Radical Agenda S05E094 – Victory Dance

With just over a week left of the current year, the Internet is buzzing with “best of/worst of” lists, covering noteworthy events of the last 12 months. We’ll save our formal “Year in Review” for a later episode, but I’ve spent much of the morning musing over a fun idea I’d like to play on a bit.

During a recent episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight, Tucker said the unhinged behavior of the Democrat Party was so destructive to their aims, that it almost seemed like a “Republican plot”.

This resonated with me, because I became certain this year, that just such a plot was visited upon us by the Left. What if this really was all an elaborate game of 4D Chess? What if the Right had baited the Left into making complete fools of themselves, and thereby destroyed their electability?

I do not think this is actually the case. At least, not entirely. It seems too elaborate a scheme for goyim to pull off…

But then again, Donald Trump is surrounded by Jews…

To set the stage, permit me to briefly recap what I think happened to us. A number of characters who were, in hindsight, cartoonishly extreme, managed to derail a lot of important work, despite being anonymous, or otherwise unaccountable.

In 2017, a White Nationalist movement was gaining serious traction in America. Media smears, corrupt tech companies, mobs of masked violent criminals, and even the overwhelming power of the State, seemed all but powerless to stop them. Those pressures, however, made the demand for anonymity seem eminently reasonable, and during 2018, that anonymous component, combined with the “Don’t Punch Right” strategy, created a perfect opportunity for infiltration and subversion.

As one post at ItsGoingDown.org, dated April of 2018, put it;

We made efficient use of the temporary sympathy of the national media and we broke the wills of the up-and-coming white nationalist leaders. We forced the alt-right to either hide their politics in shame or to publicly adopt more and more marginalized ideologies.

Ideologies don’t get much more “marginalized” than murder suicide, and after Robert Bowers shot up a synagogue in October of 2018, it set off a wave of senseless violence which carried through 2019, and dramatically increased the peril of associating with White Nationalists.

During 2019, the journal Nature published a strategy for “combating online hate,” which involved the proliferation of fake personas to subvert Right wing movements over the Internet, by turning factions against one another. Many speculated this was published more as a means by which to brag about prior successes, than as a proposal for future action.

Since 2015, there has been a coinciding narrative of foreign intelligence agencies, most prominently Russian, weaponizing social media with the purported goal of helping Donald Trump. The Left has clung desperately to this narrative, even as it has publicly collapsed. As the alternative theory of Ukrainian interference has gained steam, every element of power in the country has overreacted with such previously inconceivable urgency, as to reveal their desperation to keep a very troubling secret.

Impeaching the President, and adopting extreme Left wing positions on immigration, abortion, economics, and transgenderism, all seem to have backfired politically, and the Left seems incapable of adjusting course.

What if that were by design of our making? What if the “hoax” of White Supremacy was an elaborate ruse, designed to make the Left reveal their true, radical colors, to the American people?

It would be a stroke of profound brilliance, were it true.

Well, I for one am sick of keeping secrets for people who have paid me so poorly. So, today, I am letting the cat out of the bag.

During my time with the libertarians, I saw the Leftist threat for what it was. These ghouls would have brought us to extinction if something drastic was not done, but the broad masses were thoroughly fooled by the Left wing charade of tolerance and inclusion.

I knew that if the electorate saw the Left as I did, then they would act on this knowledge politically, and vanquish these demons from our discourse once and for all. I just needed a way to deliver this life saving wisdom to the people, but back then, big tech was suppressing the truth in far less conspicuous fashion than they do today. By merely reducing the distribution of one’s content, and promoting more convenient narratives, they avoided accusations of censorship, while censoring all the same.

Since the enemy had the power to prevent me from exposing him, I knew I had to trick the enemy into exposing himself.

I knew that the Left is fundamentally Jewish in its psyche, and that the Jews live in perpetual angst that Nazis will exterminate them from the Earth. From here I determined that if I could cause them to believe that Nazis were coming to power, the financial and informational arteries of their movement, would send the rest of the organism into arrest.

But how could I make them believe something so ridiculous? Jews have dominated America for longer than I have been alive. Nationalism and socialism had been set in mortal opposition to one another. The people had been so brainwashed that they could barely tell the difference between the sexes, much less the races. A country barely in possession of an ethnic majority, could not credibly hope to see an ethnocentric movement come to power democratically, and all hope of insurrection had been quelled long ago by high tech surveillance, plummeting male testosterone, and an irreparable disparity of arms between the people and their government.

Long shot though it was, I determined that Donald Trump would have to suffice.

He was hardly a Nazi by any stretch of the imagination. A former Democrat, a wealthy New Yorker, an employer of illegal immigrants, a man whose family had intermarried with Jews all around, I certainly had my work cut out for me. Fortunately, however, unlike most other powerful people, he seemed to manage his own social media accounts. If I could get Donald Trump laughing at Nazi jokes, perhaps this could cause precisely the over reaction I sought from the Jews.

It started off simply enough. A gif here, a jpeg there, sprinkle in a few crime statistics, and hope for the best.

Remarkably, the seeds took hold faster than I had imagined. The “birther ” thing? That was my doing. I took a conspiracy theory pedaled by the Clinton campaign, and got Donald Trump to make a Right wing cause out of it. The media, desperate to make Republicans look racist, propelled Trump into the political spotlight. The Clintons, still pissed off at Obama, for stealing Hillary’s job, like all immigrants do, were happy to see this go on.

For years, the Left relied on completely fabricated instances of racism to justify their hysterics. The constantly shifting definition of the term had worn thin the patience of their constituents, and the election of a black President had rendered obsolete the accusations of a racist country suppressing blacks at the ballot box. Even this seemingly mild racial awareness at the heart of the birther conspiracy, was really quite tame, but the Left foolishly seized on it, in a hysterical bid to stamp out any capacity to perceive otherness.

This over reaction caused Trump to see what so many of us had seen prior. The Left was not trying to repair the moral failings of America, or bring dignity and happiness to less fortunate racial groups. It was all a sophisticated form of manipulation, which actively harmed the blacks, while feeding them nonsense to benefit the Jews politically. This revalation drove Trump to the brink of insanity. Suddenly aware of Jewish perfidy, after it had so thoroughly infiltrated his family and business dealings, he went through all five stages of grief in a single afternoon.

Trump loved his family, of course. He did not want any harm to come to his son in law, much less his grandchildren, but he knew the Jews had to be stopped if his country were to survive at all. So, instead of taking them head on, he attacked two strategically vital sources of their power. Trade, and immigration.

It was all downhill from there.

Just as I had planned all along, discussing immigration triggered the Jews into hysteria.

Ever since the religion of Judaism had been replaced by Holocaustism, their superstition of Jews fleeing Hitler only to be turned away by racist US immigration policy, has been as a much a part of their faith as Yom Kippur. The Jews reacted to the prospect of enforcing immigration laws as an Islamist responds to the burning of a Koran, suicidally, only with the signature group cohesion and sophistication of the Jewish people.

Through their media, and financial levers of power, the Jews collectively strapped on a racial suicide vest. They dispensed with the strategy of merely suppressing the distribution of inconvenient content, and began a hysterical and conspicuous bid to terrorize anyone who seemed to have, even peripheral, knowledge of their schemes. They rushed to thwart racial awareness, by trying to convince people that biological sex was obsolete, and even went so far as to jail an elected Democrat for slow walking faggot marriage licenses.

Just as I had predicted, the backlash was swift.

Even libertarians, who had long been hypnotized by Murray Rothbard and Alisa Rosenbaum, viewed these encroachments as strongly resembling the tyranny of the State they had long opposed. What freedom could there be, after all, of foreigners can stifle dissent through ostensibly market means?

The Jew, panicked by this loss of control over the narrative, over reacted further still, by sending his queer and colored hordes to violently attack all who dared to challenge his lies. Videos went viral, showing masked thugs breaking windows, setting fires, and displaying communist symbols without shame.

Ever in the habit of overplaying their hand, the Jews made excuses for these crimes through their television channels and newspapers, and as the full horrifying scope of this project dawned upon the American people, there emerged a growing awareness that something so wicked could not possibly have come from one of their own. This lunacy was so alien to them, it had to be the creation of a different animal entirely.

We almost made the same mistake ourselves. The battle of Charlottesville, valiant though it was, lent credence to the Jew’s paranoia in the minds of the people. It granted them license for their crackdowns, as the people remained entirely in the dark by a master stroke of the lugenpresse.

Within months, our movement had been deprived of its voice, its financing, its momentum, and its morale.

But little did the Jews know, that this too, was all part of the plan.

We had successfully driven the Jew beyond the brink. He did not chase us from the streets, as he thought. With us gone from the public consciousness, his heavy handed ways fell upon the average citizen, for no good reason that they could perceive.

Through this, we had marinated his proverbial home in metaphorical gasoline, offered him a figurative cigarette, and smiled as he walked through the allegorical front door.

Now, here we sit, on his illustrative front lawn, in our parabolic folding chairs, warming ourselves by the fabled fire, ignited by his own factual fanaticism.



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