Radical Agenda S03E051 – Radical To Speak

This episode has been a long time coming. We had Jared Howe as a guest on the show back in May of 2017 for EP306, back when he and (to a lesser extent) I were still welcome in some more respectable corners of the interwebz. There was a fracturing well underway within the libertarian movement where more and more of us were going “full physical removal” while trying to keep a non-aggression principle oriented perspective.

Radical Agenda S03E051 - Radical To Speak

Radical Agenda S03E051 – Radical To Speak

Three months later, I found myself in a Charlottesville jail. Physical removal had indeed ensued, and with NAP intact! But shockingly enough, not only was I charged anyway, but the people who compelled me to defend myself were nowhere to be found. Instead some kike and some tranny decided to claim victimhood falsely, as such scum have been known to do from time to all of the time.

Jail sucks for a lot of reasons, but none so much as the fear, and later realization, that people are going to forget about you. Being inside isn’t nearly so bad as missing the forward motion of time outside. Letters, postcards, phone calls, they remind us that we haven’t been forgotten. Most inmates are lucky if they’ve got one reliable family member on the outside who can handle a task or two and maybe the occasional money order.

So far as doing time goes, I probably had it better than anybody else in that jail, certainly better than any of our guys. I had the support of thousands of dedicated nationalists who not only wrote me letters and sang my praises, but filled up my canteen and financed my defense.

There was one man though, who proved more reliable than any other. He not only took my calls the whole time I was in, but he recorded them and published them to my website as the now infamous Live from Seg! podcast. He managed my finances, delivered messages, kept me informed, collected and edited video, and generally became my go to guy, all without asking me for anything in return. He just wanted to serve our race and nation by helping me. His name is Jared Howe, whom many of you now know to be the host of So To Speak, proudly published at ChristopherCantwell.com.

And I should note, many people for many years have encouraged me to publish their content here, or to seek out other contributors. I’ve always declined these invitations and requests because I didn’t want to find myself in the position Daily Stormer and TRS find themselves in presently, of purging dissent and spawning backlash. Over the years, Jared has proven himself a man of genuine integrity and courage, to the point that if we were to part ways, I would have to seriously reflect on what error I had made to cause the rift.

The response thus far from all of you has been excellent. Literally every comment I’ve read about So To Speak has been positive, which is more than I can say for the content I post to my own site. It was the smashing success of So To Speak that caused me to offer syndication to Tony Hovater and Matt Heimbach’s Action! podcast, which sadly was disrupted by the breaking of the cuckbox.

Can’t win em all, folks…

What’s underlying all of this is a shorter, and more meaningful point. I learned from years of infighting with libertarians that I couldn’t rely on anybody. Perhaps that is why so many libertarians obsess over hyper individualism and self reliance. It took going to jail and a fellow libertarian, to help me see that there are good people out there if you put the effort into finding them.

Jared Howe is one of those people, and 107 days in jail was a small price to pay to find him. He joins us for the pogrom today.

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