Radical Agenda S04E016 – The Coming Civil War

Tom Kawczynski came across my radar when he made headlines for being discovered as a White nationalist while working as the town manager for Jackman, Maine. Media erupted in hysterics as though he would imminently use his position to slaughter the less fortunate for laughs, but as I perused Tom’s writings I found him to be an extraordinarily thoughtful and eloquent man.

Try though they might to shut him up, Tom has refused to fade from view. We had Tom back on the show a few months ago to talk about his book Someone Has To Say It. Today he returns to the pogrom with a new book out. Ominously titled The Coming Civil War,  Tom provides us with this warning;

Radical Agenda S04E016 - The Coming Civil War

Radical Agenda S04E016 – The Coming Civil War

War is coming. The first skirmishes are already being fought. The crisis America faces is between two incompatible visions of the future, and a nation sharply divided between them. Will we become this diverse beacon of tolerance where we forget our past and embrace socialism and political correctness? Or, will we stand for our traditional beliefs, values, liberty, and sovereign government as free citizens our Founders did? Between these two paths, it becomes clearer each day no happy compromise exists to be reached, and as the arguments become more heated and the fights spill into the street, this battle to define America for generations to come is just beginning. To understand the reasons for the fight, the players shaping this conflict, the groups who will be on each side, and what this potentially means for your family and our nation, this brutally candid account offers a vital glimpse toward dark days ahead.

I find this rather difficult to argue with. On our streets today, riots, arson, and assault are considered free speech, while websites are shut down for thought crime. Criminals feel free to brag about their crimes while good men have to hide their identities, just to speak the truth. Hard working men and women dread the tax collector, while bums and billionaires enjoy the largesse of the public treasury.

None of this would necessarily bring one to the conclusion that martial conflict was inevitably on the horizon, if we could have the slightest faith that better voting would do something to solve it. Sadly, the worst offenses have happened within the last two years after one of our better rounds of voting. Social and mainstream media are working overtime to make our next round of votes significantly worse, and we face the very real prospect of an elected president being removed from office without just cause.

If our enemies regain control over the Federal Government, they will ban our speech and our means to defend it. They will open up our borders and dilute our votes with those of foreigners. No peaceful or lawful remedy to our grievances will exist.

Are you ready?

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