Radical Agenda S05E097 – Newer Albion

Tom Kawczynski has been a guest on the Radical Agenda several times since he first came across my radar two years ago. He was the Town Manager in Jackman, Maine, before a bunch of communists found out he had opinions they didn’t like, and set out to destroy him.

Lotta good that did.

Instead of begging for mercy and crawling off into a leaf pile to die, as they had hoped, Tom became more outspoken, and more active. He has written several books, and even announced his candidacy for President of the United States.

Tom’s vision for preserving our people and way of life closely resembles my own. A secessionist movement based in the northeastern United States, which he calls “New Albion”.

Albion is an alternative name for the island of Great Britain. It is sometimes used poetically to refer to the island, but has fallen out of common use in English. Abandoned linguistic property, put to excellent use.

The New Albion Mission Statement reads;

The purpose of New Albion is to secure a homeland where Western Civilization may endure in North
America, recognizing such ends may only be accomplished in a nation which reflects the combined
talents of the European peoples who have settled here in concert with those who share our values and
wish to contribute to our civilization.

We recognize without the achievement of three basic goals that the current paradigm will destroy all
we value, and so we aspire to create a new and defensible nation with secure borders in peace and
prosperity with our neighbors, to decide whom we may admit and upon whatever basis we so choose
for our own internal development to this nation, and to revitalize a culture that honors our tradition,
heritage, and identity instead of attacking our people, our faith, our traditions, and our families as is
presently the case.

We’ll be talking about this project, Tom’s run for President, today’s 2nd Amendment protest in Richmond, Virgina, and much, much more.

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