Radical Agenda S05E093 – Demster Fire

With their cheeks still sore from smiling over the pseudo impeachment of President Donald J. Trump, an Asian man, two Jews, and four presumed White Supremacists, one gay, two female, did their best to make CNN even dumber than usual for about three hours last night. With the darkies out of the way, the candidates still in the running for the Democrat Party’s nomination for President finally had the opportunity to talk about things that really mattered, like weather, transgender people, selfies, how much they hate the current President, and their plans to destroy the American economy.

We’ll be playing some highlight clips on the show today, and laughing all the way to the bread lines.

But first, a brief assessment of the losers, and the bigger losers. This primary has been full of spectacular plot twists to keep the viewer engaged, and last night was no exception.

Andrew Yang was the clear winner of the debate, not that this will get him any closer to the nomination, fortunately for us. Whatever flaws Yang has in policy pale in comparison to that of his paler rivals, and his sense of humor, Asian math jokes, and criticism of the media and his party’s Trump hysteria, singled him out as the sanest of all the inmates.

Debate moderators got the Trump impeachment question out of the way straight from the start, and though he missed the mark on what actually got Trump elected, his dismissal of the Russia hoax and other excuses for Nancy Pelosi’s most recent leadership failure, deprived the other candidates’ sails of much needed wind, causing reality to loom heavy on what might have otherwise been a spectacular fantasy voyage.

For a while there, it looked like Elizabeth Warren was going to surpass Joe Biden as the frontrunner and presumptive nominee, but last night made it very clear that she’ll be lucky if she gets to be a juror on the next impeachment trial which, absent a repeal of the 22nd amendment, will likely be scheduled for 2025.

Warren had mastered the formula for defeating Republicans in her home state of Massachusetts, but her political acumen proved insufficient for facing off against fellow Democrats in a real contest. The counterfeit scalp collector relied on a cooperative media never to ask penetrating questions, or to insist on actual answers. This strategy served her well against Scott Brown in 2012, but Warren looked like an injun in headlights when debate moderators insisted she actually give substantive answers during last night’s debate.

Another time tested strategy for Warren was to claim that everyone but her was in the pockets of the rich, a favorite tactic of Leftists in general, and granted unlimited license by aforementioned media apparati. This proved fatal last night, however, when Warren accused the only non millionaire on the stage of working for the Jews in a thinly veiled anti-Semitic remark.

In other contests, she might have fallen back on her womanhood, and appealed to the feminism of their mutual financiers, but when Pocahontas launched this attack on Booty Judge, it proved fatal. In the victimhood hierarchy of progressive stack, woman is to faggot as scissors are to rock.

The smalltown Mayor of Pillowbiter USA, lashed out at Warren, calling her a millionaire. In Democrat circles, this is worse than having cooties. The attack worked so well, that the would-be Cum Receptacle and Chief lobbed the same poisonous put-down on all the other millionaires on the stage, and as the crowd cheered, Booty Judge rose like his husband had just zipped his pants back up and thanked him.

Mike Bloomberg 1.0, also known as Tom Steyer, did no better. After five other debates, and the crowd satiated in their Trump hate from the recent impeachment, this Jew’s recitation of standard fare Democrat policy positions and insults toward the current occupant of the White House, sounded as played out as the Macarena in 1997.

Bernie Sanders held firmly to mediocrity in the debate, and by virtue of this will surely continue having enough $18 donations dripping in to keep traveling the country in a private jet, warning of future weather crises. He utterly failed to rise above his station, however, and his unwillingness to profess unconditional support for the Jewish ethnostate, combined with the survival instinct of Jews to keep their control of the country a secret, will doubtlessly keep him at a safe distance from those who actually choose the puppets in the White House.

Amy Klobuchar could easily replace Biden as the Democrat Party’s mask of sanity, but as Kamala Harris warned on her way out of the race, Democrat primary voters are so misogynist, that even her White skin won’t be enough to overcome the patriarchal instincts of the negro voter.

And thus the Party of Mao seems resigned to embarrassment and insurrection, as Quid Pro Joe 30330, takes his hairy legs to bend over Trump’s lap for a spanking next year. All Joe has to do now is pray that Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham don’t put his son under oath before Super Tuesday, and he will easily become Trump’s whipping boy come the Democrat Convention in July. If he doesn’t have a stroke before autumn, Trump haters might even get the chance to vote for Joe before they kill themselves on November 4th, but chances are, you and I will still be bitching about Trump selling us out to the Jews, until at least 2025.


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