Radical Agenda S05E092 – Teens

Here at the Radical Agenda, we’ve frequently grappled with existential questions of tone, direction, and, begging the listeners’ pardon for use of the cuck term, “optics”.

We underestimated ourselves, frankly, and this has resulted in a truly unjustifiable loss of opportunities which, aside from the social status and financial success of the host, is regrettable for the sake of good things we might otherwise have accomplished.

On days like today, we thus find ourselves with difficult choices to make. The host’s dark sense of humor is inspired to creativity by the story of a green haired Charlottesville resident who got herself murdered in New York City. The lessons of recent years suggest it would be best to leave this one alone or, at least, address the issue tastefully. On the other hand, memories of the fun we used to have prior to the host’s unjust incarceration, tempts us to be less concerned with appearances.

Bah, Fuck it.

Tessa Rane Majors had barely been in New York City for three months when she was stabbed to death in Morningside Park near Barnard College, a private women’s liberal arts school she was attending as a first year student. The area of Manhattan where the college is located, boasts a 44.2% black population, and authorities had been conspicuously tight lipped about details concerning any identifying information of the “teens” who took her life in what has been described as a mugging. A 13-year-old boy who lives in Harlem was arrested in connection with the killing, and charged as a juvenile with second-degree felony murder, robbery and criminal possession of a weapon.

It later emerged that the 13  year old suspect was named Zyairr Davis. His father, Roosevelt Davis, was photographed on his way into the boy’s arraignment, and of course, he is black as night. Zyairr was picked up by police in the lobby of a building near the upper Manhattan crime scene last Thursday afternoon. Davis was still wearing the same outfit, including red sneakers, he allegedly wore during the slaying, and he was carrying a knife, sources informed the New York Post.

At the boy’s appearance in Manhattan Family Court on Friday, an NYPD detective testified that Davis had confessed to his involvement the attack on Majors and that the “teen” had described seeing “feathers come out of her jacket” as a result of being stabbed multiple times in the stomach, face, neck and under her arm. “He stated that he entered the park with two of his friends. The purpose of going into the park that day was to commit a robbery,’’ said Detective Vincent Signoretti, who helped interview Davis at the 26th Precinct station house.

The “teens” were intent on robbing a man, but something “spooked” them, so they set their sights on Majors instead.

Davis said the boys had pulled off another robbery days earlier, according to Signoretti. The 5-foot-5, 110-pound boy gave detectives two first names for his accomplices, and one of the 14-year-olds was taken into custody on Friday, sources said. The other 14-year-old was still at large, sources said.

Two other teenage boys were being questioned by detectives with their parents present on Thursday. They have since been released and police say they were not involved in the fatal stabbing. A 16-year-old boy, who police sources described as a known robbery suspect, was initially taken into custody from a nearby housing project not long after the attack, but he was released without charge on Thursday. He was reportedly wearing a green jacket that was similar to one that a witness claimed one of Tessa’s attackers was wearing. There was also a trail of blood leading into his apartment in a nearby housing project, which police sources described as a ‘hub of criminal activity’.

“It’s literally the border between the Columbia community and Harlem,” said 21 year old Columbia University Senior, Amanda Ong. The park was long considered to be a dangerous place where no sane White girl would dare venture after dark, but as political correctness took hold of America, and New York City in particular, these prudent warnings became less prominently featured in the collective mind of the community.

Paulina Pinsky, 27, a writer who went to Barnard as an undergrad and lived in the area her whole life, said, “I think about that 13-year-old. I think about how desperate he must have been for something.” She added, “It could have been any of us. You walk around here at Barnard, a place you worked your whole life to get to, and you think you’re immune to everything, but life can be snatched away from you at any moment, no matter how privileged you are.”

This was precisely the thinking that got Tessa’s privilege checked for the last time.

Growing up in Charlottesville, Virginia taught Tessa the religion of racial equality, and she lived the values she had learned there right up until the moment feathers from her down jacket began littering the crime scene. Reportedly in search of marijuana, the green haired 18 year old former blonde , entered Morningside Park around 5:30pm, and as she was inquiring of local residents as to the availability of sticky green, she happened upon some “teens” whose business ethics were, to say the least of it, questionable.

Details remain unclear, but I imagine the slaying went something like this…

“Hello there, young black boys. I want you to know that I am your ally. Other White girls might be frightened by a trio of young black males dealing drugs in a park near Harlem, but I know that it is only the White Supremacist school to prison pipeline which has afflicted your people. I don’t mean to racially profile, but I wonder if you might have some drugs for sale, and if so, I would happily reach into this purse right here and give you some of my parents’ unearned wealth.”

“Yeah, no doubt, Ghostface, come over here away from the cameras and we’ll hook you up with some killer shit”

“You guys are the best. I’m from Charlottesville, and I hate White Supremacy.”

“You ain’t a cop are ya?”

“No way, all cops are bastards!”

“Aight, bet, gimme the money then.”

“How much for an 8th?”

“How much you got?”

“Well, I have plenty, but I only want an 8th. How much for that?”

“We’ll take it all”

“Guys, I know White Supremacy has deprived you of equality and I want to help but I can’t give you all of my money or I won’t be able to eat lunch tomorrow!”

“Bitch you already ate your last meal!”


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