Radical Agenda S05E079 – Murderberg’s House of Horrors

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently gave a talk at Georgetown University, supposedly reiterating his dedication to freedom of expression, in a world careening toward illiberal constraints on thought, word, and deed. The speech came on the heels of widespread hysteria over his meeting with such controversial figures on the Right as Tucker Carlson, and Byron York.

After seemingly discovering the obvious truth that censorious Left wing fanatics can never be satisfied, Zuckerberg now appears to be attempting to bring his company back from the brink of uselessness, by seeking some limits on the push to silence everyone the outrage mob sets their sights on. Presumably with some concern for the backlash which will ensue after a Republican landslide in 2020, Zuckerberg drew the line at deplatforming the President of the United States.

Simultaneously, he doubled down on his dedication to stamping out so called “hate speech” and “terrorist propaganda” and eliminating “foreign interference” in American elections, which to the careful observer, means only that the catastrophic policies of recent years will continue unabated. Politicians can lie on his platform, favored causes can break the laws of their jurisdictions, violence against disfavored groups can be promoted, but private citizens who speak out of turn, or who utter truths which inconvenience the egalitarian narrative, will continue to be suppressed for as long as governments permit such manipulation of the National conversation.

One need not be a statistician to see the foolishness of this.

A little over two years ago, hundreds of White Nationalists attempted to hold a permitted demonstration in Charlottesville, Virginia. They were set upon by violent communist agitators, who had announced, well in advance, their intent to violently disrupt the demonstration. This was a practice they had been engaged in for months prior, so much so that they became the subject of a DHS memo warning of the impacts. In the wake of that unprovoked assault, Facebook and other social media platforms, as well as PayPal and other payment systems, silenced and bankrupted the victims of this and other such attacks, while leaving the perpetrators free to celebrate their victory, and to plan and promote further such crimes.

Prior to this, how many “racist” mass murderers did you know the names of? At least in the United States, just one, most likely. Dylann Roof. Years prior to that, there was Anders Behring Breivik in Norway, but there was no serious talk of an “International White Supremacist Terror Threat” outside of the most reality detached Left wing ideological circles.

Well prior to Roof’s crime, one could get a 30 day ban from Facebook for relatively minor transgressions of the Leftist narrative. I personally had been banned for comparing Barack Obama to Hitler, well before I realized what an insult this was to Adolf Hitler, as one of countless examples. During a time when I still thought racism to be a very bad thing, I was banned from Twitter for calling somebody a nigger, as a joke. Lots of people knew, on some level, that discreet efforts to discourage dissent were well underway at all the major tech platforms, but we continued to advocate our ideas, peacefully, because we saw an opportunity, however slim, to spread our ideas without resorting to violence.

It was only AFTER our permitted demonstration was shut down by criminals, that people began to lose hope. It was only AFTER these dramatically ramped up attempts to silence the concerns of the Right, that Robert Bowers said “Screw your optics, I’m going in” and shot up a synagogue. It was only AFTER Alex Jones got kicked off of Facebook, that Brenton Tarrant killed dozens of Muslims in a New Zealand mosque. It was only AFTER Laura Loomer and Milo Yiannopoulos were deplatformed, that Patrick Crusius shot up a Walmart. It was only AFTER the “Okay” hand sign became a symbol of “White Supremacy” that Stephan Balliet said “the root of all these problems, is the Jew” and opened fire outside a synagogue, in Halle, Germany.

In a speech at the White House, given in 1962, President John F. Kennedy famously said that “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

That bit of wisdom pre-dated the birth of Mark Zuckerberg, and well before President Kennedy himself had been born, it was enshrined in the first amendment to the Constitution of the United States. It was no coincidence that it was followed immediately by our second amendment, guaranteeing to our citizens, the right to keep and bear arms.

I had titled Episode 77 of stage 5 “Listen” and addressed the senseless rampage of Stephen Balliet. Pressed for time, I failed to fully convey what I meant by this, and surely, I’ll similarly fail today, because the enormity of this defies even my enviable mastery of the English language, as well as the time constraints imposed by my schedule.

Our opposition insists that our concerns have no legitimacy. Convinced of their own moral superiority, or perhaps more accurately, unconcerned with morality, they demand our unconditional silence, and surrender. They consider their violence to be a legitimate form of political expression, and our political expression to be an illegitimate form of violence. If our side wins the election, the government has no legitimacy, but if they win, it has omnipotent powers beyond those described in the Constitution. When the Supreme Court favors their views, it is infallible, but if even the slightest prospect of a challenge to those views arises in the makeup of the Court, it must be fundamentally altered to prevent such challenges. Borders are illegitimate and we are all to be citizens of the world, until a foreign government whose views they oppose buys some Facebook ads, at which point we are to become a hermit kingdom, isolated from unapproved foreign opinions.

No wonder Zuckerberg is more willing to censor “hate speech” than political dishonesty. Dishonesty is what the status quo thrives on, and “hate speech” is the truth which threatens to set us free.

But truth, however seemingly disadvantaged at any given moment, has a certain unique power to it. Like water, it can be directed, shaped, or tainted, but not stopped.

In the bible, water is said to have drowned most life on Earth. Water carved out the grand canyon. Water has destroyed homes, and entire cities, in our lifetimes, before our eyes, more times than most of us could count. Man has built dams, sewers, canals, reservoirs, and vast networks of pipes for the delivery of water. We have built rafts, boats, submarines, and even floating houses, in a never ending effort to bring ourselves into harmony with the simultaneously lethal and life giving properties of water, but we dare not try to do away with it, for knowledge of both the futility of the pursuit, and our we need of it to survive.

Like water, truth will only submit to man’s demands so long as they are reasonable. It may similarly take the path of least resistance, but recall that when water determined the path of least resistance was to carve through 147 trillion cubic feet of rock, we got the Grand Canyon. When water determined the path of least resistance was through the lungs of every living thing on Earth, only Noah and the passengers of his Ark survived. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that when truth determines the path of least resistance to be criminal violence, murder, and mayhem, that this is precisely the course it will follow.

If some billionaire tech company decided to build a dam along some river, and the resulting flood drowned the surrounding populations, would we curse the water, and demand those companies build more dams? Would we declare the water a terrorist threat? Would we shut down trade schools which taught plumbing? Would we ban sprinkler systems, showers, and sinks, and tell mankind to survive on Brawndo alone?

If Mark Zuckerberg had his way, we most certainly would, and the predictably lethal results would very much resemble that which we are watching unfold before our eyes today.

Less than two months after Robert Bowers opened fire on a Pittsburgh synagogue, a man named Gordon Danning, History Research Fellow at the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, published a paper titled “Is the Cure Worse Than the Disease?: Censorship of Hate Speech May Well Increase Violence“, at the Nevada Law Journal Forum. The paper had been in the works prior to the massacre, and relied entirely on data collected well before the crime.

His question has no doubt been answered over the last 12 months. While Leftists used to rely almost entirely on fabrications for evidence of so called “hate crimes”, the circumstances they have designed through their censorious efforts, have created the only sort of environment that could lead White men to become the very caricature they made of us in earlier fictions. Seeing the world their ancestors built, descend into barbarism before their eyes, in near perfect, and clearly causal, correlation with their dwindling numbers, they have lashed out in previously unthinkable ways.

Today, we may consider ourselves fortunate that it is only those on the fringes. Men with nothing to lose, and nothing to gain, throwing their lives away, in seemingly senseless acts of violence that have no hope of altering our futures. But as the walls close in, and these warning shots are ignored, one may reliably profit by betting on the sense of dread and urgency that pushed those men over the edge, taking hold in the minds of more capable actors.

Should the truth see no better path than to carve through the Jews, then the truth will do to them, what the Colorado River did to the Colorado Plateau. No algorithm, no erasure, no boycott, no mob, no act of the legislature, no executive order, and surely no disingenuous speech professing devotion to the opposite of one’s demonstrated behavior, will be able to stop it.

Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, Susan Wojcicki, Sundar Pichai, Matthew Prince, Dan Schulman, Patrick Collison, Jeff Bezos, and other tech titans who have taken it upon themselves to silence their political opposition, bear greater responsibility for past and future bloodshed than the weapons used, or even the killers themselves. They have had every reason to see the causal relationship between their acts, and the lives lost, and when this becomes obvious to a large enough portion of the population, they would do well to hope some shred of the US Constitution remains, because when that happens, the only hope they’ll have of avoiding repercussion, will be the the prohibitions on ex post facto laws, and bills of attainder.



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