Radical Agenda S03E049 – Paul Nehlen

To say that Paul Nehlen’s congressional campaign has been embroiled in controversy would be like saying the Radical Agenda contains material some listeners may find objectionable. His bid to unseat House Speaker Paul Ryan garnered considerable attention from the beginning, as he was backed by Steve Bannon and running right of Trump.

Radical Agenda S03E049 - Paul Nehlen

Radical Agenda S03E049 – Paul Nehlen

Then he read Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique. (Catch my interview with Kevin here.)

Once one finds out what Jews are up to, life changes. The world begins to make more sense. A determination to set the world right takes center stage of the person’s identity. Enemies come out of the woodwork. Friends distance themselves.

Winning a popularity contest seems an impossible task under such circumstances. Even Bannon backed away from him. That hasn’t stopped Paul from his bid to unseat the House’s Chief Cuck.

Paul has been absolutely relentless. He has appeared on David Duke’s show, and Fash the Nation. His Twitter exploits are so legendary, that he became the first congressional candidate ever to be permanently¬†banned from the platform.

His #ShallNotCensor legislation would put a stop to that kind of ideological censorship.

Douglass Mackey aka Ricky Vaughn

Douglass Mackey aka Ricky Vaughn

But it’s not just the Jews and Big Tech that Paul has taken on. He recently exposed the identity of the ever subversive Ricky Vaughn, real name Douglass Mackey, a character who until very recently had the luxury of hiding behind a pseudonym while he attacked the alt right. (Catch my interview with Ricky here)

I don’t take doxing lightly. In all the years I’ve been in business, taking the payment and shipping information of people I’ve in many cases come to later see as enemies, the only person I’ve ever doxed was the woman who aborted my child and made false reports about me to law enforcement. I have not visited this penalty on a single one of the many people who have trusted me with their information and later become ideological rivals. I am privy to no shortage of secrets, and when controversies are aired about movement figures, I’ve often known about those issues well before they became public.

But Nehlen did not dox Vaughn because he disagrees with his politics. He did it because Vaughn is a dishonest, malicious, subversive figure who intentionally acts against the interests of race and nation. He compares white identity to radical Islam, and without the slightest bit of self awareness, says the alt right is just a bunch of people without healthy relationships. Vaughn is the poster child for treason. He dishonors our veterans, sabotages our efforts, subverts our ideas, divides our movement, and undermines our identity, all while purporting to be our leader. He should not have the protection of a pseudonym while he behaves this way.

Welcome to the realm of men with reputations, Douglass Mackey. Let us see how well you fare when you actually have to risk something for your cause.

And it’s not just Vaughn’s identity that Paul exposed. Ricky is trying to go pro in the political realm, which goes a long way in explaining his subversion of the Alt Right.

Marketing himself as the¬†Smartcheckr Consulting Group, Ricky tried to sell the Nehlen campaign thousands of dollars worth of services ranging from social media management to “extreme opposition research” using “proprietary search and facial recognition technology” and “access unconventional databases”. Interesting that a guy who hides behind a pseudonym wants to make a career out of digging up dirt on others, and tying names to faces.

It also begs the question of what “unconventional databases” Vaughn is claiming to have access to. As previously noted, Vaughn and Weev seem to be in league with one another in their efforts to fracture the Alt Right. Could Weev be professionally offering the same talents that got him locked up? One certainly hopes he will not be abusing his position as the technical mind behind TRS and the Daily Stormer. They have some databases that would certainly be seen as “unconventional” to many, and certainly helpful to a far right candidate like Nehlen, or whoever else might be willing to give Ricky a couple grand.

Paul joins us for the first hour of the pogrom.

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