Radical Agenda S04E017 – Disruptors

I was met with a difficult decision this morning. Whether to watch the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, or the Senate Intelligence Committee’s hearing on social media issues.

Since yesterday’s Kavanaugh proceedings were such a fine spectacle to behold, and Andrew Torba cannot make a competing Supreme Court, I opted to watch the proceedings of the Judiciary Committee.

Radical Agenda S04E017 - Disruptors

Radical Agenda S04E017 – Disruptors

Yesterday, to recap, made an absolute mockery of the process. Democrats over the weekend planned a coordinated disruption of the proceedings. This consisted of purposely making frivolous parliamentary maneuvers, interrupting the process 63 times, and using every moment allotted to them to deceive the public with communist talking points. While this was going on, their activist friends, in coordination, caused their own disruptions, shouting incoherent nonsense from the audience section until 70 of them had been arrested for doing so.

This morning started off similarly, though the Leftist martyr brigades seem to be shorter on willing arrestees, as the disruptions appear to be at a minimum at the time of this writing.

I got an extra special laugh this morning, as one protester seemed offended at the notion that the disruptors were acting in concert with the Democrat Party. “We’re not working with the Democrats” she said as she was likewise hauled away.

I imagine when I catch up on the proceedings of the Senate Intelligence Committee, I’ll hear the search and social media giants tell a similar lie. We’ve certainly heard that lie from Antifa and Black Lives Matter terrorists, even as they are photographed with and lauded by prominent Democrats. We regularly hear that lie from the televisions and newspapers, regardless of abundant evidence to the contrary.

It speaks volumes to the state of our politics that I feel stupid pointing out the fact that, if 70 right wingers got arrested for disrupting a Senate hearing, we would never hear the end of it. “Imagine if a Republican…” has become a cliche because the double standard has become an accepted reality of our society. If we had done this during the Obama administration, or even if we do it during some future Democrat administration after the Left has set the precedent, we would not only be called violent extremists in the Jewish media, but our more respectable elected counterparts would rush to disavow us.

This obviously stands in stark contrast to the far more cozy relationship the Democrats have with their disruptive allies. No amount of disruptions, arrests, assaults, arsons, or even murders meet condemnation from the mainstream Left. Keith Ellison can assault women and support Antifa and be taken seriously as a candidate for Minnesota’s next attorney general. Meanwhile Ron DeSantis can’t say “don’t monkey this up” without being condemned as a Nazi.

The theme of my speech at Unite the Right was supposed to be in this vein. Drawing from Bill Marchant’s post “Don’t Punch Right” at Northern Reaction, I hoped to make the case that an absolutely necessary component of Uniting the Right was for Republicans to stop attacking their disruptors and extremists.

Today I question the wisdom of this thinking.

If the Reds keep up these antics, Republicans won’t just keep Congress, the White House, and the courts. We’ll get 3/4 of the state legislatures and start passing constitutional amendments, perhaps starting with the repeal of the 14th, 15th, and 19th amendments. This is a luxury afforded to us by the fact that it is exceedingly easy to tie the Democrats to the bad behaviors they steadfastly refuse to condemn. The media is running out of ways to paint their incivility and outright criminal behavior as righteous, and the public is slowly but surely getting wise to the fact that these are professional agitators, as opposed to concerned citizens.

In contrast, even Republicans who may be sympathetic to our cause, quickly rush to distance themselves from us wherever they perceive it to be politically advantageous. Charlottesville provides one of the most obvious examples, but condemnations of racism, and sexism are replete throughout corporate conservative media and Republican electoral campaigns. This does not stop their opponents from trying to tie them to us, but they maintain the sort of plausible deniability that any voter with a three digit IQ is capable of understanding.

This often pisses us off, understandably. We are telling the truth, obeying the law, fighting for a worthwhile cause, and we rightly expect to have the support of the political party that represents us. The viability of our ideas is proven by, among other things, the hysterical efforts of Democrats to see our ideas silenced before they inevitably catch on. If only our less deplorable counterparts would unite with us, we would be unstoppable, or so the thinking often goes.

On the other hand, this gives us a great deal of license. The spread of our ideas helps the Republican Party, without tainting its reputation with the unaware center of the electorate. If we resort to the sort of “Direct Action” our Leftist counterparts have become notorious for, Republicans can reap the rewards without suffering the consequences.

If that helps vanquish the Democrats, then the disrespect we’ve become so resentful of becomes a small price to pay. Once the Leftist threat subsides, we can do the GOP what the extreme Left is doing to the Democrats now. If we play our cards right, National Socialism will become less controversial than Democratic Socialism within our lifetimes, and once that happens, the disruptions will come to a rather abrupt halt.

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