpose for us, anyway.

While America is getting colored in and you are remaining white, it can be a stressful time. That’s why the University of Michigan is teaching white employees how to overcome the ‘discomfort’ of being white. Surely that discomfort could not be your survival instincts kicking in and demanding you do something to rescue your race from extermination, it is just you reacting to to stimuli that alert you of the privilege you hold, according to the two day conference.

This is a very important lesson for you to learn, and fast. Some people have tried to spread the disgusting lie that it is okay to be white, and this siren song may sound appealing to us goyim. That is, if we were not made aware by our benevolent Jewish masters, that such utterances are little more than neo-Nazi propaganda.

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