Radical Agenda S05E095 – Republican White Supremacy

Years ago, I coined something of a catch phrase that perfectly summarizes our current political climate.

“Keep on calling everybody a Nazi, and eventually, you’ll be right!”

A bit premature, perhaps. Clearly, not everyone in America would accept the Nazi branding today. Our State religion hinges on the myth that handing Europe to the Soviet Union, was somehow better than letting Adolf Hitler copy American eugenic policies. Whatever issues Republicans may have with FDR on economics, they remain steadfastly convinced that back in those days, Democrat foreign policy was totally in America’s best interests. To say otherwise is heresy, and one can praise Satan at the Vatican, more safely than one can question the wisdom of the one war that absolutely nobody lies about. (wink, wink)

We are, however, most certainly at the stage of this where “racist” or some functionally synonymous term is being lobbed at everyone who doesn’t think Russia hacked the 2016 election. Whether you think the current occupant of 16 Pennsylvania Avenue was legitimately elected or not, you might be accused of White Supremacy for flashing the OK hand sign, agreeing with the 2016 immigration platform of Bernie Sanders, or questioning the wisdom of Drag Queen Story Hour.

Today, there are two types of people in America. There are the good guys, namely, those who want open borders, the “Green New Deal”, transgender preschoolers, and a duopoly on violence held by the State and MS-13. Then there are the bad guys, the White Supremacists, as in, people who, in any way, seek to delay the arrival of this inevitable and splendid future.

Once being a White Nationalist becomes synonymous with common sense, everyone not heavily invested in destroying the country, becomes a White Nationalist. Even Ben Shapiro, Stephen Miller, Herman Cain, and Ben Carson.

The last words some criminals hear is “stop resisting!”. I write to you today, fellow Republicans, with an identical message. Stop resisting. You already caved on gay marriage, you already caved on funding Planned Parenthood, you already caved on the wall. Why is being a racist the one thing you refuse to relent to the Left on?

Probably because that’s the one thing that would cause you to stop relenting on the other subjects, I figure.

Case in point, I was just reading a post by John Hinderaker at Power Line Blog titled “Will a White Supremacist Please Step Forward?”

Here I am, John. Pull up a chair, and learn something…

John was lamenting the hysteria surrounding the “Okay” hand symbol which, thanks to a tiny, but powerful, ethnic minority at the ADL, is considered hate speech. He dismissed as fiction the high pitched whines of the radical Left, who deride all they dislike as racial terrorism. John posits that the “demand for white supremacists vastly exceeds the supply,” but my understanding of economics suggests otherwise. If the demand for White Supremacists exceeded the supply, then surely the price would rise, and I would have a much more comfortable existence than I currently enjoy. More likely, the market is being flooded with White Supremacists, and my quarrels with bill collectors are owing to inflation, as much as to discrimination by the financial system.

I don’t really have to call John out by name on this. “I’m not a racist” is more familiar a Republican catch phrase than “Make America Great Again”. Everyone non-communist with a PayPal account in good standing, has to make this denial at some point, but for some reason they never seem to grasp what is actually going on. Republicans remain in a state of eternal confusion over Democrat race hysteria, which really ought to be beneath the dignity of a conservative. Unlike our Left wing counterparts, we tend to study subjects which perplex us, and and find more enlightened ways of addressing problems than mere force of repetitive assertion. That the most common tactic of their political opponents, remains the singular exception to this rule, really tells you something about our current political climate.

For anyone interested in such enlightenment, I am happy to provide it, right now.

The Democrats are not lying when they call everyone Right of Ilhan Omar a White Supremacist. They are just speaking a different language than you. That is why they can say such seemingly ridiculous things to Ben Shapiro and Ben Carson, as easily as they can say them to me, without flinching.

After coming to a contrary conclusion, John asked the question “Are black and other minority Americans dumb enough to fall for this transparent ruse?”

The Democrats are betting on exactly this, and they have good reason to believe it. It is not as though this were a new trick. Calling people racists has worked reliably for a very long time. Democrats are just being more belligerent about it today than in prior years, because Charlottesville taught them that they can get away with literally anything, if they call their opponents racists. Every coward Republican who refused to look at that situation honestly, facilitated the madness they complain about today.

Democrats  are working with the same set of facts as any racist, and whether conservatives like it or not, those facts are true and verifiable. Blacks on average have lower IQs than do Whites, and this deficiency is genetic in its origins. That is literally the reason they vote Democrat, because they are dumb. The same is true, albeit to a lesser extent, for Arabs and Hispanics. That is why Democrats love immigration so much. That is why they subsidize poor breeding as enthusiastically as they do abortion. That is why they consider “merit based immigration” to be “racist”, even if it results in a bunch of Indian engineers displacing White Americans in the labor market. They want a dumber population who will be more easily manipulated, by the media, into giving them what they want.

If you try to prevent this outcome, you are a “White Supremacist” because, right now, Whites make up the majority of the electorate, and changing this fact is how Democrats seek to usher in our transgender communist future. White Supremacy is just White people being able to assert themselves politically. It isn’t slavery, or a violent criminal conspiracy. Those are just images they conjure peripherally for propaganda purposes. What they are trying to prevent is White people being able to wield political power. If you oppose “White Supremacy”, in this sense, you are asking to be ruled by non-Whites, which is a future you can get a preview of, by visiting Baltimore.

But, even in Baltimore, the blacks are not actually in charge. Do not confuse the order of their hierarchy. The media is in charge, the Democrat politicians are the accomplices, and most Republicans are hostages. All democratic government is essentially rule by television, since the information provided to the largest (and dumbest) segment of the population, yields a predictable electoral result. You do not choose between Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, you choose between Fox or CNN.

Which brings us to the elephant in the room that even Jared Taylor dare not mention. If you know a thing or two about demographic voting patterns, you might have thought you had me when I said blacks vote Democrat because they are dumb. Jews vote Democrat too, and nobody would hurl accusations of stupidity, at the architects of the global banking cartel. Not only do more than 70% of Jews vote Democrat, they also make up more than half of all Democrat campaign contributions, and a quarter of GOP contributions. Quite the accomplishment, for <3% of the population.

The media is dominated by a tiny ethnic minority which is explicitly considers it their God given right and duty to rule the world. They believe the world is broken, that we goyim idolaters have wrecked it, and that they are endowed by their creator with an obligation to make the requisite repairs. They call this, tikkun olam.

White males, and married White women, are all that stands in their way. That is why they do everything in their power to diminish us, and to discourage our women from marrying.

Tucker Carlson viewers love those montages of Democrats and media propagandists chanting the same nonsense, like an army of half sentient Teddy Ruxpin dolls.  Sad indeed, that so few question how this comes about…

That kind of top down uniformity of messaging is the product of Jew dominated ethnic diversity. Hundreds of well paid, and well trained, but not so bright, people, are handed their instructions by higher forms of intelligence, and they repeat them dutifully until new instructions arrive.

If you question them, you’re a Nazi.

Not because you hate Jews.

But because the Jews, hate you.

Now, some dismiss this as a “conspiracy theory” which, in these days, sadly means little than an excuse for one to be intellectually lazy. Moreover, while some Jews certainly conspire, the big picture here is not a conspiracy. Racism would truly be pointless if these were conscious decisions people were making. The issue is that all behavior is the result of a combination of genetic and environmental factors, and everyone tries to shape the environment to best favor their genetic inclinations. Thus “diversity is our strength” falls apart under the most cursory of examinations. Different genetic predispositions clamoring over control of the State, attempting to shape the environment in ways that are hostile to the other groups, inevitably leads to conflict. Far better that different ethnic groups live separately, and govern according to their own preferences.

Hence why I tend to prefer the term “White Nationalist” over “White Supremacist” but as John pointed out, the definition of that term has sort of become all encompassing. Personally, I don’t have a problem with Israel, except for their impact on US foreign policy. If the Israelis killed all the Palestinians, I couldn’t care less, I just don’t want to pay for it.

Another commenter at Power Line, asserted that he had been actively in involved in numerous Jewish groups, and was never invited to so conspire. I reminded him that, For if he have been active with Jewish groups, then he would have certainly noticed that the loudest Jews are hardly friendly to conservative causes. Do not mistake the “loudest” for the “Jewiest” as he put it, Orthodox, Jews. In fact, if all Jews were Orthodox, I probably wouldn’t be an anti-Semite. God told the Jews what to do, and when they disobeyed, Hitler happened. The Orthodox get that, and I am actually quite friendly with some Orthodox Jews.

As for Left wing Jews (in the US, 70+% of Jews vote Dem, and 50+% of all Dem financing comes from Jews), I am not suggesting this is because they are individually receiving encrypted messages from George Soros with diabolical instructions on how to subvert the goyim. They just have a certain psychological predisposition to that sort of thinking, and since the Jewish people are, on average, more intelligent than the average goy, and exhibit a comparatively higher ingroup preference, they naturally find themselves in the positions of influence necessary to push the jurisdiction Leftward politically. Since they do this in conflict with the inclinations of the host population, it breeds the sort of ethnic hostility most refer to as anti-Semitism.

To say the least of it, a very long and ugly history shows us that this has a track record of painful results for the Jewish people. They would be well served to have a greater awareness of the phenomenon, but the power brokers of the Jewish community have a nasty habit of making matters worse by rushing to silence critics. I have been banned from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, and a lot more. Mastercard has prohibited me from collecting donations. This is not done to me by my fellow gentiles, it is done by Jews.

It’s a similar thing with blacks driving up the crime rate. Blacks in California are not calling up blacks in New York and trying to drive up statistics so as to favor the Democrat Party’s gun control agenda. It’s just that they are genetically prone to that sweet spot of the IQ/Testosterone ratio where crime tends to occur. Then Democrats act like race is irrelevant, and start trying to take AR15s away from White people in Montana.

Far better that we start taking race into consideration when making political decisions, and if we do that, separation starts looking a lot more reasonable.


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