Radical Agenda S03E050 – Hunter Wallace

Hunter Wallace is the man behind OccidentalDissent.com, and a man I’ve come to see as one of extraordinary integrity. The engineered fracturing of our movement has shown many others to be liars and cowards, but not Hunter. He calls it like he sees it.

Last month he summed up the current state of the alt right in a blog post titled Alt Right 1.0

Radical Agenda S03E050 - Hunter Wallace

Radical Agenda S03E050 – Hunter Wallace

Ok, I’ve seen enough.

This is a send off post. I’m tired of this subject consuming my time and distracting me. Whether it is the lack of a sturdy ideological framework, the lack of cohesion, the total lack of solidarity, the optics spiraling, the hatred of women, the disrespect and whining about our elders, the unseemly snobbery, the inability to handle the slightest setback, the unwillingness to make sacrifices, the absence of traits like loyalty, the Trump personality cult, the dominance of aesthetics over morality, the intersection with weird internet subcultures which have nothing to do with nationalism (are traps gay?) or everything being a nihilistic joke, ironic bantz, troll or retarded meme, I’m sorry but this is going nowhere.

I’m going to tune out, clear my head, get back to work here and move on. See you around for Alt-Right 2.0 or whatever the hell comes after this incarnation of it.

But anybody who thought Hunter was punching out had another thing coming.

In addition to many other valuable contributions, he chimed in on April 3rd to talk about Reversion To The Norm

I don’t want to dwell too much on activism.

There is nothing surprising about what has happened to the Alt-Right since Charlottesville. Sadly, this collapse into bickering and infighting, clashing egos, personality cults and optics spiraling is simply a reversion to the norm of White Nationalism.

The largest pro-White rallies of the last 15 years – Charlottesville, Shelbyville and Pikeville – all took place in 2017. We’re not talking about anything more than a couple hundred people here too. The norm isn’t street activism. The norm has always been anonymous shitposting, venting on the internet and voting every four years for the Great Republican Hope. In 1992 and 1996 and 2000, it was Pat Buchanan. In 2008 and 2012, it was the Ron Paul Revolution.

The norm is pacifism and voting for the Republican Party and getting screwed over by conservatives only to go crawling back. It happened with Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush and Donald Trump. John McCain and Mitt Romney would have happily screwed us over, but they never got the chance. There was a decade from 2005 until 2015 when White Nationalists were nearly entirely absent from real world activism. I’m old enough to remember the White Man March.

The surprising thing about Charlottesville is that it happened at all. That’s why it was such a big deal. The norm was for all of these groups to be fighting with each other on the internet over their respective brands. Generally speaking, the Right isn’t inclined to activism. Psychologically speaking, the typical conservative is a conformist who respects authority. Conservatives are driven by respectability in a way that isn’t true of leftists. Rightwing activism goes against the grain of our culture. The desire to be perceived as “mainstream” reflects this deep conservative yearning for social approval.

On the rare occasions when conservatives have engaged in activism like the March for Life or the Tea Party groups at the Lincoln Memorial, they always come across as non-threatening. They respect authority. They aren’t militant radicals. They don’t really pose any threat to the system. There is no reason to cater to their demands because they are content to go home and sulk about double standards. Conservatives are accustomed to only acting when they have permission from their leaders to do so. Charlottesville was powerful because it was an example of activism that was sort of scary and unsanctioned.

I’ve been a big advocate of activism because I see it as our best option. Violence will reinforce the existing taboos that have stigmatized our community. Voting for the Republican Party won’t change those taboos and will only empower conservatives to pursue their own agenda. If there was activism on a large enough scale to where it became a social problem, then conceivably those taboos could be undermined. At the end of the day, the only way to get rid of those taboos is to challenge them. We’re not changing the culture by conforming to those taboos and retreating from the public square.

I don’t believe it is good enough to educate and convert people to our ideas. If they are unable to practice what they believe in public, the culture will continue to shift against us and we will continue to be stuck in this dead end. In order to practice those ideas, we have to cultivate moral virtues like honor, courage, integrity and perseverance. This is why I was so defensive of TWP because they were an exception in an otherwise pitiful landscape of rightwing timidity, conformity and individualism.

TWP isn’t the real issue here though. The Alt-Right isn’t even the real issue. The real issue is how morality in general has changed over time from the past to the present day.

We’ll talk about these valuable insights and more for the first hour, then your calls at 740-I-AM-1488

UPDATE: This show ended up taking a turn and we spent much of the show talking about Weev. If you doubt anything said, here is all the source material. h/t to Hunter Wallace for the source material.

Show Notes:

[1] Weev’s past as an “anti-Semite hunter” in the early 2000s

[2] The iProphet Reverend Weevlos

[3] Full Disclosure doxes Weev in 2009

[4] Weev’s mother sends emails to Full Disclosure in which she reveals that Weev has Jewish ancestry on both sides of his family and comes from a multiracial family. She claims to be a Native American and offers to ask a local rabbi in Richmond to settle the dispute

[5] Weev describes himself as White, Other, Native American in his LinkedIn profile

[6] Weev caught in lies about his dox on Full Disclosure

[7] Full Disclosure isn’t an Antifa group and removed personal information about Weev’s family

[8] Weev’s grandfather was a Muskogee Indian who was born on an Indian reservation in Oklahoma

[9] Weev’s mom’s allegations of drug abuse and Indian ancestry verified

[10] Weev’s drug abuse is featured in the NY Times

[11] Weev admits to being Jewish on the Goatse Security website

[12] Weev was the president of the Gay Niggers Association of America

[13] Weev when he was one of the closest comrades of the leaders of Occupy Wall Street

[14] Weev claims to be White, Other, Native American in his OkCupid profile

[15] Weev describes himself as a Bavarian Jew who preys on Gentile women in his OkCupid profile

[16] Weev caught in lies about his OkCupid profile

[17] Weev tells Gawker that he has Jewish ancestors

[18] Weev’s parents attend his trial. His mom blows him a kiss

[19] Weev’s longtime friend Alex Pilosov appears at his trial

[20] Weev is released from prison, goes on his Livejournal account, describes himself as an artist who makes things he despises look ridiculous and announces his plan to cover the internet in dongs and swastikas

[21] The grave of Weev’s Indian ancestors

[22] Weev appears on CNBC after being released from prison to advertise his new hedge fund

[23] Weev is featured in the 2014 documentary The Hacker War

[24] Molly Crabapple defends Weev in Vice

[25] Breitbart notes that Weev used to be “the darling of the Left”

[26] Weev’s debut on Daily Stormer complete with American History X swastika tattoo

[27] Weev’s drug fueled speech referenced by the NYTimes

[28] Weev boasts about screwing Eastern European teenagers with your donations

[29] Weev comes out of the closet as a born again Nazi in October 2014

[30] Weev sends out of tens of thousands of flyers in which he unequivocally endorses the rape and murder of women and children

[31] Weev is the Brooklyn Nazi

[32] Weev hijacks the Alt-Right brand to associate it with Jewish stereotypes of Neo-Nazism

[33] Weev claims he has “realigned the world” in a manic episode in a recent YouTube video.

[34] Weev endorses beating, torturing and gang raping women

[35] Weev rants about the scold’s bridle and going Turner Diaries

[36] Christopher Cantwell’s domain was seized after Weev went on his show

[37] Dailystormer.lol was registered to Alex Pilosov’s NYC apartment

[38] Who is Alex Pilosov?

[39] Alex Pilosov and Weev are good buddies

[40] Alex Pilosov’s Jewish brother is a Chabad-Lubavitch rabbi

[41] Alex Pilosov is Jewish

[42] Alex Pilosov’s connections to Adam Rothschild

[43] Weev hanging out in Alex Pilosov’s apartment

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