Radical Agenda S05E096 – Revolutionawry

People have been celebrating the death of White Nationalism since 2017. We have been banned from social media, cut out of the financial system, chased from the streets, and hunted to the brink of extinction.

But the Jew never expected our secret weapon, and today, he lives in fear like never before.

38 year old Grafton Thomas, a black man from New York, ran up in a rabbi’s house with a machete, during a Hanukkah party, and started hacking away at God’s chosen people.  The Jews, disarmed by the gun control laws they themselves imposed on the jurisdiction, flung chairs and tables at the savage, but not before he seriously injured five of them, one critically. This, in stark contrast, to a shooting at a Texas church, where a man fired shots, and seconds later was gunned down by armed congregants. An outcome the Jew would surely deprive us of, if given the chance.

It should, perhaps, go without saying, that we have been blamed, as we are blamed for all things. So, facts be damned, I say we just claim credit.

The Jew is the quintessential racist. He hates the White man, and this singular focus causes him to be blind to all other avenues of attack. All we had to do to defeat him for good, was to tell his pets of his wickedness, to let the negro know that it was the Jew, as much as if not more than, the White Gentile, who dragged his ancestors from their native land. It was surely the Jew, who trapped them in the endless cycle of promiscuity, fatherlessness, drugs, poverty, debt, crime, and death. Once the negro knew the source of his pain, it was only a matter of time before he directed his enmity, rage, and signature savage violence, toward the Jew.

Tucker Carlson was close to blowing the lid off the whole thing. When he told the world that White Supremacy was a “hoax”, the jig was almost up. It was only the Jew’s tunnel vision toward the White man that saved our scheme.

Even as our sub-human weapons attacked the Jew in his most crowded nest, of New York City, the Jew continued insisting that the problem was “hate” and “White Supremacy”. He tried desperately to blame the President for their suffering. Through his media, they mentioned with staggering uniformity, only the ethnicity of the targets, and never that of the perpetrator, causing the organs of Gentile Justice to leave the threat to fester.

The Jew assumed, with some justification, that the blacks could never organize enough to pose a threat to his existence. If some number of uniformed Jews got beaten up on the streets, this was, in his mind, a small price to pay for the unrivaled social dominance of the tribe. Preventing the White man from asserting himself politically was their narrow focus, and so long as the negro savage was only attacking the Jewiest of Jews, the Jew who blended in with the Gentile in his insatiable thirst for power, suffered no threat from the negro spear.

But if there is one thing the White Gentile knows, it is that the violence of the negro savage only escalates with time, if he is not made to fear the authorities. What begins as assaults and petty thefts, eventually spirals out into murder and looting. This lesson was lost on the Jew, since the Jew only saw in the negro a way to keep the White man in check. So long as the negro served as shield to the Jew, the blood on the negro blade, and even that on his dick, was of little concern.

That is, until one of his pets decided to crash a Hanukkah party with a machete.  There was no gun to blame, and not a Republican to be found for miles. Only some dead Jews, and a negro who had learned the taste of Jewish blood. He so savored the flavor, that even as the Jew flung tables and chairs in his direction, he could not resist the urge to hack away at the Jew, and one must suspect that when he is sentenced to death for his crime, and the warden asks him what he would like for his last meal, the negro will answer with one syllable.


This was not the revolution the Jew had bargained for. His media antagonized the blacks for generations. He told the negro to hate inequality, to blame the White man for all his dissatisfactions, and he excused the negro of his violence and other crimes in the name of racial harmony. The negro, never known for the strength of his intellect, generally saw no difference between Jew and Gentile, but as the negro grew to hate everyone who had it better than him, it was only a matter of time before even he spotted the most obvious disparity of privilege in society.

And now, we have the Jew right where we want him. If the negro problem is not solved, they will, in due course, hunt to the Jew to extinction. Yet, the momentum of the Jew’s unidirectional racial blindness seems impossible to stop at this stage, without alerting the Gentile public that the White Nationalists were right all along. How can the Jew call for protection from the blacks, when decades have been spent insisting that this is the very diversity that constitutes our greatest strength as a nation?

In the coming years, gangsta rap will no doubt exceed even the Radical Agenda in its anti-Semitism. Will the Jew forgo the riches brought to him by this so-called “art form”? Does the Jew think the blacks will just accept the censorship he has visited upon the White Gentile? Does he think the negro will accept free markets and property rights as the excuse for his being silenced? Will he vote to end his repression?

The sane observer must doubt this…


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