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Radical Agenda EP261 – Dove Squads

Radical Agenda EP261 - Dove Squads

The alt-right is keeping anti-racism groups on their toes. From a cartoon amphibian, to rotary aircraft, to common punctuation, to popular internet services, they have repeatedly turned regular everyday things that we all see, hear, and use on a regular basis into symbols of racist hatred. The newest weapon in their arsenal of Hitlerian propaganda comes in …

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Radical Agenda EP259 – Grabbable

Radical Agenda EP259 - Grabbable

White supremacist terrorist, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has made the treacherous journey across the racist US/Canada border to meet with fascist dictator Donald Trump. There are unconfirmed reports that the God Emperor grabbed Trudeau by the back of the neck and whispered “Come here, fuqboi!” in his ear, before taking Canada’s first openly …

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Radical Agenda EP258 – Paddy Tarleton

Radical Agenda EP258 - Paddy Tarleton

Paddy Tarleton is a folk singer who recently came across my radar during a conversation with a listener. After being linked to one of his songs on YouTube, I ended up listening to just about everything he’s published, and after sharing some of it on Facebook somebody tagged him and we had the pleasure of speaking. …

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Radical Agenda EP257 – Blocked

Radical Agenda EP257 - Blocked

Betsy DeVos tried to enter a public school in Washington, D.C. yesterday, only to be physically prevented from entering by so-called “protesters” who blocked the entrance as she approached. She was quickly hurried away by what appears to have been a security official. This comes on the heels of the 9th circuit upholding the injunction against …

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Radical Agenda EP256 – The Leftea Party

Radical Agenda EP256 - The Leftea Party

It will come as no surprise to regular listeners that the left is completely out of control. From your everyday reality detached meltdowns, to rioting during the inauguration, to shutting down right wing speakers at the home of the free speech movement and assaulting women, they have come completely unhinged. Routine travel restrictions are a …

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Radical Agenda EP255 – Comeback

Radical Agenda EP255 - Comeback

I don’t watch much football, and that is unfortunate because on the rare occasion that I do, I really enjoy it. The excitement, the competition, the suspense, it’s a lot of fun. What’s even more fun is when the game becomes a series of perfect metaphors for all these other things that actually matter to me, …

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Radical Agenda EP254 – Pre-Game

Radical Agenda EP254 - Pre-Game

Here at the Radical Agenda, we appreciate competition. Unlike our egalitarian rivals, we know that men competing for greatness benefits the winner, the loser, and the spectator alike. The drive to win out over one’s rivals, over nature and his fellow man alike is what has made mankind the undisputed ruling species of this planet. Our …

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Radical Agenda EP253 – Ending The Argument

Radical Agenda EP253 - Ending The Argument

It was just this past Monday when I said to Radical Agenda listeners to watch out when more poised content producers realized there was no hope for peace with the left. Last night, it seems the riots over Milo Yiannopoulos’s speech pushed Stefan Molyneux at least one step closer to that point. In a video …

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Radical Agenda EP252 – Judge

Radical Agenda EP252 - Judge

Supervillian Donald Trump revealed the identity of one of his henchmen yesterday. Neil Gorsuch is a woman hating racist who wants to help Wall Street crush Main Street, and he is about to take his stolen seat on the Supreme Court of the United States. Soon, he will unilaterally strike down the 19th amendment. That means …

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Radical Agenda EP251 – Breaking Up

Radical Agenda EP251 - Breaking Up

Tom Woods sent an ominous warning to his email subscribers over the weekend. America is breaking up. He says the dissolution of the United States has been accelerated by 50 to 100 years by the election of Donald Trump, and the hysterics of the left. Our politics today are so polarized that, as Tom Puts it …

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