Radical Agenda S05E081 – Cured

Last we spoke I told you I had to punch out for a little while and work on some things. That was two weeks ago, and I am happy to report that things are coming along quite well.

I’m going to tell you about the progress of those things in a second, but first I’ll tell you what I am releasing today.

On March 26th 2016, I released a post titled Donald Trump Cured My Addiction. If you have payed close attention to me in the three and half years since, you know that “cure” was probably the wrong word, but I’ve been a drinker for a long time, and at the time I wrote this I had three months with no alcohol. This was in large part inspired by, maybe not Trump directly, but things that were going on which were in some ways influenced by the Trump campaign.

I used the boldest language possible to bring attention to the point I was trying to make, and this worked well, as I was contacted by a guy named Ben Wofford from Politico, who wanted to do a story about precisely this phenomenon.

I had planned on releasing the audio of this interview some time back, but let’s just say some things transpired which left me not in a position to brag about my sobriety. Today, I do not want to get back into the routine of counting days, but suffice it to say, I feel like I am in a place where I can publish this now, and that is the meat of the audio you are about to listen to.

As far as the stuff I have been working on, here is a bit of a progress report.

Two of the things I mentioned that I had to work on, were the civil suit in which I am now a pro se defendant, and a book which I have been meaning to publish for some time.

My response in the civil suit is pretty much complete, I am just checking it over and over again before I submit it to the court, constantly second guessing myself “Is this too much? Is this not enough?” you have to get it right the first time with these things, and that creates a lot of pressure, but I am working through it. There is also a motion I am preparing, which I have been consulting with a few trusted advisors on, and I hope very much for this to improve my situation in this giant burden which is weighing heavily upon me right now, and has been for over two years.

As I said last time, though, there are reasons to view this positively.

I recently found out that Albemarle County Commonwealth’s Attorney Robert Tracci has been running TV ads for his reelection, bragging about how he prosecuted me, but did not allow his office to become politicized by caving to demands for prosecuting others. HAHAHA! Oh boy, is that fucking prick lucky that I’m broke. The image he used of me, notably, was not of me doing what I had been accused of, because of course, no such image exists. Instead, he has a picture of me, being treated by a police officer, for the pepper spray I had sustained after those fucking animals attacked us.

He neglected to mention that he another guy on trial for assault, and lost.
He neglected to mention that he put Kessler on trial for perjury, and lost.
He neglected to mention that I’m home doing my thing, because he pleaded me out, knowing he was more than likely going to lose at trial in my case too.

But facing 40 years in prison, knowing that prick would lie and cheat and conspire with criminal anarchists to save face, I wasn’t risking that trial.

Well, now is my chance to risk trial. I cannot wait to go over all of this evidence in court, it is going to be spectacular, but a lot of work has to go into that, and until our movement figures out how to use cryptocurrency and spot subversives, I cannot hire someone else to do it for me, so I have to do that work myself.

As far as the book goes, I have over 400 pages compiled, that is, in Microsoft Word with so-called “Normal” margins on 8 1/2 x 11 paper with and 11 point font. When the book is actually published, it will likely be on smaller paper with thinner margins, and maybe a smaller font, but that’s the reference point I’m working with in any case. This includes more than 200 pages of original writing I have put together in just the last month, and I have been pasting blog posts and transcribing old videos throughout, to tell the story, and touch on a lot of really important issues.

By the time I am done compiling this, it’s probably going to be close to 7 or 8 hundred pages, and then I am going to have a sizable editing task on my hands to whittle it down to something more manageable for print, but there will likely be several e-book versions, including an unabridged version for those who want every last gory detail.

Writing this book has been difficult for me, yet therapeutic at the same time. I have to reopen a lot of old wounds and relive some traumatizing stuff, and the toughest parts are actually yet to come. Once I get all the way through the timeline, I have to go back through it again, elaborate on some points, change some names to protect the innocent, and of course, the guilty, and relive all this stuff all over again.

It is an intellectual challenge as well, because I am going through a lot of my old libertarian writing, which I had convinced myself over the last year was more or less worthless. It isn’t. Some of it is cringe inducing, sure. Some of it is misguided, obviously, but there is a reason that I became a top libertarian blogger. I was very good at what I did, and I knew what I was talking about.

As I started shifting rightward ideologically, I was out of my depth, initially. I think some of the worst stuff I wrote was actually when I was trying to reconcile what I believed for all those years, with the way my views were changing. Most notably, when I started figuring out that Black Lives Matter was a major problem, and I tried to reconscile this with all the anti-cop stuff I had said in the years leading up to that phenomenon. That was really difficult for me, and it came across in my writing.

I could go on about this at length, but I’ll stop here for the sake of time, and get to the Addiction material I have planned for you right after I beg for some money.

Please, please, please, pay me if you can. I was not making enough money when I announced this break, and taking time off has not improved my finances, but this book is going to be GREAT, I promise, and it is really important for this story to get told. It will probably never see the distribution it deserves, but I do have reason to believe it will bring with it a much needed cash injection once it’s done, and influence a significant number of opinions. So, I have to put as much effort into it as I can. While that is going on, I need your support to get me through this time.

Send me a check for over $100 if you can, please

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Cryptocurrency, of course, at ChristopherCantwell.com/donate and, without further ado, lemme tell you how Donald Trump cured my addiction, so to speak.