Radical Agenda S04E015 – You Will Not Be Safe

This week has brought us no shortage of things to talk about, and I am thusly getting today’s blog post later than usual on account of difficulty coming up with a theme to start the show today.

For starters I’ve got a lot of clips to play.

First to New York for the Democratic Gubernatorial Primary debate between Andrew Cuomo, and Democratic Socialist (communist) Cynthia Nixon. They rightly called each other liars while Nixon dragged Cuomo irreversibly leftward on everything from open borders to socialized medicine. If polling is any guide, Nixon does not stand a chance of beating Cuomo, but he just could not refuse the radical bait. This will make for a very interesting general election, as sane, white New Yorkers are given a choice between putting the final nail in the coffin of their state, or electing a moderate Republican who can cooperate with the Republican Senate.

In other news, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham both took on Antifa this week after CNN laughably described the terrorist group as being largely “African American”. This came to a surprise to anyone who has seen the videos or mugshots of these criminals, who would in most cases meet Jared Taylor’s standard of huWhite. Both hosts had Antifa sympathetic guests on, and the defenses they offered were far too pathetic not to play on the Radical Agenda. Tucker bravely said that Antifa was the “main perpetrator of violence at these events,” which comes as no surprise to any Radical Agenda listener of course, but seems to be marking an important shift in the window of allowable discussion, as we find ourselves just 66 days away from midterm elections.

Yesterday Trump held a high energy rally in Indiana. It was so good I watched it twice on TV, then downloaded it and pulled clips for the show. He touched on social media censorship, our thriving economy, the importance of partisan loyalty, and heaped praise upon ICE and other American law enforcement. I’ve got some choice audio from the event to share with you, and some of those lines will become drops to be played for years to come.

Radical Agenda S04E015 - You Will Not Be Safe

Radical Agenda S04E015 – You Will Not Be Safe

But our title story comes from Arizona’s 7th Congressional District, where Democrat Representative Ruben Gallego tweeted “If you are a US government official and you are deporting Americans be warned. When the worm turns you will not be safe because you were just following orders. You do not have to take part in illegal acts ordered by this President’s administration.”

I found this amusing, in part because Trump and his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, have largely ignored the loud chants of “Lock Her Up!” whenever Hillary Clinton is brought up. The obviousness of Clinton’s criminal behavior has been laid out repeatedly in conservative media, but the common wisdom has been that it is better for our political stability if election winners decline to prosecute their opponents, no matter how obvious their crimes. We saw a similar phenomenon when Barack Obama first was elected, and the campaign trail rhetoric about prosecuting George W. Bush for war crimes, largely fell by the wayside.

Democrats seem to have abandoned this wisdom, along with all concern for political stability in the United States. Their tacit if not explicit endorsement of Antifa and Black Lives Matter terrorism surely laid this bare some time ago, but the more recent calls to prosecute ICE as a “bunch of thugs” reveals a new depth of disregard for the so called “peaceful transfer of power” which has for so long defined American political life.

Democrats who were not fired by the current administration, are using whatever power they still hold to disrupt and threaten the orderly function of our government, regardless of merit. They are likewise promising to use whatever future power they might obtain to punish rank and file law enforcement officials who obey the orders of the President of the United States.

Let us all sincerely hope that the Republican Party takes note of the new rules of engagement. By the standard set by Representative Gallego and others, IRS agents who unfairly targeted Tea Party groups most certainly need to see the inside of a jail cell. Anyone inside the ATF who violated the Second Amendment rights of Americans should likewise meet the full horrifying power of our Federal Government. Hillary Clinton’s collusion with Russia is most certainly more “treasonous” than Donald Trump holding a press conference with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, and the massive corruption outlined in Peter Schweizer’s book Clinton Cash, surely is more criminal than any of the felonies Michael Cohen confessed to.

Those examples are just the most obvious ones with merit, but of course we would need to resort to meritless prosecutions to fully respond to Democratic threats. The subversion of our Constitution goes back many decades and involves a limitless number of bad actors along all altitudes of the totem pole. From the New York cop who thinks it his job to take guns off the streets, to the NSA tech who helped spy on Americans, to the the President who dropped pallets of cash from the sky in Iran, and everyone in between, “draining the swamp” truly ought to full up the prisons, and perhaps a few cemeteries in the process.

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