Radical Agenda S05E084 – The Buehler Saga

There are plenty of interesting things going on in the news today, and we’ll get to talking about them on this evening’s episode of the Radical Agenda, but none of them gave me any particular inspiration to write about.

Fortunately, as regular listeners have heard me mention, I’ve done a great deal of other writing for a book I am working on. Today, I will give you a sneak preview of one of the funniest stories I’ve ever had the joy of being a part of. For some of you, this will be a fun trip down memory lane. For others, it will provide important insight as to how the Radical Agenda came to be.

Once upon a time, I thought the Left vs. Right political paradigm was stupid. A big scam to take our economic and personal liberties away, one piece at a time, in alternating fashion. I had no more use for the Right than I did for the Left, and I was solidly convinced that the abolition of the State was sure to eventually cut the short list of life’s certainties in half.

Then Leftists began getting really belligerent within the libertarian movement, and I started realize that they had to be dealt with before anything resembling a libertarian social order could even be contemplated. At first I just thought they were stupid, and could be mocked into obscurity, but with time, it became obvious that this was a larger problem than laughter would be capable of overcoming.

Today, I share with you a story from the good old days, when I still believed humor was the answer.

Peaceful Streets

Even when I still thought racism was bad, I could see that anti-racism was worse. That was really saying something too, because I thought racism was pure unadulterated evil. Although we never talked about it much, I’m pretty sure all the non-White women I had been trying to breed with, felt the same way.

Of course, I was an aspiring comedian, and if I could find humor in pedophilia, I could find humor in anything.

I knew it was still unsafe to tell racist jokes, especially if they were funny, but I quickly realized that mocking anti-racists was pretty much the next best thing.

My favorite anti-racist joke of all, was a guy named Antonio Buehler.

Antonio and his associates presented an interesting ideological challenge for me.

Before I moved to New Hampshire, I thought the problem with the Left was mostly bad economic policy, and the sort of mental gymnastics necessary to justify it. My New Hampshire tormenters were my first introduction to “Left libertarianism”, but I really did not get a very firm grasp of the ideas from this conflict. They were ideological pacifists, and I recognized that bizarre train of thought from some of the less coherent elements of the anti-war movement, but New Hampshire’s nearly all White demographics presented little opportunity for talking about race relations.

When I was formally kicked out of the Free State Project, I entertained joining another libertarian political migration. There were two on my radar at the time. One in North Carolina, and one in Texas.

I mentioned on Facebook once that I was contemplating the Texas option, when John Bush informed me that my “misogyny” would not be welcome there.

I wasn’t even sure what the hell he was talking about, and when I asked, he informed me that I had called someone a “cunt” in recent weeks.

I found this rather amusing, because John and his crew had been supportive of me in my conflict with the Leftists in the FSP. They took it as too obvious to need stating, that cops were violent criminals who ought to be stopped by any means necessary.

Now here he was telling me to watch my language, for fear of hurting a woman’s feelings.

What kind of philosophy says it is okay to shoot cops, but immoral to use the “c-word”?

I was about to find out…

Antonio Buehler had made a name for himself as the founder of something called the Peaceful Streets Project. Antonio’s habit of screaming his head off, and making a scene for the benefit of the camera, hardly seemed to be making the streets any more peaceful, but the confrontations with law enforcement which set the stage for these outbursts, certainly made for great entertainment.

I had long been a fan of CopBlock.org, and the group’s founder, Ademo Freeman, was one of few people I had really come to consider a friend during my stay in New Hampshire. Inspired by this, it had become something of a regular hobby for me, to go out and film the police as a form of activism.

Buehler’s style was less “observe and report” than it was “obstruct and distort”. He and his crew would also go out with cameras to film police, but they lacked the patience to simply wait for something interesting to happen. Instead, Antonio would insert himself into the most routine activities of law enforcement, and antagonize the officers until they either walked away, or arrested him.

Before uploading the videos, they would often be deceptively edited. Whatever deceptions may have been lacking in the editing process, were more than made up for in editorializing the story behind the video.

I described one such interaction, in a post dated August 5th 2015

Antonio Buehler was not Arrested “for Recording”

File this one under “How NOT To Cop Block”

Upon hearing that Antonio Buehler had been arrested “for recording” again in Austin, Texas, I briefly felt a great despair that this enemy of mine might have actually done something good, and might be due a bit of praise, and support. Lucky for my ego, this was not the case. Heavily edited videos are circulating throughout police accountability blogs and social media, attempting to make Buehler’s arrest look heroic. Even with the purposely out of context editing however, any objective observer can see what he was actually arrested for.

Police claim they were responding to a report of a fight which had broken out. Buehler uploaded an edited video to YouTube, which showed only what appeared to be a woman in distress, being carried by friends. Whichever the case may be, Buehler did as he often does, and began acting like a raving lunatic. He is repeatedly told to stay at least arm’s length away from the officers at the scene, but instead has his camera so close to their faces, that the video is almost pointless to watch.

If Buehler had any interest in documenting the actions of the officers, it would have obviously been more prudent to step back and actually record those actions, instead shooting closeups of their facial hair and the sweat dripping down their cheeks. This makes him a very obvious distraction to whatever they may have been there to do, it obstructs their field of vision in a totally unreasonable way, and it doesn’t even serve the purpose of documenting the activities at issue. This was nothing but an attempt to antagonize the officers, and as further evidence of this, one of his cohorts says “So that was the plan tonight” when Buehler is arrested.

Upon being told he was under arrest, Buehler attempts to finally walk away from the scene. As any police accountability activist ought to know however, once you’re under arrest, leaving ceases to be on the list of options. So, unsurprisingly, he was tackled to the ground. Equally unsurprising are the charges, interfering with public duties, and resisting arrest.

If he has half a brain (not that I’m saying he does), he’ll plead out. So if you were thinking of donating to a legal defense fund, please be aware that you are just giving money to Antonio to do something else with. Personally, I can think of better uses for your charitable dollar. 🙂

Buehler is not a police accountability activist. He is a social justice warrior, and a relentless left wing agitator. Last year, The Peaceful Streets Project sought a “fellowship” with Echoing Green, a leftist “social entrepreneur” outfit with ties to George Soros, which has handed out millions of dollars to leftist political and social causes. Yes, the same George Soros who funded the riots in Ferguson. Perhaps those ties help to explain the constant race baiting and dishonest video editing the group has become notorious for.

Holding police accountable requires activists who maintain some level of integrity. If you are out there creating conflicts which would not otherwise exist, deceptively editing video, inserting race and gender into things that have nothing to do with those subjects, and outright lying to the public, then nobody worth reaching is going to listen to a word you say. Buehler fails at this miserably, and this manufactured conflict is only the latest of examples. He is a race and gender obsessed fanatic who doesn’t care one bit about the truth. He just wants to create conflicts which would not exist without his presence, and distract from real issues with his racial agenda, in order to raise money and gain exposure.

Putting a camera so close to someone’s face, as to make the face unrecognizable in the video, is not police accountability. It is harassment plain and simple, it borders on assault. Perhaps one might respond by saying police are a criminal organization, and deserve to be harassed and assaulted at a minimum. That’s a fine case to make, but that’s not what Buehler is doing. He is outright saying that he was arrested for recording and that his arrest was unlawful in an effort to raise money. Those are lies, and for those lies, he is the one who should be held accountable.

End of Post

The Funny Thing About Rape Is…

I had my run ins with Buehler well prior to 2015. Following my ‘Cuntgate’ incident with John, Buehler decided that I had to suffer, for not capitulating to the demands of hypersensitive feminists. He started stalking my Facebook page, and whining about every insensitive thing I said.

Perhaps it should go without saying, that I found this pretty amusing. That is how I came to learn the pure, unadulterated joy, of triggering Leftists.

For example, at some point in the course of this, it was insisted that “rape is never funny”.

Being a long-time fan of standup comedy, I remembered George Carlin addressing precisely this falsehood all the way back in 1990, during an act titled “Doin’ It Again”.

Carlin said,

Oh, some people don’t like you to talk like that! Oh, people gonna like to shut you up for saying those things! You know that! Lots of people, lots of groups in this country want to tell you how to talk, tell you what you can’t talk about.

Well, sometimes they’ll say well you can talk about something but you can’t joke about it. Say you can’t talk about something cause it’s not funny. Comedians run into that shit all the time. Like rape. They’ll say you can’t talk about rape. Rape’s not funny.

I say fuck you! I think it’s hilarious! How do you like that?

I can prove to you that rape is funny. Picture Porky Pig, raping Elmer Fudd!

See! Hey why do you think they call him Porky, eh?

I know what you’re gonna say, Elmer was asking for it. Elmer was coming on to Porky! Porky couldn’t help himself! He got a hard-on, he got horny, he lost control, he went out of his mind!

A lot of men talk like that. A lot of men think that way. They think the thing is the woman’s fault, like to blame the rape on the woman, say “Hey she had it coming, she was wearing a short skirt!”

These guys think women ought to go to prison for being cock teasers!

Don’t seem fair to me! Don’t seem right! But you can joke about it.

I believe you can joke about anything. It all depends on how you construct the joke, what the exaggeration is. What the exaggeration is! Because every joke needs one exaggeration. Every joke needs one thing to be waaaay out of proportion.

Carlin spent the next 7 or so minutes telling other rape jokes, including one about a burglar raping an 81 year old woman. The audience laughed the entire time.

Carlin started his comedy career in 1959. His final HBO special, It’s Bad for Ya, aired live on March 1, 2008. That was 18 years after the “rape is hilarious” bit transcribed above, and he had one of longest and most successful careers in the history of the artform.

Carlin died three months later, in June of 2008, which is unfortunate in the extreme.

The world could really use a George Carlin right about now.

Personally, I don’t spend a whole lot of time thinking about rape, so I did not have many good rape jokes on hand, but once he told me I couldn’t joke about rape, I knew what I had to do. I realized that I could find endless amusement by posting rape jokes to Facebook, and watching this Left wing nutcase piss his pants, for lack of ability to shut me up.

So, I borrowed material from others.

I recalled a meme I had seen which said “The IRS saying people are their ‘customers’ is like rapists calling their victims ‘girlfriends’”.

I adapted this to say something similarly negative about taxation, which was in keeping with Carlin’s advice on exaggerations;

“People blow rape out of proportion. Rape is no worse than taxation. Relax”.

The target, as you’ve no doubt guessed, jumped at the bait.

Rape is Hysterical

October 24, 2013

So, I made a rape joke the other day, comparing rape to taxation, and surprisingly enough, a bunch of people freaked out. Even more surprisingly, 280-something comments later, nobody seemed any more enlightened than before I posted it.

So, let’s address the issue here. Based on this, are you actually under the impression that I am in favor of rape? Do you think that I am a pro-rape guy?

Clearly not. What I’m doing here is saying something very bad about taxes. Of course, most people think taxes are just fine. If we want to make people think twice about taxes, perhaps comparing them to rape would be an effective method of doing so. Maybe, maybe not. Maybe people just freak out and ignore me. Maybe a bunch of Austin liberals jump on the “I hate Cantwell” bandwagon. Any of these outcomes is just fine with me, because it’s my responsibility to entertain an audience, not make everyone happy.

It would appear that over 30 people thought the statement was worthy of at least clicking “like”, and 48 other people thought it was worth chiming in on with a comment, 280 some odd times. So, at the very least, I’ve stirred up some discussion, for better or worse. It’s difficult to deny there is value here. If you don’t like the content, then that’s fine. I’m not necessarily surprised by that, it’s not for everybody.

There is a very simple solution to that. Do not read it.

Of course, some people think it’s their job to run around policing the internet and determining for others what is “acceptable” within the “liberty movement”.

Some pretend they don’t want drama, even as they invite it into their lives.

In these and other cases, the intent is obvious. These people know who I am, and what I do. I highly doubt they are under the impression that this sort of thing is going to cause me to change my content. I certainly doubt it’s going to prevent people who enjoy my content, from reading/viewing/listening to it.

They just want to be seen as do-gooders who condemned it. They are not improving the world, or bringing us any closer to a free society. It just makes them feel good about themselves to be the guy who bitched out the edgy comic for saying something disagreeable.

I’m sure there were a number of people who didn’t much care for George Carlin’s stance on rape either.

Now, if your complaint is that I’m not as good as George Carlin, or Opie & Anthony, well, okay, I can accept that. In fact, I appreciate you holding me to such a high standard. I’ll do my best to reach that level of brilliance. But I’m pretty sure that these guys went through a lot of the same crap during their careers. I’m also fairly certain that they never would have gotten where they did, if they stopped doing what they were doing every time somebody threw a hissy fit.

End of Post

30 Facebook likes was not a huge accomplishment for me at the time, but 280 comments was certainly higher than my normal level of audience engagement. I knew this was helping to increase my reach on Facebook, and the best part is, I didn’t even really have to put in any work

Antonio and his pack of wild social justice warriors, made idiots of themselves, by fighting all through the night with anybody who did not have the good sense to block them.

Of course, I had the good sense to do this, but at the time, I was gaining more than I was losing. So, I let it continue, and I kept on pushing for more.

I did some web searching for other rape jokes, and started posting them as Facebook status updates. I found this gem, for example…

It’s so awkward when you send a private text message to the wrong person. The other day I wrote a message, “Hey babe, thinking of U makes my cock hard, can’t wait to sex U up 2night” and sent it to my 10-year-old daughter… Imagine how embarrassing it would have been if I’d sent that to the wrong person.

Mind you, I do not have a 10 year old daughter. All my kids died in abortion clinics before so much as a gender reveal.

In keeping with the George Carlin rule of exaggeration, this joke met all the necessary elements. Texting something like this to one’s 10 year old daughter, on purpose, should be ridiculous enough to tell the casual observer that it is a joke. With one noteworthy exception, whom we’ll discuss later on, no child rapist would brag about something like this on Facebook. Even if one were so dimwitted and humorless not to get the joke by this point, aborted babies cannot text, and they do not get better at it after their tenth birthday has passed.

Antonio Buehler was just the sort of humorless dimwit to take this seriously anyway. He literally called me a rapist for posting this, and began an all out campaign against me that would have been bizarre even if he was receiving a handsome salary to do it. The idea that he was doing this, just because he thought it was the right thing, made it even stranger, and I didn’t realize he was digging for gold in the mines of George Soros, until almost two years later.

I had never seen anything like this before. He made the nutcases who tried to brand me a terrorist look reasonable by comparison. He started off by commenting on literally every post I made, going back months. In these hundreds of comments, Buehler called me a racist, a rapist, and every other stupid Left wing buzzword he could come up with. He would even reply to the comments of others, and try to shame them for associating with me.

Buehler and I had over 1,000 Facebook friends in common at the time this happened. He started privately messaging all of them, and insisting that they unfriend me, or he would block them.

Well, not all of them actually. At first, he would not dare do anything of the sort with anyone who had a reputation. He was only making this demand of people he thought he could bully. The high profile friends we had in common, like Luke Rudkowski, and Adam Kokesh, were spared this annoyance, at first.

After he got called out on this shameful behavior, he gave those friends some time to give in, and when they didn’t budge, finally unfriended them, too.

He went on Twitter, and looked at who my followers were. He started @mentioning them with screenshots of my naughty posts. He asked them why there were associating with a racist child molester, and demanded that they unfollow me.

He made the mistake of trying this on Tom Woods, a very respected figure in the movement, who I had always admired. Woods is a well educated historian and economist, and our styles could not have been more different. I was a foul mouthed guy prone to flying off the handle. Woods was always respectable, calm, cool, and collected. I didn’t even know Tom was following me, and I certainly had no expectation that he would come to my defense over a crude joke.

Woods told Buehler off, and ridiculed him from 9 in the morning, until 3 in the afternoon. He called Buehler a Stalinist, a Commissar, a creep, and a “PC hysteric”.

I had won, again.

But I was not done winning, and Buehler was certainly not done losing.

Caught in the Silence

Like all Leftists, Buehler was consumed by his hatred, and could not bare the thought of people having fun without his approval.

Also, in typical Leftist fashion, he had never even tried to make an argument, and thus could not prevail in our conflict by way of superior reasoning.

Buehler had overestimated his social capital, and his attempt to leverage his own popularity to diminish my status, had the opposite effect. Not only did most people reject his ultimatum to unfriend/unfollow me or lose his friendship fail, it made him look like a complete idiot, to people who previously had no awareness of who I was. Many people who had never heard of me before, only became aware of my material because of his temper tantrums. Many of them liked what they saw when they looked into it for themselves, and to the many readers of this book who I am sure are laughing right now since this describes them to the letter, I say thank you for sticking with me.

Buehler had no sense of humor. If one could have the opposite of a sense of humor, a comedic black hole of a persona, which would suck laughter into its vortex, and deprive all in proximity of anything resembling joy, this would more accurately describe his personality. Since he was battling an aspiring comedian with natural talent, his efforts to bully me by way of insults served only as the proverbial knife in a gun fight. He was mocked relentlessly on social media, and what started off as a mission to make others submit to the will of his Left wing financiers, ended up becoming a revolt against political correctness, which grew stronger by the day.

What happened next will come as no surprise to anyone familiar with these types of people. Buehler sought to have me silenced, by dishonest appeals to authority.

Buehler began reporting all of my posts to Facebook without any particular concern for the validity of the reporting. Most of them were reported for racism, but others were reported for violence, nudity, and all manner of things which in no way pertained to the actual content. The vast majority of the reports were rightly found not to be in violation of Facebook’s community standards, but every once in a while, one would stick, and I would be banned from posting to Facebook for 12 hours at a time.

Facebook would sometimes notify me of the reports before taking action on them. They did not tell me who made them, but it was obvious from what was being reported, the number of reports, and the timing, that this was being done on a mass scale, through a coordinated effort, led by Buehler.

At first, I stubbornly refused to remove anything, not wanting to let him win. I was compelled to rethink this strategy when my posts seemed to have come under the scrutiny of a far Left Facebook employee, who was less concerned with the merit of the reports. In the course of three days, I had four posts removed, and each resulted in me being banned from posting to Facebook for 12 hours.

It should probably go without saying, that Buehler and his allies celebrated this, and took the opportunity to relentlessly slander me while I was left without the opportunity to defend myself.

After realizing that this was imposing real costs on me, I decided it was better to delete the posts, and maintain my access to Facebook, than to stubbornly refuse, and suffer these losses.

In typical Leftist fashion, Buehler denied he was responsible for these reports to Facebook. Unfortunately for him, we had spies in a Facebook group called “The Libertarian Anti-Racist Alliance”, where he was caught bragging about it.

When one reports a post to Facebook, and the target of the report deletes the post, Facebook notifies the complainant that the post was removed by the target. Once Buehler saw that I had removed the posts, he said to his co-conspirators, “Haha, tough guy Cantwell is a coward hypocrite fake tough guy anarchist/libertarian” along with a screenshot of Facebook notifying him that I had removed the content.

In a blog post describing this situation, I made the following prescient statement;

I’ve repeatedly accused him of being behind my posts getting reported, and he has repeatedly denied it. But now, he is bragging about it.

Accepting liberals into libertarian circles was the stupidest idea ever. If a person is at Occupy Wall Street for some reason other than to tell them how wrong they are, that person is not a friend of liberty.

These cultural Marxist PC censors will not stop with me.

And of course, they did not stop with me. The internet censorship at the behest of PC obsessed nutcases like Buehler, has ensnared so many people, that it has literally become an issue in Presidential campaigns.

Manufactured Outrage

One thing that becomes obvious to anyone who finds themselves in conflict with outrage merchants, is that their campaigns are decidedly artificial. No matter how meticulously they attempt to stage these scenes, patterns always emerge that the careful observer can pick up on.

This is fine with the outrage merchants, because they would never gain the support of careful observers. Anyone with a three digit IQ who bothers to scratch the surface of social justice will quickly realize that the whole thing is a scam. Trying to pass this Marxist nonsense off as libertarianism, makes it even more fishy. Careful observers are thus the mortal enemy of social justice, and the goal is only to make a scene which passersby perceive as popular opinion turning against the target of the campaign.

I noticed a pattern on Facebook, that several accounts were speaking almost identically to how Buehler spoke. They all liked one another’s posts, and they all ganged up on the same comments. With the exception of Buehler himself, none of these accounts had much content on their own profiles, and they seemed to exist for little purpose other than commenting elsewhere.

One of those accounts was named “Jane Aggies”. All were in for a good laugh, when “Jane” made the mistake of posting on my blog, where I can see the IP address of commenters.

I described what I found in a post dated February 6th, 2014

Antonio Buehler Goes Full Retard

From the title, that might seem like old news, but seriously, it got worse recently. I really do want to stop talking about this crap, and hopefully this will be the last chapter I publish on the conflict, but this is just too funny not to put out there.

I’ve long suspected that Antonio was creating fake accounts to harass and report me to Facebook. After all, he unfriended over a thousand people just because they chose to stay my Facebook friend, so it would seem odd that support for his campaign was growing. In the world of leftists and other liars though, you can just fake the support.

Meet Jane Aggies. Jane doesn’t say much about herself on her Facebook profile, but what’s clear is that she is VERY upset about bigotry. She has no tolerance for racism, sexism, homophobia, or rape culture, and she sees these things everywhere, whether real or imagined. That’s why she thinks it’s just wonderful to report every post I make, whether it’s about these topics or not, to Facebook.

Jane made Facebook branded pages with names like “Christopher Cantwell is a disgrace to libertarianism” and “I Report Cantwell to Facebook like 20 times a day, come get some, Tubby”

She also really likes Antonio Buehler. She tags him, likes his comments, and has lengthy discussions with him in public Facebook posts. It’s kind of romantic, really. To see these two people working so hard together, in an effort to rid the internet of dirty language. They will never actually accomplish this goal, but if they can bond with each other, and make life difficult for their enemies, well, that’s good enough for them. Besides, if the goal never gets accomplished, they can continue trying to accomplish it for the rest of their lives, and, isn’t that what we all want?

But Jane and Antonio are closer than Facebook friends. In fact, they are closer than political allies, closer than lovers, closer than brother and sister. In fact, they are the same person.

Here’s a pro tip for trolls. If you are going to make fake personas on the internet, only use them on platforms that your target does not have control over. Because when you take your fake persona off of Facebook, and onto my website. I have access to your IP address.

After Jane and Antonio descended on my blog comments, I looked at their information in the administrative back end of ChristopherCantwell.com. It allows me to moderate comments, and it shows me the email and IP addresses of the people commenting. is the Internet Protocol address for both Antonio and Jane.

Did I mention that Jane only joined Facebook in December of 2013? That was about two months after this conflict between Buehler and I began.

Jane only has 13 Facebook friends. There’s only two photos of Jane on her profile, the one I posted above, and this one.

I think it’s worth pointing out, that it takes a certain amount of depravity to take photos of a woman with her child, and use it to create a fake persona, to harass a man on the internet. Especially when that person carries a gun, and a good portion of that person’s notoriety happens to be for advocating the violent overthrow of the most powerful government in the history of mankind.

We Have Identified the woman in the photographs. Her Name is Laura Carter, and she’s from the UK.  Antonio took these images from a charity campaign to help Laura’s daughter Ava… Something tells me he did not get this woman’s permission before using the photos of her and her daughter in his fraudulent acts.

It also goes a long way towards showing how sincere Antonio is in his contention that I was only banned because I broke the rules of Facebook. Despite piles of evidence, Antonio still insists he has not reported anyone, nor encouraged anyone to report me. He contends that if I was banned from Facebook, it was only because I broke my contract with Facebook by posting racist images.

The 19,000+ people who subscribed to me on Facebook can tell you that this is not true, but when did truth ever prevent a liberal from saying something?

What is unquestionably a violation of the contract with Facebook, is using fake names, impersonating other people, harassment, denial of service attacks, and making false reports. Antonio broke every single one of those rules with the intention of disrupting my business, my activism, and my enjoyment of Facebook.

Screaming at the police on the side of the highway is fun to watch on YouTube. Police accountability is a noble goal. We’re all happy to see veterans turn against the wars they fought in. But Antonio Buehler uses force and fraud to accomplish his goals. He is not a libertarian, and he never has been.

End of Post

The cover up is often worse than the crime. In this case, it is debatable which was worse, but we can say with certainty that the cover up was funnier than the crime.

In a post dated February 8th 2014, I described the events that transpired in the wake of this exposure.

Antonio Buehler Manufactures Fake Girlfriend to Cover Up Lies

Full retard is presently being redefined by Antonio Buehler. After exposing his fake “Jane Aggies” persona Wednesday, Buehler went into panic mode and began trying to cover up his deception.

First, he took down the photos of Laura Carter, and changed the name of the profile to “Anarcho Capitalism” (something Antonio has previously condemned as racist).

Then, the profile was deactivated.

Then, the profile came back again. This time with a new photo, of a different woman. The original photo appears on Antonio’s Facebook profile, and has Antonio in it, but in this profile image, Antonio has been cropped out.

“Jane” then posted the following message with a link to my article from Wednesday.

As thoroughly entertaining as this has been, my compulsion to debunk a libertarian conspiracy theory has gotten the best of me; I’m Antonio’s girlfriend.

Tip for future theory formation: don’t ignore grossly inconsistent evidence – admission into Stanford and Harvard is inconsistent with being a “Full Retard.”

Cheers, liberty bigots. Eat your hearts out. ?

Wow, I guess I got owned, huh? I mean, how could a retard get into these high end schools? (Cough, Paul Krugman, cough, George Bush, cough) No, congrats on that, really. Everybody knows it’s only idiots like me who see the American education system as a complete waste of time and money, and get out before they spend the best years of their lives, and tens of thousands of dollars of their parents money, on academia. The path of the true genius is High School, then military, then college, then liberal activism, just like all those other really bright folks in Zuccotti Park, sleeping in their own shit and screaming about how I should be forced to pay off their student loan debt.

Side note, I’m pretty sure Antonio is paying people to do his school work. This retard can barely spell his own name, and even with all mommy and daddy’s money, even with his minority advantages, even with his service to the State, even with George W. Bush as our standard for acceptance to these schools, I don’t for one second believe he’s making it on his own merits. If you have information on any academic fraud by Antonio Buehler, I’m willing to pay, use the contact form on this website.

After all, Martin Luthor King was a plagiarist, so that’s something Antonio might aspire to be as well, and if you point that out, he’ll just call you a racist!

Speaking of inconsistent evidence, back to the girlfriend thing. I’m still pretty sure this is Antonio, in fact, I’m betting $50 he doesn’t even have a girlfriend. I’ve offered $50 to the charity of Antonio’s choice for a photo of them holding today’s newspaper. It’s been over 36 hours, and Antonio hasn’t responded yet.

Why wouldn’t he post a photo with his girlfriend for $50? Because he cannot produce one. There is only the one photo of this woman that anyone I know can find, and we’re pretty good at this stuff. It is the cropped photo in the Jane Aggies profile, which is an altered photo from Antonio’s profile, where he calls her “Marie”.

That photo was uploaded on November 10th 2013.

It’s the only photo of this “girlfriend” anywhere, including on “her” own profile.

The EXIF Data for the photo, shows the ICC Header date being in 2012

“Jane” claims to live in Keene, NH. Funny, I used to live just outside of Keene. I never met her. Come to think of it, nobody has. Even on her photo in Antonio’s album, nobody identifies as knowing her. Lot’s of people complimenting her looks, and asking who she is, but nobody, not even Antonio, answers them, not to this day.

If “Jane” lives in Keene, then why is she using Antonio’s IP address? Is Antonio giving away access to the Harvard Grad school VPN? I’m pretty sure there’s rules about that… Even if “Jane” is lying about living in Keene, even if she’s in Austin with Antonio, it doesn’t make sense for her to be using Antonio’s VPN, unless she’s logging in to do his schoolwork for him. They have been engaged in (fake) discussions with each other, having comments within minutes of each other. This would mean he was stepping away from his computer, and then letting her use it, to reply to his comment, and tag him, only so he could sit back down, log back in, and like the comment.

Why are there only 5 posts on Jane’s page? Why are all of them about me?

“Jane” created the “I Report Cantwell Like 20 Times a Day, Come Get Some Tubby” Facebook page.

Now, Antonio is a government mercenary. It makes sense for him to invite violence upon himself. Does anybody really believe Antonio’s girlfriend is inviting me to violence?

Why do we see this screenshot of the “I Report Cantwell” page first denying that “Jane” made the page, and then admitting it?

Did this imbecile just get his personas confused?

Now, here’s the funniest part in my book, “Jane” made the following status update to Facebook.

And since I’m outing myself tonight, I’d like to add that I’m also Jonathon Thriftwood. “His” posts are much more solid than “Jane’s”. I went with a male pseudonym because I quickly learned that within the “liberty” movement, males have the privilege of a louder voice. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen plenty of women in the spotlight – but only to the extent that they exhibit a constellation of traits that are consistent with the key variables of the algorithm for popular liberty lady: tolerable on the eye, willing to disavow feminism, able to turn a blind eye to – if not actively engage in – sexism/misogyny, and facility in regurgitation key buzz phrases such as “I love bitcoin!” and “I hate statists!” Bonus points if you can recite lines from a Stefan Molyneux video and/or some Men’s Rights “facts.” Jesus Christ, if I had no self respect and only a fraction of my intelligence, I would be a rockstar in this movement – and this is not grandiosity or hyperbole, but that is the product of an objective and rational assessment.

First of all, only someone who has been collecting dust for the last 40 years could possibly think being a female is a disadvantage in the “liberty movement”. Even completely brainless female content producers like “Libertarian Anne” quickly gain thousands upon thousands of followers, exceeding that of far more intelligent, entertaining, talented and capable male production teams. This “movement” is saturated with desperate single men who throw likes, comments, subscriptions, dollars, and bitcoins at anything that sits down to pee.

The reason people who don’t disavow feminism have no voice in libertarian circles, is because feminism has no more a place in libertarian circles, than white supremacy. Neither do any of your baseless, incessant cries of racism, homophobia, or this insane notion of “rape culture”. We see individuals as individuals, so we don’t care any more about women than men, or blacks than whites, or gays than straights. We don’t get any more pissed off about black jokes, than we do about Irish jokes, and we know that jokes do not cause women to get raped, any more than cancer jokes cause people to get rabies.

All your liberal PC nonsense is nothing more than an effort to turn the tables of oppression, instead of ending it. You put women above men, blacks above whites, gays above straights, and that completely defeats the purpose. These simple truths are why I’ve been able to cost Antonio over a thousand Facebook friends, and two points off his Klout score. It’s why ChristopherCantwell.com is one of the most popular libertarian websites on Earth, and the Peaceful Streets Project, Buehler Ed, and all his other half assed, plagiarized, wannabe projects are collecting dust. It’s why all of my measurements of success have increased since he started this mess four months ago, while all of his have declined. I’ve exposed him for a fucking liberal. That’s why Antonio is coming to the very correct conclusion, that there is no place for him in the “liberty movement”. He belongs in a tent at Zuccotti Park with the other flea infested Occupy Wall Street shitheads, not on a stage at the Porcupine Freedom Festival next to talented, intelligent libertarians.

Secondly, “Jonathan Thriftwood“, who joined facebook in August of 2013, no doubt as some other Buehler troll account, has ZERO public posts, and only 13 facebook friends (Same as Jane). He is in only one Facebook group “Free Antonio Buehler”, and he likes 1 page “Association of Libertarian Feminists”. So clearly, if Jane, or Marie, or whatever Antonio has named this fantasy woman, wanted to actually use her fake penis to gain some traction, she’s done an absolutely fucking miserable job of doing so.

Like everything else Antonio and all his leftist liar comrades do, this is nothing more than the saddest attempt in the history of electronic communications, to obfuscate facts and identities. This is no doubt at least part of the reason Antonio unfriended all of our mutual friends, and blocks everybody who disagrees with him on Facebook. Because to allow his remaining followers to see what’s actually happening would throttle him into obscurity, faster than a one way rendition trip to Guantanamo.

The saddest part of all this, is that nobody has stepped up to confirm or deny the girlfriend. Even if this woman isn’t just some desperate attempt to cover up previous lies, this can only mean that Antonio has nobody in his real world life close enough to even know if he would have a girlfriend or not.

If I posted about a girlfriend, the people I actually talk to in real life would have something to say about her, other than to comment on her looks. Wouldn’t the people in yours? There would be photos of us all over the place, we wouldn’t be sharing a single camera phone shot between the two of us years later.

It would seem, that Antonio has as much trouble building interpersonal relationships in real life, as he does keeping his lies straight on the Internet. As a result, he has found himself the loneliest son of a bitch this side of solitary confinement, and if he has an ounce of fucking dignity left, he’ll hop in the tub with a razor blade and a bottle of vodka.

End of Post

As I was putting this book together, I clicked the links to these profiles that I embedded in these blog posts. All of them have since been removed.

In my comments section, some observers summed this situation up pretty well.

DC writes;

I think this article ends the saga. You have sonned this kid out to the point of no return Cantwell. You have made so many damning points about this kid in your last two articles alone its too late for his redemption no matter what he says. Enjoy that victory cigar my friend, the battle is won. On to better things!

CD writes

For the record, I respected Anthony Buehler until recently. Unfortunately, this has had to change 180. Damn, man. He’s got a point of view. He should just express his point of view without going through all this rigmarole.

If he’s going to invent fake personas to attack his enemies online; use appearance-shaming tactics from behind the persona of a hot woman whose photos were stolen from a Brit mom who put them online to help out a charity for her sick daughter; and make tons of abusive false reports to get people’s content that he doesn’t like removed, themselves mostly under multiple fake personas; then … he’s removed himself from any serious consideration as a philosopher or moralist.

I suppose if he’s always aspired to be a lying bully, he’s well on the path to success. But I thought his raison d’être was that he opposed lying bullies in the form of corrupt police? It seems any standard of behaviour doesn’t apply to him as far as he’s concerned.

America’s Most Important Liberal Activist

Rather than take DC’s advice, I continued to bait and taunt Antonio, but I learned that I would not profit from doing this on Facebook, due to the censors.

Back then, Google was a somewhat more honest company. If their algorithm determined that your website was the most relevant result for a given search term, yours would rise to the top.

This is no longer the case today, as we’ll talk about in greater detail later. Today, if you search Google for “Christopher Cantwell”, my website, ChristopherCantwell.com is on the fourth page of results. Do the same search on DuckDuckGo, and I am the first result, where I belong. The same was true for Google in 2014.

Antonio had set up several different websites, none of which got very much traffic. If you searched for his name, one would mostly find other libertarian blogs which had mentioned some of his more noteworthy activist stunts.

When one is not being censored by search algorithms, a search for a term contained within the domain name will almost always turn up that domain name first. Unfortunately for Antonio, he did not have the wisdom to register AntonioBuehler.org, before I did.

I set up a new WordPress blog using this domain. The tagline for the site was “America’s Most Important Liberal Activist” and featured a cartoon superhero mascot, with a hammer and sickle emblem on the chest, and Buehler’s face.

There I wrote several parody blog posts, as if they had been written by Buehler. They were so over the top that they should have been seen as satire by any informed observer, but the site came to prove the legitimacy of Poe’s Law in short order.

Anyone who searched for Antonio Buehler would find this site, and since Antonio had a habit of making the news in Austin, Texas, this was not at all infrequent. People would see Antonio on TV, search his name, and find my parody blog. Comments from readers made it obvious that no matter how hard I tried, I just could not create a Left wing parody that some people would not mistake for the genuine article.

The work I put into it was also solid comedy. Even Antonio’s friends and supporters found the whole thing rather hysterical, and the site saw countless referrals from social media shares.

Buehler was powerless to stop this, and it drove him absolutely insane.

Here are a selection of the best posts.


My Name is Antonio Buehler

by Antonio • February 13, 2014

Hello, I’m Antonio Buehler, America’s most important liberal activist.

Some have called me a Messiah, and while I must preserve that title for Allah, (PBUH) I’m pretty close. I travel the internet all day, fighting for social justice. Whenever I see something oppressive, I report it to the proper authorities, because the only way we can have freedom, is if all opposition has been silenced.

This is no small task we have before us, and I ask you to join me in stopping the oppressors from spreading disagreeable ideas. That is why I have created this website, for you to follow me, and do what I say. Obedience is the only true path to freedom, so all opposing comments will be deleted and reported to the proper authorities.

Tags: Activism, Antonio Buehler, greatness, holier than thou, important, liberal, messiah

All Sex Is Rape

by Antonio • February 13, 2014

“Penetrative intercourse is, by its nature, violent.” ~ Andrea Dworkin.

Rape culture is all around us. Men prey on women like a mountain lion preys on the antelope. The patriarchy has so weakened women throughout the centuries, that they are no longer capable of giving meaningful consent to sex. How can a weaker being consent to being violated by a stronger one?

Even in cases where the woman initiates the sexual contact, it is only because she has been repeatedly victimized by magazines telling her she should, this is another form of rape. Every time a woman looks at a magazine while on line at the supermarket, she is being raped.

I have, in the course of my study of this subject, viewed some pornography. Mind you, this was for research purposes only, pornography is another form of rape, and I am the only male who does not rape women. If you look at pornography, you are a rapist, and so you are already aware, that pornography demonstrates the most violent sex acts imaginable. Whether it is a video of acting out an actual rape fantasy, or forced deep throat, or, back room casting couch scams, or, excuse me, brb…

Where was I?

Oh yes, all men are rapists, except for me of course. That’s why I am a feminist. It is only through feminism, or at least, homosexuality, that men can repent for the sin of being male. By admitting that women are in fact the master race, we can begin undoing the centuries of damage done by the patriarchal system, and begin working towards the Amazonian Masterhood that was our destiny.

Tags: Antonio Buehler, feminism, I am better than you, I Am Important, liberalism, patriarchy, rape, rape culture, rape jokes, social justice

Valentine’s Day Is Rape

by Antonio • February 15, 2014

Today is Valentine’s Day. I wanted to write about this earlier, but I had been unable to do so, as I spent most of the day crying. Now, completely out of tears I will tell you the truth about this horrific capitalist holiday…

Valentine’s Day surely purports to be a day of love and romance, and sure, many people will express it that way. The truth of the matter is far uglier though. Valentine’s Day subjugates women, by cementing their status in society as the property of men under patriarchy. He may buy her gifts, but what is that really, besides wage slavery? He may buy her drinks, in an effort to get her drunk so he can take advantage of her. He may tell her nice things, compliment her eyes, or her hair, but all he really wants to do is violate her.

Aside from being a greedy capitalist scam to sell greeting cards, chocolates, and condoms, this is nothing more than another clever ruse by the patriarchal hierarchy to make objects of women. To make them property. To make them subordinate sex objects. Since property cannot consent to sex, every sex act committed today will be a rape, because as we know, all sex is rape.

And all you white men in your interracial relationships, don’t think you’re fooling anybody. We know that you are racist, and that’s why you are raping that woman of color.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Tags: Antonio Buehler, bigotry, dating, I Am Important, I am so cool, love, racism, rape, rape culture relationships, romance, sex, Valentine’s Day, you guys suck

Cake Is Racist

by Antonio • December 17, 2014

When I think about social justice, I think about the young. We are fighting this fight so that they can grow up in a sanitized world without disagreeable thoughts. That’s why it is so troubling to see what I saw in Gawker this morning.

A girl from the Delta Gamma Sorority at the University of Maryland celebrated her 21st birthday with a cake that had “Suck a Nigga Dick” written on it. To make matters worse, they posted a photo of this slavery inducing baked good on Instagram.

The racist cake was allegedly inspired by a Three Six Mafia song by that title. However, using the N-word is black privilege, not white privilege. Black people are allowed to be racist because they have been oppressed for a million years. Women like the one in the picture are not allowed to be racist because she is white.

White women are allowed to be sexist against men, like me, but not racist. Misandry is the only proper bigotry for this privileged white woman to be engaged in.

Luckily, the sorority realized that this cracker was engaging in the wrong kind of bigotry, and issued a statement on their Facebook page this morning;

We have become aware of an unacceptable Instagram post by a member of our chapter. The Fraternity volunteers and staff are working with our chapter at the University of Maryland at this time to hold this member accountable. Delta Gamma Fraternity is a dynamic organization committed to diversity and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religious affiliation, color, creed, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status or physical disability. All efforts are in place to guarantee those selected for membership are committed to living our values. Delta Gamma stands for high ideals of friendship, promoting cultural and educational interests, a true sense of social responsibility and developing the best qualities of character.

I appreciate the efforts of the Delta Gamma sorority, but I don’t think they go far enough.

This cake was obviously brought about by the capitalist baking industry. Capitalism is racist, baking is capitalist, and so it should come as a surprise to nobody that cake is racist. That’s why I’m calling on all my brother and sister social justice warriors to boycott cake.

Until these capitalist bakers come up with a way to make their products safe from racism, I shall refrain from consuming their products, and you should too.

I sent Barack Obama a text message this morning asking him to join us, but I think someone else has his phone because they keep replying “Leave me alone fgt”.

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Hibachi Restaurants are Racist

by Antonio • July 25, 2014

I went to dinner the other night thinking I was in for a good meal and some Asian culture, but what I found instead was a horrific display of racism and capitalist greed. I visited a hibachi restaurant with my imaginary girlfriend last evening. As we sat down to the table, a short Japanese man came out in a funny hat and in broken English asked me if I wanted chickay, stay, oh shree (which I presumed to mean chicken, steak, or shrimp).

After I ordered the chicken, the man began preparing the food on the grill right in front of us. As he did this, he made jokes in a very thick Japanese accent. He spun and twirled his cooking utensils, an obvious mockery of the proud ninja warrior culture he was exploiting for corporate greed.

White devils watched in amusement, as he squirted sake into the mouths of patrons. I was seething with social justice fury as I watched these racists exploit this poor man’s heritage for their own amusement. I began to shout “racist” and “bigot” at the white oppressors in the restaurant, in an effort to save the cook’s dignity, and that of his ninja ancestors.

The manager came into the dining area and asked me to leave. I called him a coward and informed him that I knew he was just working for the white man to oppress his own people. I told him his capitalist exploitation of inferior races was coming to an end, thanks to me reporting posts to Facebook. He must have known I was onto him, because that’s when he called the police. Little did he know, I am the founder of the Peaceful Streets Project, and police have never stopped me from shouting obscenities in public.

When the police arrived, I took out my camera and called them cowards, racists, and bigots. It was almost as if I was speaking in tongues as a profanity laced anti white tirade came pouring from my sake soaked lips. I demanded they free Nelson Mandela as they handcuffed me and dragged me away in their cruiser.

In the end I was charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and public drunkenness. I intend to take this fight all the way to the Supreme Court, but I’ll need your help. Please consider giving me all of your money so that I can fight these racist allegations and prove once and for all that it is every American’s god given right to hurl baseless allegations at innocent people on private property.

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Merry MLK Day!

by Antonio • January 19, 2015

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which in my home, is kind of like Christmas. The stockings have been hung from the fireplace, the tree is sparkling, and this morning we all woke up early, opened the envelopes that Dr. King left under the tree for us, and filled out our taxes early to celebrate.

I love Martin Luther King, because I’m not a racist. If you don’t love Martin Luther King, you are a racist, and that’s the problem with the typical white male persona. I actually saw one blogger saying bad things about MLK. I instantly realized he was a white capitalist, and that just explained everything I needed to know. There wasn’t much point in reading what had been said about the good reverend, because anything but praise for him and the Virgin Coretta is heresy. I will not subject my immortal soul to damnation just to read the racist rantings of some white capitalist.

Capitalists often prove the racism inherent in their economic theories by condemning Martin Luther King as a socialist. This is proof that capitalism is racist. Martin Luther King was black, and believed in socialism. If you disagree with him, that means you’re a racist plain and simple. So how can capitalism be anything other than racism with money? When are you white people going to wake up and check your privilege?

Yes, Martin Luther King was a socialist. What else could he have been? Capitalism breeds inequality, and inequality is oppression. We should all be the same, no matter what our age, gender, skin color, or ability to perform a particular task may be. Your freedom of association only goes so far as someone else’s desire to use your property or make demands of your services. That’s what freedom is all about, people getting to do what they want, with whatever they want, and having no negative consequences whatsoever.

Martin Luther King had a dream, but that dream is far from realized. As long as innocent black people are being killed while they commit strong armed robberies, there is racism in the world. America needs to step up to the 21st century and legalize theft. It is racist and homophobic to expect black people to pay for things.

We have to stop being distracted by petty issues like taxation and gun control, and focus on what really matters. Race. When black people are killed, we have to ignore everything else, and focus on the color of their skin in order to fully realize Martin Luther King’s dream.

But black people aren’t the only ones being discriminated against, and it is time we stood up for them too.

For far too long, men have oppressed women. We have to stop these vicious thugs from saying hello to women on the streets. We have to stop their misogynist television commercials, pornography, and prostitution. We have to stop taking facts into account when we hear about rape allegations like the one at UVA. Whether or not Jackie was raped is not the issue, the fact of the matter is, she feels victimized, and that alone means somebody needs to go to prison. To say anything else is to support legalized rape.

Keeping wheelchair bound persons and social security recipients out of the National Football League has to end. While I thank the NFL for doing so much to raise black people up in society, they need to stop discriminating against other groups that society has left behind.

We need more Asian basketball players, more black golf players, more fat horse jockeys, more female coal miners, and fewer white male capitalists making racist cakes and exploiting the Japanese for their Hibachi grills.

Until then, I will keep up the fight for social justice in America. I will proudly scream and yell at strangers wherever I may find them, until they check their privilege, give up their guns, and redistribute all the property evenly. It will be a hard battle, and I will likely die a martyr, but if I cannot die a martyr, then I shall live as one.

Merry MLK Day Everybody!

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Good Job ISFLC!

by Antonio • February 23, 2015

Students for Liberty is my single favorite libertarian organization, because they keep the fight for social justice right in everyone’s face. Other libertarians are racist because they want to talk about taxes and economics, but SFL knows that the real important stuff is about race and sex. If you’re not talking about race and sex all the time, you’re a total racist, sexist, homophobe, end of list.

For too long, the libertarian movement has been dominated by white male capitalist ideologues. Thanks to my friends at Students for Liberty and the Center for a Stateless Society, that’s all about to change.

We’re not just going to kill Rothbard, we’re going to kill whitey.

What the libertarian movement needs is transgendered black communists with flexible belief systems.

Firstly, die cis scum.

For too long, your traditional State imposed gender controls have oppressed people like me who are doing our best to look like women despite having a penis between our legs. Just because I have male genitalia does not make me a male. I can be any gender I want, and your stupid scientific facts have nothing to do with gender. Gender is all about my need to feel important and victimized, not genitalia, hormones, DNA, or physics.

Secondly, kill whitey.

I keep hearing these “race realists” talking about “white genocide”. Normally, we try to keep these things hush hush, but let me just be straight with you. White people are oppressors because of their skin color, and before we can free ourselves of capitalist greed, we have to eradicate them from the planet. That’s why we only support forced integration policies and discrimination laws in white countries. Yes, we are exterminating you, and that’s a good thing. Kicking you out of the liberty movement is the least of your problems, white people, so stop complaining.

Thirdly, smash capitalism,

This is the only way to end race and gender oppression. Greed makes people want stuff. Stuff is used to oppress people. What part of this don’t you people understand? Inflationary monetary policy encourages saving by lowering interest rates, which leads to the accumulation of capital. Once someone has capital, they can pay people to do things they don’t really feel like doing, and that’s wage slavery.

Thus, capitalism is racist because slavery.

Lastly, we really need to have more flexible belief systems.

There is no truth. Words have no meaning. All these rigid “principled” stances libertarians keep making are hurting the movement. The only way we’re going to be able to take over the world is if we get everybody on our side, and the only way to get everybody on our side is to redefine our words to make them fit everyone’s belief systems. This is politics 101, I should not have to explain this to a presidential candidate.

That’s why I’m so proud of Aarón Shelby Baca, Mackenzie Holst, and Cory Massimino for authoring the Open Letter to Ron Paul, and disrupting his address at the International Students for Liberty Conference in Washington DC by reading it out loud. Ron Paul is a racist, everybody knows that because we saw it on Rachel Maddow like a hundred times. I haven’t read those newsletters, and I don’t know if he was actually the one who wrote them, but it doesn’t matter. Once MSNBC says you’re a racist, you’re a racist. It doesn’t matter if you spent the last 40 years dedicated to the cause of human freedom. You had your name on a paper that said things I would probably disagree with if I read it, so you don’t deserve any respect at all.

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Rachel Dolezal Is A Hero Of Social Justice

by Antonio • June 13, 2015

Lately one of my most cherished idols has come under attack. Rachel Dolezal, head of the Spokane NAACP chapter, and the Spokane police oversight commission, has come under fire for “lying” about her race. These charges are provably false, and I am shocked that my fellow social justice warriors have not yet come to her aid.

Race is nothing more than a social construct used by white capitalist heterosexual males to oppress people. It is as fluid and changeable as any other social construct such as gender, age, money, or time. Anybody can be any race, gender, or age, they choose to identify as. That’s what freedom is all about, deciding who, and what you are, for yourself. I myself did for a time identify as a lesbian dinosaur, and society’s refusal to accept my identity was crushing to my emotional state.

What Rachel did, by changing her skin color, hair style, and attitudes was far from fraud or racism. She wasn’t appropriating black culture, or trying to reap the benefits of affirmative action as she filled out applications for jobs by checking the African American box under the question of race. When she posted photos of a black man to her Facebook page, saying it was her father, she was not deceiving the public for political purposes. When she manufactured fake racially motivated death threats against herself, she was not trying to get sympathy for social gains.

She was doing what all of us should be doing. She was checking her privilege, and in quite the groundbreaking manner. I worship transgendered people just like all of us do, but let’s face it, this isn’t exactly news anymore. Men have been chopping their penises off and stuffing their shirts for years. To see a white person change her skin color and become a civil rights leader, that’s a whole new level of social justice kung fu.

She was born white, and as my regular readers are all too well aware, white people have privilege, and privilege is inherently evil. Only a chosen few are able to shed that privilege just enough to become a true social justice warrior. Very few of them can accept the inherent superiority of transgendered black communists. Rachel did more than that, she became African American, voluntarily.

She abandoned the secret handshakes that white people do in the Klan meetings they all attend, and the instant free wealth that white capitalism provides. She left her privilege with her parents, and got into the trenches with our oppressed black brethren.

She shed the skin of the oppressor, and donned the mask of the oppressed.

If you say anything bad about Rachel Dolezal, that makes you a misogynist. Or have you forgotten that she is a woman, and thus beyond scrutiny?

Not only that, but now that transracialism is a thing, we must too coin the term transracialphobia. You wouldn’t want to be labeled a transracialphobic now, would you? Don’t make us ruin your career.

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Menstrual Equality At Last

by Antonio • July 8, 2015

Yesterday as I was on Facebook looking for dirty words to report, I saw many people shocked and amazed to find out there was a tampon invented for transgendered women. The FEM-FLO as it has been branded, is produced by the Sappho-Luxe company out of southern California. They have been making environmentally friendly feminine hygiene products for several years now, and have always been friendly to social justice warriors the world over, but this is their first product specifically catering to the transgendered market.

In case you’re unfamiliar, and thereby a transphobic bigot, trans women do not have a uterus. White cis gendered heterosexual capitalist males have been preventing that technology from being made available to trans people for centuries, because they are racist.

When changing anatomical sex from male to female, the testicles are removed, and the skin of foreskin and penis is usually inverted, as a flap preserving blood and nerve supplies (a technique pioneered by Sir Harold Gillies in 1951), to form a fully sensitive vagina (vaginoplasty). A clitoris fully supplied with nerve endings (innervated) can be formed from part of the glans of the penis. If the patient has been circumcised (removal of the foreskin), or if the surgeon’s technique uses more skin in the formation of the labia minora, the pubic hair follicles are removed from some of the scrotal tissue, which is then incorporated by the surgeon within the vagina. Other scrotal tissue forms the labia majora.

Until the white cis gendered hetero males have been overthrown, this is as close as we’ll get to true anatomical equality.

While we wait, Sappho-Luxe came up with a product that simulates menstruation. When one inserts the FEM-FLO into their new vagina, a capsule containing artificial menstrual blood begins to warm with the body’s temperature. When it reaches body temperature, the capsule melts and the “menses” is released into the cotton core of the device. The woman then removes the tampon, and puts another one in there as often as she likes until her emotional state returns to that of a non menstruating woman.

Now, for sure there is the problem of capitalist greed here. Fem-Flo tampons will come in boxes of 25 and cost around $19.99 per box. Exploiting the transgendered for profit is high treason to the cause, and should be answered for. If you ask me, the tampons should be provided to trans people free of charge, and the costs ought to be covered by the cis gendered women who buy their regular products, the white ones especially. However, while capitalism exists, this product is indeed a fine one.

I reached out to Sappho-Luxe to see if I could get a box of FEM-FLO tampons to try, as they are not going to be on store shelves until next month. They did indeed send me one, and I rushed straight to the nearest gender neutral restroom I could find, to try them out. Being pre-op, and thus lacking an inverted penis vagina myself (please donate!), I put one up my anus instead.

It was nothing short of luxurious. Within 15 minutes it was like my asshole was really bleeding! I got so emotional, I had to take a Midol! I called up all my trans friends to tell them about it, and for some reason they seemed confused.

“Why would you go through all that trouble and expense just to create an inconvenience? Not having periods is the best part of being a trans woman!” one of them said to me. “Equality” I told her, “Sweet, righteous, hard-won equality.”

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Radical Agenda S05E083 – Impeachment Cohencidences

Our good friends at SaidTheJew.com picked up on a fun theme running through various openly Jewish publications.

If you’ve been keeping up with the Trump impeachment scam, you probably assumed Jews were behind it, just from the volume of lies and hysteria.

Then there’s the fact that the guy most prominently perpetrating the fraud, is Adam Schiff, the Jewish chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

That is hardly the end of the list, as it turns out. Like anything terrible going on in government these days, Jewish involvement in the impeachment sham is pretty pervasive.

Spotting the Jew can be a difficult task sometimes. They often dress like goyim, especially when they are trying to trick us. They have been known to get nose jobs. They even say things like “my fellow White people” just to keep their cover.

If you “name the Jew”, somebody is probably going to call you a Nazi.

That is, unless you are a Jew. Then it’s not anti-Semitic. It’s just bragging.

That is why we here at SaidTheJew.com, love to read publications like the Forward. It’s just like reading Nazi propaganda, but without the risk of losing your job if you get caught.

Jews Behind Trump Impeachment

Jews Behind Trump Impeachment

Ari Feldman at Forward.com was kind enough to put together a helpful infographic, identifying some of the most prominent players as having Jewish ancestry.

“It’s time to ask the question we’ve all been wondering about” writes Ari, “Namely, which of these impeachment characters is Jewish?”

Feldman is careful to assure his readers that this is not some kind of Jewish conspiracy. It’s just that since Jews have taken over the governments of once White countries, “Where there’s smoke, there’s lox.

Now, we don’t present the following flow chart as evidence that there is some deep, dark Jewish secret at the center of the impeachment inquiry. So far, impeachment has (thankfully) little, if anything, to do with Israel, and the Jews at its center aren’t there because of their ties to major Jewish organizations.

Still, as in many political scandals of America’s recent history, now that Jews have successfully accessed the once-WASPy upper echelons of the federal government, we can say with certainty: “Where there’s smoke, there’s lox.”

Yonat Shimron at Religion News also chimed in on the subject. In a piece titled “Why are so many players in the impeachment trial Jewish?“, Yonat answers her own question in typical Jewish fashion. “Scholars say it’s mostly a coincidence, and there’s certainly no connection between them”

Cohencidence, indeed…

Jew Adam Schiff Speaking at the Council on Foreign Relations

Jew Adam Schiff Speaking at the Council on Foreign Relations

First on Feldman’s Jew List is, unsurprisingly, Adam Schiff. Feldman notes, by linking to a piece from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, that this subversive activity has earned the House Intelligence Chair the nickname “Shifty Schiff”, which is considered an “anti-Semitic dog whistle.”

Trump said of Schiff: “We don’t call him ‘Shifty Schiff’ for nothing. He’s a shifty, dishonest guy.”

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accused the President of anti-Semitism for this.

“Understand that Trump is engaged in deliberate, atrocious, targeted antisemitism towards Chairman Schiff,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted with a retweet of an article in The Intercept suggesting that Trump’s attacks against Schiff come from the neo-Nazi playbook.

The Intercept notes that calling Jews shifty – suggesting that they are sneaky and manipulative, is an age-old anti-Semitic canard.

In a tweet last week lambasting “Democratic savages,” President Donald Trump singled out two Jewish congressmen – Rep. Jerry Nadler of New York, Rep. Adam Schiff of California – and the quartet of congresswomen including Ocasio-Cortez known as The Squad. Nadler is head of the House Judiciary Committee.

Trump’s son, Donald Jr., in a tweet said that Schiff was “hand-picked and supported by George Soros,” and called him a Soros “puppet.”

Of course, it could also be the case that Schiff is being called “Shifty” because he actually is a liar. Even the Washington Post’s “Fact Checker” column hit the California Democrat with “four Pinocchios“, for falsely claiming that his panel had “not spoken directly” with the partisan CIA officer behind a so-called “whistleblower” complaint about President Donald Trump.

Unless you think Schiff’s decidedly “Shifty” behavior is an immutable characteristic of being an ethnic Jew, it would seem a stretch to accuse people of anti-Semitism for pointing it out. Then again, his Shifty behavior probably is genetic in its origins, so, as is often the case, the truth becomes “hate speech”.

Though Feldman’s “no dark Jewish conspiracy here, goy” disclaimer, claims that the Jews trying to overthrow the President, are not doing so “because of their ties to major Jewish organizations”, they certainly have ties to such organizations. STJ leaves it to the reader, to determine how much of a role this plays in their subversive activity.

Schiff is pictured above speaking at the Council on Foreign Relations, an organization which polite people might describe as “globalist”. Of course, “globalist” is another anti-Semitic dog whistle, according to our friends at Haaretz, and as of 2016, at least 33% of the CFR Board of Directors were Jewish.

He has also been a featured speaker at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) convention as recently as 2018, and has ties to the Anti-Defamation league going back to at least 2013.

Next up is Eliot Engel, Chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and descendant of Ukrainian Jews.

Like Schiff, Engel celebrates his Jewish identity through participation in powerful Jewish organizations like AIPAC. He is pictured speaking several such events.

He is the founder and co-chair of the Bipartisan Taskforce for Combating Anti-Semitism, and the Congressional Israel Allies Caucus. Rep. Engel also serves as Chairman of the International Council for Jewish Parliamentarians. Since coming to Congress in 1989, Rep. Engel has been a champion for Israel, and the Jewish Diaspora community worldwide.

In a video produced for B’nai B’rith International, Engel said “Being Jewish to me is very, very important. It is who I am. It is what I am”. In the video, the congressman additionally discusses tikkun olam and his connection to the State of Israel, which he first visited in 1971.

Linking to another piece from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Feldman notes that Engel once refused to shake the President’s hand, over the Commander in Chief’s insufficient rapidity in caving to Jewish ethnic interests.

‘I’ve decided not to stand on the aisle of the House chamber to shake the president’s hand during this joint session of Congress, as I have done in the past through Democratic and Republican administrations alike,” the Jewish New York Democrat said.

“He’s rejected America’s traditional role welcoming refugees, which have helped to make our country great,” said Engel.

Jerry Nadler Displaying His True National Loyalty

Jerry Nadler Displaying His True National Loyalty

Jerry Nadler rounds out the top three. His position as chairman of the House Judiciary Committee has earned him plenty of time in front of the cameras since Dems took the House in 2018.

Feldman notes that Nadler was a member of a Jewish fraternity known as Alpha Epsilon Pi. He is also a world renowned “Talmud whiz” and is rumored to have resorted to disreputable means in search of pastrami.

Jewish Virtual Library celebrates Nadler’s long history of subversive activity in politics, dating as far back as 1977;

Nadler has been on the front lines in the fight for civil rights, and has been a relentless defender of our country’s fundamental promise of equality for all. He has been a leader in the fight to protect voting rights and reduce voter disenfranchisement. Nadler has also taken an active role in working against discriminatory racial profiling by law enforcement.

A Vice-Chair and founding member of the House Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Equality Caucus, Nadler has been an original co-sponsor of every major piece of LGBT civil rights legislation for the last twenty-plus years.

Nadler has played a significant role in the fight for women’s rights, serving as a central figure in the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act and the author of the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act. He is also a staunch defender of women’s health, including a woman’s constitutional right to access an abortion.

Jewesses Elaine Luria and Elissa Slotkin

Jewesses Elaine Luria and Elissa Slotkin

Next up are two first-term Congresswomen. Jewesses Elaine Luria and Elissa Slotkin, both gained their seats in the House when their districts flipped from red to blue in the 2018 midterm elections.

Elaine Luria began her infiltration of the United States Government at the young age of 17, when she joined the Navy. The Jewish Virtual Library says that “On her first day in uniform, she was inspired by the Naval Academy’s Mission, to assume the highest responsibilities of command, citizenship, and government.”

Luria served 20 years in the Navy, in part as a nuclear engineer. She retired in 2017, before concluding she could do more damage in Congress.

Elissa Slotkin’s involvement should come as no surprise. Jewish Virtual Library says that “Slotkin worked as a political analyst (2003-2004) and intelligence briefer (2004-2005) for the Central Intelligence Agency. From 2005 to 2006, she was a senior assistant on the staff of the Director of National Intelligence. She was the leader of a CIA assessment team in Iraq from 2006 to 2007, and the National Security Council staff’s director for Iraq policy from 2007 to 2009.”

Gordon Sondland with Jean-Claude Juncker, and Jared Kushner

Gordon Sondland with Jean-Claude Juncker, and Jared Kushner

Skipping over Jared Kushner, we come to Gordon Sondland. The son of German-Jewish “refugees”, Sondland has served as ambassador to the European Union since July of 2018.

During the 2016 United States presidential election, Sondland initially supported Donald Trump, but cancelled a fundraiser and repudiated Trump for his attacks on Democrat puppets, Khizr and Ghazala Khan. In April 2017, it was revealed that 4 companies registered to Sondland donated $1 million to the Donald Trump inaugural committee, which presumably helped to pave the way for his employment with the administration he had previously renounced.

This, as you may have heard, did not work out well for the President.

According to Sondland’s own testimony, Trump told him “I want nothing. I want no quid pro quo, … I want Zelensky to do the right thing.”

When U.S. special envoy to Ukraine, William Taylor, said to Sondland “I think it’s crazy to withhold security assistance for help with a political campaign,” Sondland replied “Bill, I believe you are incorrect about President Trump’s intentions. The president has been crystal clear: no quid pro quo’s of any kind. The president is trying to evaluate whether Ukraine is truly going to adopt the transparency and reforms that President Zelensky promised during the campaign. I suggest we stop the back and forth by text,”

Sondland then reversed himself. In “supplemental testimony” later submitted to House impeachment investigators, Sondland said “I now recall speaking individually with Mr. Yermak, where I said that resumption of U.S. aid would likely not occur until Ukraine provided the public anti-corruption statement that we had been discussing for many weeks”

Mr. Sondland’s lawyer Robert Luskin, also Jewish, spoke to the Wall Street Journal about his client’s “supplemental testimony”.

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman is a Jewish "refugee"

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman is a Jewish “refugee”

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman is a Jewish “refugee” from Ukraine, and despite this obvious problem, was able to listen in on Trump’s call with President Zelensky of Ukraine. Vindman, who listened in on the conversation in his official capacity, would be the first whistleblower to have firsthand knowledge of the call.

“I did not think it was proper to demand that a foreign government investigate a US citizen, and I was worried about the implications for the US government’s support of Ukraine,” Vindman, an army officer and the top NSC official handling Ukraine, says in testimony posted by the New York Times.

John Eisenberg, top lawyer for the National Security Council, and Jay Sekulow, one of Trump’s personal attorneys, are also both Jewish, but have not yet stuck daggers in the President’s back. When that inevitably happens, we’ll be sure to update you.

Not all the Jews involved in the plot to overthrow the President are Americans.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is a Jew himself, but so far his ethnic tendency to screw the goyim has not presented itself.

Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman are Ukrainian Jews whom Feldman describes as Giuliani’s “men in the Ukraine”. They were both recently arrested for allegedly violating campaign finance laws.

Marie Yovanovitch Pushing Faggotry in Ukraine

Marie Yovanovitch Pushing Faggotry in Ukraine

In the House impeachment hearing of November 15th 2019, former US Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, received a very humorous introduction from Adam Schiff. He said that Yovanovitch was born in Canada, to parents who had fled “the Soviet Union, and the Nazis”.

During her testimony, Trump tweeted “Everywhere Marie Yovanovitch went turned bad. She started off in Somalia, how did that go?”

Pretty good, according to the libertarians.

Mark Zaid Got His Coup

Mark Zaid Got His Coup

The attorney for the so called “Ukraine Whistleblower” is named Mark Zaid.

You might guess from looking at him, or by reading his Tweets, that Zaid is Jewish, too.

If you had any doubts remaining, you could watch this video by the National Museum of American Jewish Military History. In it, Zaid tells the story of his grandfather Rabbi David Max Eichhorn. Eichhorn was the Jewish chaplain who conducted the first religious services at Dachau after the liberation of the camp.

On Twitter, Zaid went further, stating that his grandfather “helped liberate” the camp, before giving the service. After the service, Zaid claims the Jews destroyed a swastika as “a deliberate poke in the eye to Hitler and the Nazis”.

Zaid served as editor for the book “The GI’s Rabbi: World War 2 Letters Of David Max Eichhorn”. In the book’s description, Eichorn is described as “a Jewish chaplain in the U.S. Army” who “saw action across France and into Germany until VE-Day and beyond. He was there at the Battle of the Bulge, participated in the liberation of Dachau, and became embroiled in the behind-the-scenes controversy that led to the execution of Private Eddie Slovik.”

Of course, this would mean Mr. Eichorn was a war criminal, since Chaplains are considered non combatants under the Geneva conventions.

“… chaplains, shall have the benefit of the same neutrality [as military hospitals and ambulances] when on duty, and while there remain any wounded to be brought in or assisted”

Acting as a combatant while enjoying such protections, could hardly be counted as the sort of heroism Zaid likes to associate with it. One supposes this type of “Shifty” thinking ought to be expected from a Jewish coup plotter.


There’s a lot more to get to, plus your calls at 323-9-AGENDA, that’s 323-924-3632

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Outlaw Conservative S01E039 – Seamless Dishonesty

It’s been an exciting three weeks in Clown World. Frightening, even.

Long time listeners will recall that I used to think people were crazy for doubting certain historical narratives. I used to think it would be impossible for so many people, to tell the same lies, for so long, and convince so many, so thoroughly. I had to rethink that theory, after I became the subject of a fake news story a couple of years ago.

Once you realize how spectacularly the news lies, it follows that news tends to eventually become history. If our history books are half as dishonest as our newspapers, then we really can’t claim to have any firm understanding of history at all.

No wonder we keep repeating it.

It will definitely be interesting to see how this plays out, going forward. We know the surveillance apparatus of the US government is quite expansive, and we can be just as certain that we don’t know every detail of it. Everyone carries a camera now. Homes and businesses have security cameras. Pictures, video, and audio can be transferred around the world in the blink of an eye. While the tech and media overlords can suppress information enough that only determined people can find it, these days they cannot really get rid of evidence nearly so easily, as they could in the mid 1900s. The news lies with such shocking consistency, that it really has to make you wonder what the history books will say about these times, but given the availability and durability of information in the current era, there is perhaps some glimmer of hope that the people of the future will be better informed about today, than we were of yesteryear.

Or maybe not.

The confidence some people seem to have in their deceptions leaves room for doubt.

A video was leaked of ABC News reporter Amy Robach, talking about how the network buried a story she was working on about about convicted sex offender, and billionaire blackmailer, Jeffrey Epstein. The network sat on the story for three years, during which Epstein was presumably adding new victims to his already impressive resume.

After Epstein was found dead in his jail cell, the first supposed suicide in 40 years at that facility, Robach vented her frustrations in a video which was later leaked to Project Veritas. “I’ve had the story for three years … we would not put it on the air,” Robach said. “It was unbelievable what we had, Clinton, we had everything.”

You might recall, there was a very tense presidential election going on three years ago, so you can probably understand why ABC would be hesitant to publish anything that might hurt Clinton’s chances. One might even be able to reconcile their failure to publish it after the election, but the fact that it took Project Veritas to tell us about this, after the guy had already been arrested, found dead, and plastered all over the news for weeks, that is really something.

ABC claims the story did not meet their high journalistic standards, which was humorous. This would seem to have been contradicted by that video of a Kentucky gun range, which they tried to pass off as Turks slaughtering civilians in Syria. This was offered as definitive proof of a catastrophic Trump foreign policy failure, until they got caught, and claimed it was some honest mistake. I won’t bother to harp on how they leapt at opportunities to publish unsubstantiated allegations against Trump and Brett Kavanaugh, because you’ve surely heard this a million times by now. I was too busy doing time in jail to see how recklessly they covered the Charlottesville incident, but I doubt their high journalistic standards were in place back then, either.

Having this cover up exposed does not seem to have raised their journalistic standards any. We have yet to see that story Amy Robach was working on, and a brand new cover up is underway, as the company frantically tries to find the employee who leaked the video.

CBS fired an employee of theirs who used to work at ABC, on the suspicion that she was the leaker. 25-year-old Emmy-award winning producer Ashley Bianco, sat down for an interview with Megyn Kelly after her firing. Bianco acknowledges having accessed the video, but denied being O’Keefe’s source.

O’Keefe subsequently stated in a Tweet that Bianco was not the source, and that the source is still employed with ABC. The source released a letter, which they signed as “Ignotus”, Latin for “unknown”, and also the name of a Harry Potter character. In that letter, the source claims “I sit right here with you all in complete shock on how this has been handled”, implying he or she is still with the company. Another ABC insider spoke to PageSix.com, claiming that ABC investigators have been searching staff emails and news logs, and interrogating staffers, trying to find the source of the leak.

Scant attention to the scandal has been paid by other news networks, save for Fox. To witness these companies, who are in theory supposed to be business competitors, all cooperating to cover up one of their sins, paints a startling picture of just how corrupt these institutions have become. Speaking as one with a pre-existing well earned healthy skepticism of the Press, even I found the brazenness of it all rather stunning. They have been caught. They know they have been caught. Yet, they refuse to acknowledge any wrongdoing, and remain engaged in a cover up effort, even as people watch them.

They show not the slightest bit of concern for their credibility in the eyes of the informed, and are attempting only to keep people from becoming informed.

Congress seems to have similar designs.

As I type this, I am watching the so called impeachment hearings on Fox News. After pre-screening the evidence and witnesses in secret for weeks, Adam Schiff is finally ready to present the information most favorable to his party in public view. He will not, however, allow most of the witnesses or information the Republicans have requested, because that is not favorable to his party.

House Democrats know that the Republican controlled Senate will surely uncover this information, and that the President will not be removed from power after that process.  This proceeding is a mere media spectacle.

So far, the two witnesses I’ve watched, spent most of their time discussing their own foreign policy views, and how they vary from those of the President. This of course, is completely irrelevant to whether or not the President committed a crime, but proving anything of that sort is clearly not the goal. The media will simply present these differences of opinion, as an act of treason by the President. When the Senate rejects this foolishness, the media may be expected to treat refutations of these theories, similarly to how they treated the Epstein story.

The media knows Congress is lying, and Congress is counting on the media’s willingness to deceive as well. Perhaps this should be unsurprising by this point, but recent media coverage of Michael Bloomberg’s potential entry into the Democrat presidential primary, has reveals an even more concerning angle.

Of particular interest, is the Left’s willingness to dismiss the information provided to them by their own media.

To some, this might seem like little more than an indicator that Democrats are quite not so stupid as we tend to think.

The media lies. Constantly.

One would have to be an idiot not to know this in the current year. Democrats might be late to the party in this regard, if only due to their own confirmation bias, but to see them come around on this topic, could be seen as a positive development.

In my mind, it seems frighteningly sinister.

To set the stage, let’s take a look at some polling.

To hear Trump tell it, this is just more “fake news”. He calls these “suppression polls”, and says they are designed to do little more than demoralize Republican voters. It’s all a giant conspiracy to make you stay home on election day, rather than to bother voting for a candidate with no hope of success.

Of course, Trump’s skepticism of the media is what makes him a threat to Democracy. This is an assault on the freedom of the press! Only Nazis distrust the media!

So, if you’re a Democrat, the 2020 election hardly seems worth thinking about, much less fearing, given such solid data from such reliable sources.

Biden will be the nominee, and he’ll beat Trump. Case closed. No need to panic.

Hell, Trump probably won’t even be President next November. If Rashida Tlaib has her way, Trump might not even be free man by that point.

Mike Pence never filled a stadium full of screaming fans, he would be easier to beat than Trump.

After 8 more years of subsidized mass immigration into the country, there won’t even be a Republican Party. Al

So, what in God’s name is Michael Bloomberg doing, entering the race? Why are Democrats in panic mode about losing the election? Why is Twitter refusing to run political advertisements? Why is Google censoring search results? Why are YouTube and Facebook censoring ever more moderate voices?

Why even bother with the impeachment inquiry? Why does Al Green think impeachment is the only way to prevent Trump’s re-election?

Clearly, the Democrats don’t buy their own BS. They know the polls are fake.

Worse still, they know that Trump has succeeded in exposing the media as a bunch of frauds. Since nobody trusts them anymore, these polls will fail to shape public opinion, just as badly as they have failed to measure it.

Some stand out as more ridiculous than others, so you can hardly blame people for being skeptical.

Most recently, the Washington Post and ABC have published a poll, in which even Kamala Harris beats Trump by 9 percent. This despite the fact that Harris has never polled above 6% in her own Party. Owing to this lack of support, she recently laid off most of her campaign staff throughout the country, to focus her dwindling resources on the Iowa caucuses. Unsurprisingly, she blamed her dismal performance on racism and misogyny, which are clearly major problems, amongst Democrat primary voters, nationwide.

All of this could be dismissed as amusing, in some sense. Trump supporters might spend the next 12 months just playing with their Democrat opponents, as a cat plays with a mouse. These people are so dishonest, that even they don’t know which way is up anymore.

We know the truth, we’ve got our candidate, and as the clock ticks life away, lies have a greater tendency to lose credibility, than to gain it.

I am somewhat less optimistic.

Democrats know the media is lying, as evidenced by the disconnect between what the media says, and what the Party does. The politicians and money masters are frantically trying to prevent Trump from even being a candidate in 2020, while the power brokers are in a desperate search for a credible candidate, who yet remains stubbornly elusive.

This is not lost on average Democrat voters, who seem to spend every waking moment terrified of Trump’s second, third, and 13th terms as President. Despite their media bombarding them with contrary data, they seem convinced, not only of Trump’s electability, but of his capacity to defy death itself, and rule the country with an iron fist, well after his hundredth birthday has come and gone.

This fear leads them to ignore, if not endorse, political violence by masked anarchists, who want to abolish the same government these people think should control every aspect of the human condition. They have made venerable heroes of drug addicts and sexual deviants, who attack senior citizens, set limousines on fire, and smash the windows out of their favorite banks and coffee shops. To them, the uncertainty of mass political violence perpetrated by crazy people, is better than the certainty of losing the 2020 election.

If they believed the polls, this would terrify them. They would see nutcases idiots as a threat to their otherwise certain electoral victory, and demand they be crushed by any means necessary. They are tolerating, and even celebrating this madness, all because they know, deep down, that the media is completely full of crap.

The scary part is, they don’t seem to mind.

We know the media is full of crap too, and we say so all the time. For us, to say that the media lies, is like saying that the sky is blue. For the Left, to say that the media lies is like going to Saudi Arabia with a hat made of bacon, and saying that Mohammad was a Jewish pederast, while wiping your behind with ripped up pages of the Koran.

We would far prefer the media to be honest. We do not call the media dishonest because we hate journalism. We hate journalists because they are dishonest.

Like everything else in their bizarro world, it is pretty much the exact opposite for the Left. If the media was honest, they would hate them. That’s why they love social media censorship and call for “hate speech” to be banned. Truth is treason, in this empire of lies. The siren song of Maddow et al, is like fentanyl to them. They love being lied to, but to acknowledge the deception would be to tell the truth, and this is forbidden. Thou shalt not commit blasphemy in the presence of the faithful, lest ye be burned at the stake as a heretic.

The dishonesty is not just something they tolerate as some ugly necessity of the power struggle. Even to call it an “article of faith” and sum it up as the doctrine of a bizarre fundamentalist religion, fails to capture the full horrifying scope, because their actions are evidence that they are acting not on belief, but disbelief.

They don’t believe their own lies, but they repeat them anyway, as they go on behaving like people who know the truth.

They have fully internalized dishonesty as a way of life, on a civilizational scale.

Think about it like this. No serious person believes in transgenderism. The reason one says that they support transgender equality, is to show others that they are in on the scam. Transgenderism is an extreme example, but it was the natural progression from other outrageous lies, which were normalized over the course of decades.

It used to be that saying one believed in racial equality would accomplish the same goal. People knew this was insane back then, and to say you held this bizarre belief meant you were part of a group. It was like a secret code word, or symbolic hand gesture. It meant that you could be counted on to take part in other deceptions, without ever discussing the details or acknowledging the dishonesty of the deed.

Eventually, the coercive power of the group caused everyone else to repeat the same lie. Once that happened, one risked dealing with honest people who could not be counted on, if they relied only on this cryptic signal. So, they came up with new, and increasingly bizarre, ways of showing their loyalty to, and rank in, the conspiracy.

Hunter Biden’s tenure at Burisma provides a fine example of this, and Trump’s “no quid pro quo” phone call with the Ukrainian President, provides a telling contrast.

Setting aside Joe Biden’s demand to fire the prosecutor, for the moment, most of that scheme, however obviously corrupt, never actually required an illegal act. Nobody ever had to say “Hunter, we would like to hire you for our corrupt energy company. We will give you insane amounts of money for a job you are so clearly unqualified to do, and all we ask in return is that your father do us favors in Washington”.

I obviously have no idea what was discussed, but I can easily imagine that they never once discussed a corrupt act. They just offered him this great job that paid him really well, and strangely never asked him for anything. They didn’t have to ask, he just knew that nobody gets free money, and something would be expected of him. The unspoken, but nonetheless universally understood arrangement, was that somebody would mention a problem in the presence of Hunter Biden, and Hunter Biden would mention this in casual conversation with his father. Without ever offering to solve the problem, or even asking how he could help, Joe Biden would then have a spontaneous epiphany about some aspect of American foreign policy, and direct things in a way favorable to Burisma.

Savvy operators on the world stage pick up on stuff like this. Just by showing others they might deal with that they were connected to Biden, other gates of opportunity would swing open, on the mere assumption that the opportunity for corrupt gains might walk on through them.

Peter Schweizer and Jacob McLeod outlined some troubling details about Hunter Biden’s fantastic success in China, for example.

While the Ukraine story is getting the most news coverage, Biden’s China adventure actually preceded Ukraine and Burisma. For no discernible reason a Chinese “private” equity firm with close ties to the ruling Communist Party and state run enterprises, paraded Hunter Biden around as the big dawg of their $1.5 billion investment fund. This was itself preceded by a conspicuously rapid advancement through the ranks at Delaware bank MBNA, where he was hired fresh out of law school, and quickly became Senior Vice President of the company in less than two years. At the same time, he was working as a lobbyist for various interest groups, including those in the pharmaceutical and online gambling industries.

Not bad for a guy who got kicked out of the Navy for using drugs, eh?

Now, maybe there was a smoky back room deal where everybody hashed out the details. This is certainly possible, but it was also unnecessary.

Hunter Biden is a screw upwho couldn’t accomplish any of these things without political connections. There is no sign that he ever actually “accomplished” anything at all, he was just handed these incredible “jobs” which offered him wealth most people could never imagine. Other corrupt actors saw him “accomplishing” these things anyway, and they saw the companies he worked for getting what they wanted. So, they paid Hunter too, and as luck would have it, things started working out really well for them, in similar fashion.

On the Right, we don’t have this kind of power. We tend to view our integrity as one of the most important defining characteristics of our identity. When our people lie, or even when things give the appearance of potential impropriety, our own people descend upon the corruption like an autoimmune response.

Even when we attempt to act in a corrupt way, our habits formed in the course of honest dealings, tend to disadvantage us against our more habitually deceptive opponents. Let us take the facts we’ve been delivered about the impeachment inquiry at face value, to draw the point.

The Trump administration temporarily withheld military aid to Ukraine. A month before the Ukrainians even knew about this, Trump had a phone call with Zelensky, and mentioned Biden and Crowd Strike in vague terms of a broader corruption problem. The theory of the latest impeachment scheme, is that Trump intended to use this military aid as leverage, to get a Ukrainian investigation opened up into Joe Biden, so as to gain political advantage stateside.

Now, I think this was actually a pretty good idea. I would think it was a pretty good idea, even if it was a corrupt act, but since Biden was obviously acting corruptly in Ukraine and around the world, this was nothing of the sort. The President is constitutionally obligated to faithfully execute the laws of the United States. Negotiating with foreign leaders to prosecute criminals, is a perfectly reasonable thing for a President to do. People do not get a license to break the law, just by running for President, and conducting corrupt business in a foreign jurisdiction.

Yet, Trump specifically said to Ambassador Gordon Sondland, “I want nothing. I want no quid pro quo. I want Zelensky to do the right thing.”

This seems to indicate some awareness that, even though direct transactional exchanges are perfectly normal in foreign policy, this one would not be well received as such. He would instead carry this out through the power of suggestion, by mentioning this problem that he wanted solved one day, and on another day, the man he discussed it with would find himself waiting longer than expected for a large payment. Trump seemed to hope Zelenski would take the hint, and presumably, Trump’s Ukraine policy would become conspicuously friendly, once Biden was exposed for a crook.

Unfortunately for Trump, he found himself with a problem all too familiar to Right wingers. The deadly combination of honest friends, and dishonest enemies, with the added hazard of uncertainty as to who fell into what camp.

Trump seemed to be trying to establish a trusted channel of communication with the Ukrainians, using Rudy Giuliani as the conduit. Trump supposedly directed Secretary of Energy Rick Perry, and two top State Department officials, to deal Giuliani when Zelenski sought to meet Trump. “If they can satisfy Rudy, they can satisfy the President,” a source familiar with the meeting told CNN.

Giuliani does not have an official position within the administration, serving instead as Trump’s personal attorney. The suspicion, which I must reluctantly admit is reasonable, was that he did this in the hope of using attorney client privilege, to maintain secrecy about whatever arrangements were made.

Going outside the normal diplomatic channels raised red flags within the administration. The effort to establish a secure conduit of information through privileged communications with Giuliani, exacerbated suspicions, and seems to indicate an effort to do more than make suggestions, and hope for the best.

None of this is anywhere near as messed up as Hunter ‘the Cocaine Hoover’ Biden becoming fabulously wealthy without lifting a finger, but since Republicans are not nearly so totally immersed in habitual corruption as our Democrat counterparts, it looks far more out of place.

Take any infinite number of examples. If you watch Fox News, you will hear “imagine if a Republican did this!” a dozen times a day, during a slow news week, as the hosts continue in seeming perpetuity, to feign confusion over Democrat hypocrisy.

  • The #MeToo fervor by the same people who covered for Harvey Weinstein, and Jeffrey Epstein.
  • The sudden reverence for the United States Constitution under Trump, by the top proponents of Obamacare and Gay Marriage.
  • The domestic hawkishness over White Supremacist terrorism, by the same open borders fanatics who call you a racist for blocking immigration from Muslim countries we are currently at war with.
  • The concern trolling over Trump’s “hateful, divisive rhetoric” by the people who call rioting anarchists “a courageous group of Americans”.
  • Trump calling CNN “fake news” is an attack on our First Amendment, while corporate censorship of Right wingers is the singular component of the “free market” in which property rights remain sacred, and inviolable.

But hypocrisy fails to capture the full horrifying scope of it. In all reality, to dismiss it as such, is to provide cover for the most evil forces imaginable. These people definitely are not doing this out of mere stupidity, either, and to say so is to provide similar cover for the same wickedness. It is a profoundly complex cognitive burden to lie so frequently. No fool, genius, nor model of mediocrity, could accidentally do anything, with such remarkable consistency, as the reliable pattern of Leftist deception.

The world we live in today, and its most sacred, unquestioned narratives, have been constructed with care, precision, dedication, and persistence. If these talents were put to more noble uses, they would be nothing short of awe inspiring. The willingness of the public to be lied to, and to go along with the lies themselves, while knowing the falsehood of the narratives, and the duplicity of the sources, paints an even more frightening picture.

We are literally surrounded by liars.


Join us, this and every Wednesday from 5-7pm US Eastern time for another exciting episode of the Outlaw Conservative Podcast, where I look forward to hearing from you at 808-4-OUTLAW, or on our Discord Server at https://OutlawConservative.com/discord

On another note, have you tried the Brave Browser?

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Radical Agenda S05E082 – Adam Kokesh

In the book I am working on, the description of how I shifted from libertarianism to White Nationalism was a long, gradual process, which I cover in considerable detail.

Those of you who have been with me for a long time, will find it unsurprising that the name Adam Kokesh came up several times in telling that tale.

Adam and I ran for the United States House of Representatives at the same time in 2010. Adam’s campaign was considerably more successful than mine, in that although neither of us have ever sponsored a major piece of legislation, Adam at least made the ballot. He had obtained the coveted endorsement of Dr. Ron Paul, which was a big boost to the already substantial reputation he had built for himself, as an activist with a group called Iraq Veterans Against the War.

In the nine years since then, Adam and I have had a pretty interesting relationship. His YouTube notoriety was a large part of my inspiration for becoming a content producer. At times, the casual observer might have thought we were best friends, and at others, mortal enemies. We have taken shots at eachother in our content and on social media, then gone right back to collaborating on content together, as if none of those things had ever happened. When I thought he had earned criticism, I was not at all hesitant to provide it, and when I thought he was being attacked unfairly, I came to his defense.

Most recently, Adam and I were invited to debate one another back in January of 2017, at a live event hosted by the Rothbardian Circle in Miami. We tackled the subject of immigration, and the broader merits of diversity. Whatever one’s view of things, all seemed to agree it made for an entertaining and thought provoking exchange.

Given Adam’s Jewish ancestry, it is perhaps no surprise that we have grown more distant since I was plastered all over the news as a famous Nazi.

We have not completely lost contact, however.

I have remained subscribed to his email list, and it is one of few newsletters that I still read. Having had him in my phone’s contacts the entire time, I realized he was also my Telegram contact after I became a frequent user of that application. So, occasionally, we shoot eachother a message via that medium, when one of us comes across the other’s radar.

Adam was fresh in my mind from my work on the book, when I saw this Rasmussen Poll titled “Surprising Number Say Third-Party Presidential Vote Likely in 2020“.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 38% of Likely U.S. Voters say they are likely to vote for someone other than President Trump or the Democratic presidential nominee in next year’s election. That includes 22% who are Very Likely to do so.

Adam is currently seeking the Libertarian Party’s nomination for President of the United States in next year’s all important election. He is calling for an “orderly dissolution” of the United States Federal Government, and calls his campaign the “American Referendum”. Though I remain reluctant to endorse his candidacy, for obvious, and not so obvious reasons, I find some aspects of what he says to be quite appealing.

In the somewhat unlikely event that he were to succeed in this effort, Adam’s plan would not impose anarchy throughout the continent of North America. As I understand it, his program would, essentially, leave it to the individual state and local governments to chart their own course for the future. If California wants to have open borders and a generous welfare state, they can destroy themselves in this fashion without dragging New Hampshire down with them. If one geographic region wanted to band together as a federation of all White ethnostates, President Kokesh would not send troops to stop them. If one region wanted to adopt high tech direct democracy, and another instead chose a hereditary monarchy, neither would meet opposition from the Kokesh administration, save for perhaps some verbal or written criticism.

As a purely political matter, Trump supporters might stand to benefit from Adam obtaining the Libertarian Party’s nomination.

The conventional thinking, is that Libertarian candidates deprive Republicans of votes which would otherwise have gone their way, if not for the Libertarian’s presence on the ballot. Issues like taxes, regulation, and gun rights, are largely shared between the two parties, and since Libertarians are more concerned with ideas than political power, they can afford to take firmer positions on such issues than their Republican counterparts. This makes Libertarians an appealing “protest vote” for hard line single issue voters of the Right.

We are fortunate to live in times when conventional thinking does a poor job of predicting the future, however.

Firstly, one doubts many prior Trump supporters would defect to support Adam.

The nationalist fervor stirred by Trump, hardly leaves GOP voters anxious to break up the Union. While many Republicans might consider the dissolution of the federal government a fine alternative to Democrat rule, they also know that Democrat rule would be the far more likely outcome, of widespread defections from the GOP. Anyone who voted for Trump would likely perceive Adam’s message as being far to the Left of their liking, and Trump’s warnings of “Radical Democrats” trying to destroy the country, would only be confirmed by Adam’s proposal to do so formally.

In fact, Kokesh might well end up pulling more votes, from the Left. He has even earned the endorsement of notorious figures on the Left, including the infamous Cynthia McKinney.

Adam’s Left leaning tone would be far more appealing to Left wing extremists, than anyone Right of center. The Left’s total and perpetual panic over the Trump presidency, should have a substantial number of them rethinking their comfort level, with allowing the federal government to control every aspect of the human condition. They are certainly long overdue for a reminder on the merits of federalism, and the prospect of Trump’s second term could make dissolving the union seem appealing by comparison, especially given how seriously they seem to take his jokes about staying in power indefinitely.

Joe Biden is rapidly losing support among Democrat primary voters, despite all the fake polling designed to make him look like a serious candidate. This leaves Elizabeth Warren the apparent front runner for the Democratic nomination, but her insane economic ideas are quickly polarizing our financial oligarchs, who are in no way fooled by her fuzzy math. Her years of defrauding the Affirmative Action racket with the fake feather headdress, cannot help to endear her to the “Woke” wing of the Party, and with just three months to go until the Iowa caucuses, the power brokers are in full on panic mode, seeking an alternative to take on Trump.

This disarray has prompted Mike Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City, to contemplate re-entering the race. He filed the requisite papers to run, just before the first deadline in Alabama, on Friday. Bloomberg has said he would spend $100,000,000 of his own money on a presidential bid, and a war chest like that could make James Fields a formidable opponent.

Now, you and I know better, of course, but to the average social justice warrior, Mike Bloomberg is one of those “old White men” they hate so much, and he is terribly unlikely to run on a platform of “Jews are not White”. His incredible wealth is the symbol of everything a communist hates, and his attempt to buy the election would leave any hard line Leftist ideologue, looking for a suitable “protest vote”. Such fears drove Hillary Clinton to call Tulsi Gabbard and Jill Stein “Russian Assets”, out of concern that they might seek to run as independent or third party candidates.

Given Adam’s prior employment with the Russia Today (RT) TV news channel, this would be sure to spawn infinite conspiracy theories, and hilarious Leftist hand-wringing.

Then there is the impact on Libertarian Party politics, which, though not of obvious importance to electoral outcomes, do impact the fringes of political discourse, and with that, the Overton Window.

Justin Amash defected from the GOP this year, in a pathetic attempt to stand out as a principled opposition to Trumpism. Given his libertarian roots, many have speculated this was in preparation to seek the Libertarian Party’s nomination to run against Trump in 2020, and Amash has expressed an interest in doing so.

Whoever wins the LP nomination, it cannot be Justin Amash. He must have his political career completely destroyed by this subversive activity, and be forced to fade into total humiliating obscurity, serving only as a warning to others.

John McAfee created a crappy anti-virus program back before there was such a thing as the Internet. He subsequently became a cryptocurency celebrity by investing some portion of the money he made from this into Bitcoin, before most people had heard of it. This combined with his choice to marry a black prostitute, has made him a very popular figure in libertarian circles.

He seems unlikely to win the nod however, since at the 2016 convention, he told the almost entirely White male audience, that they “should be ashamed” of themselves for their skin color and genitalia. While it may be helpful to our cause that we see White men flee the LP in favor Pinochetan Helicopterism, McAfee must be made to pay a steep political cost for this attack on the master demographic.

Vermin Supreme has announced his candidacy. Although he is a talented actor, well known for his creative stunts, his policy credentials render him fundamentally unserious as a candidate. He will have zero impact on the political discourse, even within the LP, and will only serve to solidify their reputation as a political joke.

Arvin Vohra has taken an admirable stance against political correctness. He even went so far as to be a guest on the Radical Agenda, during Stage 3 of the pogrom. If I was trying to salvage the Libertarian Party, Arvin might have my support in doing so. Unfortunately for him, I have no such designs.

The Left’s successful efforts to hijack the libertarian movement, and with it, the Libertarian Party, likely constituted the largest single factor in the rise of the Alt Right. While it was painful to watch them destroy this thing I once cared so deeply for, I am now quite happy to see Leftists further infected with impotent libertarian ideas. The further Left the LP drifts, the less impact they will have on Republican electoral victories, and the more they will deprive the Democrats of ideologically driven activists.

Perhaps most importantly, a rivalry between the Libertarian and Green Parties, to see who can win over a greater percentage of the transgender vote, will make for ceaseless amusement, and at the end of the day, what good is politics without an opportunity to ridicule the mentally ill?

I have not made myself intimately familiar with the other possible Libertarian candidates, but I will operate on the safe assumption that they are all Left wing, and that they all hate Trump.

So, which Left winger shall it be?

I think we could do a lot worse than Kokesh. He has a broad base of existing support. He has talent as a showman, and has shown an extraordinary willingness to take risks. These characteristics will be necessary for the Party’s nominee to draw attention to himself, during an election that is sure to be one of the most watched in recent history.

And of course, the Nazis can point to his platform and say “See? I told you the Jews were trying to bring down the government!”

Again, this is not a formal endorsement. Just a fun thing to think about, and of course, quality audio entertainment, when Adam joins me on the pogrom as my guest. This coming Monday, November 11th, at 5:00pm US Eastern time.

Don’t miss it!

Find out more about Adam’s campaign at KokeshForPresident.com

There’s a lot more to get to, plus your calls at 323-9-AGENDA, that’s 323-924-3632

Join us, this and every Monday and Friday from 5-7pm US Eastern time, for another exciting episode of the Radical Agenda!

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Radical Agenda S05E081 – Cured

Last we spoke I told you I had to punch out for a little while and work on some things. That was two weeks ago, and I am happy to report that things are coming along quite well.

I’m going to tell you about the progress of those things in a second, but first I’ll tell you what I am releasing today.

On March 26th 2016, I released a post titled Donald Trump Cured My Addiction. If you have payed close attention to me in the three and half years since, you know that “cure” was probably the wrong word, but I’ve been a drinker for a long time, and at the time I wrote this I had three months with no alcohol. This was in large part inspired by, maybe not Trump directly, but things that were going on which were in some ways influenced by the Trump campaign.

I used the boldest language possible to bring attention to the point I was trying to make, and this worked well, as I was contacted by a guy named Ben Wofford from Politico, who wanted to do a story about precisely this phenomenon.

I had planned on releasing the audio of this interview some time back, but let’s just say some things transpired which left me not in a position to brag about my sobriety. Today, I do not want to get back into the routine of counting days, but suffice it to say, I feel like I am in a place where I can publish this now, and that is the meat of the audio you are about to listen to.

As far as the stuff I have been working on, here is a bit of a progress report.

Two of the things I mentioned that I had to work on, were the civil suit in which I am now a pro se defendant, and a book which I have been meaning to publish for some time.

My response in the civil suit is pretty much complete, I am just checking it over and over again before I submit it to the court, constantly second guessing myself “Is this too much? Is this not enough?” you have to get it right the first time with these things, and that creates a lot of pressure, but I am working through it. There is also a motion I am preparing, which I have been consulting with a few trusted advisors on, and I hope very much for this to improve my situation in this giant burden which is weighing heavily upon me right now, and has been for over two years.

As I said last time, though, there are reasons to view this positively.

I recently found out that Albemarle County Commonwealth’s Attorney Robert Tracci has been running TV ads for his reelection, bragging about how he prosecuted me, but did not allow his office to become politicized by caving to demands for prosecuting others. HAHAHA! Oh boy, is that fucking prick lucky that I’m broke. The image he used of me, notably, was not of me doing what I had been accused of, because of course, no such image exists. Instead, he has a picture of me, being treated by a police officer, for the pepper spray I had sustained after those fucking animals attacked us.

He neglected to mention that he another guy on trial for assault, and lost.
He neglected to mention that he put Kessler on trial for perjury, and lost.
He neglected to mention that I’m home doing my thing, because he pleaded me out, knowing he was more than likely going to lose at trial in my case too.

But facing 40 years in prison, knowing that prick would lie and cheat and conspire with criminal anarchists to save face, I wasn’t risking that trial.

Well, now is my chance to risk trial. I cannot wait to go over all of this evidence in court, it is going to be spectacular, but a lot of work has to go into that, and until our movement figures out how to use cryptocurrency and spot subversives, I cannot hire someone else to do it for me, so I have to do that work myself.

As far as the book goes, I have over 400 pages compiled, that is, in Microsoft Word with so-called “Normal” margins on 8 1/2 x 11 paper with and 11 point font. When the book is actually published, it will likely be on smaller paper with thinner margins, and maybe a smaller font, but that’s the reference point I’m working with in any case. This includes more than 200 pages of original writing I have put together in just the last month, and I have been pasting blog posts and transcribing old videos throughout, to tell the story, and touch on a lot of really important issues.

By the time I am done compiling this, it’s probably going to be close to 7 or 8 hundred pages, and then I am going to have a sizable editing task on my hands to whittle it down to something more manageable for print, but there will likely be several e-book versions, including an unabridged version for those who want every last gory detail.

Writing this book has been difficult for me, yet therapeutic at the same time. I have to reopen a lot of old wounds and relive some traumatizing stuff, and the toughest parts are actually yet to come. Once I get all the way through the timeline, I have to go back through it again, elaborate on some points, change some names to protect the innocent, and of course, the guilty, and relive all this stuff all over again.

It is an intellectual challenge as well, because I am going through a lot of my old libertarian writing, which I had convinced myself over the last year was more or less worthless. It isn’t. Some of it is cringe inducing, sure. Some of it is misguided, obviously, but there is a reason that I became a top libertarian blogger. I was very good at what I did, and I knew what I was talking about.

As I started shifting rightward ideologically, I was out of my depth, initially. I think some of the worst stuff I wrote was actually when I was trying to reconcile what I believed for all those years, with the way my views were changing. Most notably, when I started figuring out that Black Lives Matter was a major problem, and I tried to reconscile this with all the anti-cop stuff I had said in the years leading up to that phenomenon. That was really difficult for me, and it came across in my writing.

I could go on about this at length, but I’ll stop here for the sake of time, and get to the Addiction material I have planned for you right after I beg for some money.

Please, please, please, pay me if you can. I was not making enough money when I announced this break, and taking time off has not improved my finances, but this book is going to be GREAT, I promise, and it is really important for this story to get told. It will probably never see the distribution it deserves, but I do have reason to believe it will bring with it a much needed cash injection once it’s done, and influence a significant number of opinions. So, I have to put as much effort into it as I can. While that is going on, I need your support to get me through this time.

Send me a check for over $100 if you can, please

Christopher Cantwell
63 Emerald Street, Unit 187
Keene NH 03431

If a hundred people sent me $100 I would have ten grand, and that would be fucking huge, you don’t even know. This thing has been carried for months by a handful of generous people, and some badly neglected Outlaw Conservative paywall members, of which you can be counted for just ten bucks a month, at OutlawConservative.com/join.

Cryptocurrency, of course, at ChristopherCantwell.com/donate and, without further ado, lemme tell you how Donald Trump cured my addiction, so to speak.

Radical Agenda S05E080 – Powering Up

If you’ve been listening to the Radical Agenda or Outlaw Conservative podcasts, you have likely heard by now that I have been planning to take a few weeks off from the live shows. There are a number of reasons for this, some of which I can tell you about, and some of which I cannot. Those of you who have been with me through other moments when I needed some time off, have noted that when I came back from such breaks, I’ve come back stronger than ever.

I assure you, this will be no exception.

For the last few months, I’ve been taking a day off here and there to put out fires, and to invest time, effort, and resources, into some of the things I cannot talk about. Those investments have not yet paid off, and in the process I have spread myself way too thin. As a result, I have not tended to my own needs. This has impaired my ability to concentrate, and the challenges which I must focus on to prevail over, have snowballed to a point where I can no longer ignore them.

When speaking about this on air, I have mentioned a book I am working on. Actually, there is more than one book in the works. I am going to talk about that before the end of this post, but this is not the real reason I am taking the time off. If I did not have other demands on my attention, I could obviously work on these projects during the days I am not doing the shows.

Legal Matters

The most pressing concern before me right now is the lawsuit in which I am a defendant, stemming from the events of August of 2017, in Charlottesville, Virginia. The Unite the Right rally was a pivotal moment in American history, and though most people consider the matter quite settled, that battle in fact continues, in a federal court in the Western District of Virginia.

I would far prefer not to have this burden upon my shoulders, but in a certain sense, we should be grateful for this litigation. The public consciousness is saturated with media lies about the events of that weekend, and this lawsuit presents the first real opportunity we’ve had to expose the truth. This fact, I suspect, has much to do with the anonymous accounts which have been attacking me online. I have reason to suspect they have been hired by the Plaintiffs’ counsel, or are at least sympathetic to their goals. They are attacking my reputation, my ability to make money, and the few remaining platforms I have, from which I can be heard and earn money pay my bills, in part to diminish my ability to defend myself in this lawsuit.

So far, most of the legal proceedings regarding Unite the Right have been in criminal court. The life or death circumstances of those matters provides a strong incentive to plead guilty and avoid trial, as I did and some of the guys from the Rise Above Movement did. Other cases were thrown out due to the sheer unconstitutionality of the law’s application. The only cases that went to trial were in the Charlottesville City court, and those were nothing resembling real trials, owing to the blatant corruption of the institutions.

Since the Plaintiffs and their allies have relentlessly and dishonestly attacked my revenue streams, I was unable to pay my attorneys in the case. The Plaintiffs then began filing meritless motions against me with the court, and the work burden these created caused my attorneys to withdraw as counsel. I initially opposed the motion to withdraw, and simultaneously began familiarizing myself with the case to prepare for the prospect of defending myself. In the course of that preparation, I realized that my interests in the matter had not been well represented thus far, and concluded that this would not improve with time, even if the court ruled in my favor on the motion to withdraw.

So, I recently fired my attorneys, and am now a pro se defendant.

This case has been pending for over two years. We were supposed to go to trial in July of 2019, but since the Plaintiffs know they cannot win this meritless suit, they have made outrageous discovery demands, and used these to delay the trial as much as possible. Roberta Kaplan told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, and other people shameless enough to interview her, that the whole entire point of the suit is to bankrupt us. They have no illusions about being able to collect, and their $10,000,000+ budget exists for little purpose besides causing us as much discomfort as possible, so as to dissuade others from joining our cause.

The tactic has been remarkably effective thus far, but come trial, it will backfire, badly.

The entire premise of their lawsuit is that we conspired to perpetrate the violence of that weekend. Thankfully, we have a ton of proof to the contrary. Most notably, my much talked about body camera video, which some have deceptively said was me “snitching” actually contains entirely exculpatory evidence. It shows that we went out of our way to cooperate with law enforcement in advance, and did our best to avoid violence.

Not only that, but the Plaintiffs have been in possession of this proof for a long time. I had previously left this entirely in the hands of my attorneys, and only bothered to read the complaint very recently. Upon familiarizing myself with this, I realized it was even more ridiculous than I had initially believed. The claims aren’t just false, they are so absurd as to render it implausible that the Plaintiffs themselves ever believed them. So when it comes time for us to present our case, not only are we going to win, but they are going to be exposed as total, shameless, unapologetic, frauds.

For us to achieve that outcome,  I will have to dedicate my attentions, and talents, to the case. Going back and forth between the character I play on Radical Agenda, to the character I play on Outlaw Conservative, and then going into lawyer mode for the case, is a very substantial challenge. I also need to familiarize myself with the laws and precedents involved in the case, which is a considerable research project, and distracts from the time I would normally spend preparing for each show. To do both, one would have to suffer at the other’s expense. I no more want to produce substandard content, than I want to lose an easily winnable lawsuit. So the show has to take a back seat while I get up to speed.

On the upside, this information is very useful for the books I am working on, and a lot of the writing that I use for filings in the case, can be copied and pasted into the the drafts I am working on for the books. The other upside is that I am realizing the courts are not impossible for a guy like me to navigate pro se, and I think it is long overdue that I start suing people who defame me online. Some of these cases are very clear cut, and I would likely never even have to enter a courtroom. So I want to get very well versed in case law surrounding this subject as well, and begin using the courts to fight back against the lies told about me, and our cause.

Once a couple of communists have to write me checks, you can bet they’ll be more careful with their slander.


Many of you have been suggesting for a long time that I write a book, and I have been contemplating doing so since my libertarian days. There have been numerous suggestions on what sort of book I should write. I have been of several minds with regard to this myself, and so I have been working on a few different drafts. I add a little to each one from time to time, depending on where my thinking happens to be in the spare time I’ve been able to dedicate to these projects.

Perhaps the most obvious would be a political or ideological work. I had started working on something like this while I was still so enthralled with libertarianism. I am today quite glad I never got around to publishing it, because I no longer wish to stand by those ideas. While I was in jail, you may have heard me remark about something I was working on titled “From Freedom to Fascism, and Back”, but even in that comparatively short time, my ideas have changed so dramatically, that I no longer wish to publish a political or ideological book.

Around the time of Andrew Anglin’s seeming mental breakdown and attacks on TheRightStuff.biz, I began a blog post in response which exceeded 11,000 words before I realized this was too complex a subject for that format. It also drew from prior experiences of mine to put things into perspective, some of which had already been spelled out in an older draft I had begun titled “The Beginning and End of the Radical Agenda”. In attempting to merge the two works, I found myself going through other posts of mine, to illustrate the ideological progression which led up to the present day, and in the process, came up with another idea entirely.

As it turns out, I’ve had a pretty interesting life. I had a thoroughly unenviable childhood, some extremely unique experiences during my education, adventures in the criminal justice system, a very active and tumultuous love life, and a very interesting professional career, all before I ever gave a damn about politics or ideology. Simultaneously, all of those experiences are what formed the basis of my worldview, which later lent itself to my political interests. What I am now working on is something of a cross between Hitler’s Mein Kampf, and J.D. Vance’s Hillbilly Elegy, adapted of course, to my own experience.

To tell the story, I use not only my own original modern writing, but 13 years of emails, and almost 7 years of blog posts.

To include everything would make this a prohibitively long read for most people. My blog posts alone total nearly 3,000 pages, and of course I add anywhere from three to twenty pages a week to this with show descriptions alone. The conclusion I reached, however, was that I should write the entire, unabridged work, and produce several different books from that through the editing process.

Most notably, the communist riots in Charlottesville that form the basis of the lawsuit, is a story that must be told. A lot of what I know about that weekend, I have not been able to publish on my website due to a court order, but that prohibition ends in nine months, and there is nothing saying I cannot publish this information in a book.

I also have an alternative theory on the “foreign interference” in the 2016 election. I recently discussed this on two different episodes of the Radical Agenda, but need to elaborate on substantially.

Some have suggested publishing collections of blog posts as their own books, which is certainly a worthwhile suggestion. I also think it would be worth revisiting and revising some of my libertarian writing, to bring them them into alignment with information I was unaware of at the time.

I am working on all of these things simultaneously, as well as talking to printers and publishers, educating myself on the process of publishing a book, and trying to anticipate the unique challenges I will face, due to the relentless deplatforming efforts I’ve been dealing with.

If I play my cards right, this will result in some much needed income for me, and some much needed promotion for the show. Both of those will go a long way to helping us achieve our shared goals.

Other Websites

Another thing you’ve heard me talk about is other websites I have built. Some of those I can talk about, others I cannot.

Of the ones I can talk about, I’ve mentioned SaidTheJew.com, and BlacksHateFags.com. I can talk about them, because those will most likely get deplatformed eventually based on content alone.

But, they also can be promoted in other ways, which ChristopherCantwell.com and RadicalAgenda.com are less conducive to, such as fliers and stickers. If you go to those sites, you’ll notice that they have similar layouts. They both have the Radical Agendas Radio Network audio player embedded, and they collect email addresses much in the way ChristopherCantwell.com does.

Those sites are fun, and the content I produce for them can be used as Radical Agenda show prep. When I am not working on other things, I want to try and get a bit more content on those sites, and once we get back into regular production of the show, I mean to try and update them at least once a week. I also want to put together some easily printed material that can be downloaded and used by fans for promotion. Driving traffic to those sites will go a long way toward red pilling new people, and have the added benefit of introducing them to the Radical Agenda.

There are several other sites which I cannot talk about, because I would defeat the purpose by publicly connecting them to me. For now it must suffice to say that I am working on building a few websites which are nothing like the Radical Agenda, but after they have had some time to build their own audiences, will lead those audiences down a path which serves our shared goals. One is geared toward pop culture, one is geared toward “normie conservatives”, and others target specific search terms pertaining to subjects I would be better off not mentioning here.

Technical Stuff

There are several technical tasks I cannot talk about, but I’ll mention a couple that I can.

From my Amazon Wish List, one of you were kind enough to purchase a “Noise Gate” which I haven’t set up yet. The noise gate prevents sounds under a certain level from being recorded, so for example, when you are listening to the show and you hear me breathing, or you hear mouth sounds that are not speech, this is designed to eliminate that. I tried to get that thing working, but found it more complex than I had anticipated, and put setting it up on the back burner. I need to take some time to tinker with this, and get it just right. Once I do, this will dramatically improve the audio quality of the show, and reduce the editing burden for PennedAndPronounced.com work.

Also, those of you who watch the show on JoshWhoTV or BitChute may have become frustrated that I only play the audio of videos that I comment on during the show. This is due to a limitation of my current audio mixer, and the way I have the studio equipment set up. Right now, I cannot play the video to the video feed, and have the audio for that video go out to the audio feed/podcast recording without creating an echo or feedback loop, because all of those things are happening on the same computer, and my mixer only has a singular auxiliary output, which is currently being used to prevent callers from hearing their voices fed back to them. I now have a spare computer, and one of you bought a better mixer from my Amazon Wish List. I need to take some time to tinker with these, and once I do, I’ll come back with a dramatically improved video production.

The Comeback

If I tried to “complete” all of these things before I got back to regular production, I never would get back into regular production. So, rest assured, that is not the goal. I just need to take some time to dedicate my attentions to these tasks, and once I get my head around them, I can get back to regular production of the live call in shows.

I intend to take at least two weeks off from regular production, and I will set a maximum of eight weeks. During that time, I will be putting out some content, but I just won’t be doing regularly scheduled live call in shows.

Stay tuned into my Email List, Telegram Channel, and RSS Feed, for regular updates, as I will hardly be quiet during this time.

If you think you can help with any portion of this, send me an email.

If you would like to help finance this work, you can do so with cryptocurrency at https://ChristopherCantwell.com/donate or you can mail payments to;

Christopher Cantwell
63 Emerald Street Unit 187
Keene, NH 03431

Radical Agenda S05E079 – Murderberg’s House of Horrors

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently gave a talk at Georgetown University, supposedly reiterating his dedication to freedom of expression, in a world careening toward illiberal constraints on thought, word, and deed. The speech came on the heels of widespread hysteria over his meeting with such controversial figures on the Right as Tucker Carlson, and Byron York.

After seemingly discovering the obvious truth that censorious Left wing fanatics can never be satisfied, Zuckerberg now appears to be attempting to bring his company back from the brink of uselessness, by seeking some limits on the push to silence everyone the outrage mob sets their sights on. Presumably with some concern for the backlash which will ensue after a Republican landslide in 2020, Zuckerberg drew the line at deplatforming the President of the United States.

Simultaneously, he doubled down on his dedication to stamping out so called “hate speech” and “terrorist propaganda” and eliminating “foreign interference” in American elections, which to the careful observer, means only that the catastrophic policies of recent years will continue unabated. Politicians can lie on his platform, favored causes can break the laws of their jurisdictions, violence against disfavored groups can be promoted, but private citizens who speak out of turn, or who utter truths which inconvenience the egalitarian narrative, will continue to be suppressed for as long as governments permit such manipulation of the National conversation.

One need not be a statistician to see the foolishness of this.

A little over two years ago, hundreds of White Nationalists attempted to hold a permitted demonstration in Charlottesville, Virginia. They were set upon by violent communist agitators, who had announced, well in advance, their intent to violently disrupt the demonstration. This was a practice they had been engaged in for months prior, so much so that they became the subject of a DHS memo warning of the impacts. In the wake of that unprovoked assault, Facebook and other social media platforms, as well as PayPal and other payment systems, silenced and bankrupted the victims of this and other such attacks, while leaving the perpetrators free to celebrate their victory, and to plan and promote further such crimes.

Prior to this, how many “racist” mass murderers did you know the names of? At least in the United States, just one, most likely. Dylann Roof. Years prior to that, there was Anders Behring Breivik in Norway, but there was no serious talk of an “International White Supremacist Terror Threat” outside of the most reality detached Left wing ideological circles.

Well prior to Roof’s crime, one could get a 30 day ban from Facebook for relatively minor transgressions of the Leftist narrative. I personally had been banned for comparing Barack Obama to Hitler, well before I realized what an insult this was to Adolf Hitler, as one of countless examples. During a time when I still thought racism to be a very bad thing, I was banned from Twitter for calling somebody a nigger, as a joke. Lots of people knew, on some level, that discreet efforts to discourage dissent were well underway at all the major tech platforms, but we continued to advocate our ideas, peacefully, because we saw an opportunity, however slim, to spread our ideas without resorting to violence.

It was only AFTER our permitted demonstration was shut down by criminals, that people began to lose hope. It was only AFTER these dramatically ramped up attempts to silence the concerns of the Right, that Robert Bowers said “Screw your optics, I’m going in” and shot up a synagogue. It was only AFTER Alex Jones got kicked off of Facebook, that Brenton Tarrant killed dozens of Muslims in a New Zealand mosque. It was only AFTER Laura Loomer and Milo Yiannopoulos were deplatformed, that Patrick Crusius shot up a Walmart. It was only AFTER the “Okay” hand sign became a symbol of “White Supremacy” that Stephan Balliet said “the root of all these problems, is the Jew” and opened fire outside a synagogue, in Halle, Germany.

In a speech at the White House, given in 1962, President John F. Kennedy famously said that “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

That bit of wisdom pre-dated the birth of Mark Zuckerberg, and well before President Kennedy himself had been born, it was enshrined in the first amendment to the Constitution of the United States. It was no coincidence that it was followed immediately by our second amendment, guaranteeing to our citizens, the right to keep and bear arms.

I had titled Episode 77 of stage 5 “Listen” and addressed the senseless rampage of Stephen Balliet. Pressed for time, I failed to fully convey what I meant by this, and surely, I’ll similarly fail today, because the enormity of this defies even my enviable mastery of the English language, as well as the time constraints imposed by my schedule.

Our opposition insists that our concerns have no legitimacy. Convinced of their own moral superiority, or perhaps more accurately, unconcerned with morality, they demand our unconditional silence, and surrender. They consider their violence to be a legitimate form of political expression, and our political expression to be an illegitimate form of violence. If our side wins the election, the government has no legitimacy, but if they win, it has omnipotent powers beyond those described in the Constitution. When the Supreme Court favors their views, it is infallible, but if even the slightest prospect of a challenge to those views arises in the makeup of the Court, it must be fundamentally altered to prevent such challenges. Borders are illegitimate and we are all to be citizens of the world, until a foreign government whose views they oppose buys some Facebook ads, at which point we are to become a hermit kingdom, isolated from unapproved foreign opinions.

No wonder Zuckerberg is more willing to censor “hate speech” than political dishonesty. Dishonesty is what the status quo thrives on, and “hate speech” is the truth which threatens to set us free.

But truth, however seemingly disadvantaged at any given moment, has a certain unique power to it. Like water, it can be directed, shaped, or tainted, but not stopped.

In the bible, water is said to have drowned most life on Earth. Water carved out the grand canyon. Water has destroyed homes, and entire cities, in our lifetimes, before our eyes, more times than most of us could count. Man has built dams, sewers, canals, reservoirs, and vast networks of pipes for the delivery of water. We have built rafts, boats, submarines, and even floating houses, in a never ending effort to bring ourselves into harmony with the simultaneously lethal and life giving properties of water, but we dare not try to do away with it, for knowledge of both the futility of the pursuit, and our we need of it to survive.

Like water, truth will only submit to man’s demands so long as they are reasonable. It may similarly take the path of least resistance, but recall that when water determined the path of least resistance was to carve through 147 trillion cubic feet of rock, we got the Grand Canyon. When water determined the path of least resistance was through the lungs of every living thing on Earth, only Noah and the passengers of his Ark survived. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that when truth determines the path of least resistance to be criminal violence, murder, and mayhem, that this is precisely the course it will follow.

If some billionaire tech company decided to build a dam along some river, and the resulting flood drowned the surrounding populations, would we curse the water, and demand those companies build more dams? Would we declare the water a terrorist threat? Would we shut down trade schools which taught plumbing? Would we ban sprinkler systems, showers, and sinks, and tell mankind to survive on Brawndo alone?

If Mark Zuckerberg had his way, we most certainly would, and the predictably lethal results would very much resemble that which we are watching unfold before our eyes today.

Less than two months after Robert Bowers opened fire on a Pittsburgh synagogue, a man named Gordon Danning, History Research Fellow at the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, published a paper titled “Is the Cure Worse Than the Disease?: Censorship of Hate Speech May Well Increase Violence“, at the Nevada Law Journal Forum. The paper had been in the works prior to the massacre, and relied entirely on data collected well before the crime.

His question has no doubt been answered over the last 12 months. While Leftists used to rely almost entirely on fabrications for evidence of so called “hate crimes”, the circumstances they have designed through their censorious efforts, have created the only sort of environment that could lead White men to become the very caricature they made of us in earlier fictions. Seeing the world their ancestors built, descend into barbarism before their eyes, in near perfect, and clearly causal, correlation with their dwindling numbers, they have lashed out in previously unthinkable ways.

Today, we may consider ourselves fortunate that it is only those on the fringes. Men with nothing to lose, and nothing to gain, throwing their lives away, in seemingly senseless acts of violence that have no hope of altering our futures. But as the walls close in, and these warning shots are ignored, one may reliably profit by betting on the sense of dread and urgency that pushed those men over the edge, taking hold in the minds of more capable actors.

Should the truth see no better path than to carve through the Jews, then the truth will do to them, what the Colorado River did to the Colorado Plateau. No algorithm, no erasure, no boycott, no mob, no act of the legislature, no executive order, and surely no disingenuous speech professing devotion to the opposite of one’s demonstrated behavior, will be able to stop it.

Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, Susan Wojcicki, Sundar Pichai, Matthew Prince, Dan Schulman, Patrick Collison, Jeff Bezos, and other tech titans who have taken it upon themselves to silence their political opposition, bear greater responsibility for past and future bloodshed than the weapons used, or even the killers themselves. They have had every reason to see the causal relationship between their acts, and the lives lost, and when this becomes obvious to a large enough portion of the population, they would do well to hope some shred of the US Constitution remains, because when that happens, the only hope they’ll have of avoiding repercussion, will be the the prohibitions on ex post facto laws, and bills of attainder.



There’s a lot more to get to, plus your calls at 323-9-AGENDA, that’s 323-924-3632

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Outlaw Conservative S01E038 – Dining With Zuck

Last night, a dozen Democrats did their best impressions of CNN opinion hosts, competing for the chance to lose next year’s presidential election to Donald Trump. I watched every minute of the entire spectacle, and under normal circumstances, would consider it my professional obligation to provide some post debate analysis on today’s episode.

Today’s Democrat Party, however, does not warrant much in the way of analysis. The strategy being deployed has nothing to do with actual policy, and has instead dwindled to what may as well have been grunts and clicks, designed to appeal only to unthinking emotional responses. This exercise in non-reality will be the politics of our future, if immigration is not slowed, and American birthrates are not increased, but the Democrats have, much to their detriment, jumped the gun. The collective IQ of the Nation has not yet dropped so far as to warrant this sort of campaigning, and as a result, Donald Trump is all but guaranteed victory in 2020.

The smart people have already figured this out. Mark Zuckerberg, however countless his flaws, is a smart person.

Seeing the writing on the wall, Zuckerberg has been confidentially meeting with conservative personalities, including Tucker Carlson. This revelation has driven Leftists absolutely insane, resulting in, amongst other things, the hashtag #DeleteFacebook recently trending on Twitter.

Little is known about the contents of their talks, but one imagines it has a great deal to do with Left wing bias in the platform’s staffing and content moderation policies. Republicans have been pointing out that the immunity provisions of the Communications Decency Act, only exempt neutral platforms from lawsuits over content. If Facebook and other social media companies are going to be in the business of content moderation, this in fact makes them publishers, who thus ought to be held legally responsible for the content on their platforms. Seeing the law applied in this way would either put Facebook out of business, or cause them to dramatically alter the way they do business, in the blink of an eye.

It has become obvious that the Trump administration will do nothing to rectify this situation before next year’s election, and so far it has seemed that the search and social media platforms have placed all their eggs in the singular basket, of aiding a Democrat victory in 2020. This path is fraught with perils, for a number of reasons.

Joe Biden’s increasingly obvious senility is becoming quite a burden for media propagandists to cover up. Narrative guidance can only take a party so far in a world plagued by live television and social media, however rigorous the censorship. Adam Schiff’s sham Trump impeachment inquiry, is also having the unfortunate side effect of drawing attention to the high priced influence peddling of Biden’s son Hunter, and compelling the thinking voter to view Biden as the very incarnation of Washington corruption. The “woke” hostility towards while males, particularly older, heterosexual ones, does not play well with the rapacious radicalism of the most verbose elements of the Democrat base.

While the RealClearPolitics average of Democrat Primary polling currently still gives Biden a 6 point lead, Warren leads Biden in Iowa and New Hampshire, the first caucus and primary states in the country, respectively. Success begets success, and it seems unlikely that Biden’s claim of electability would withstand two such substantial victories by Warren.

“The Squad” as they are known, far Left freshman Democrat members of the House, have endorsed the campaign of Bernie Sanders. While at first glance, this would seem to deprive the Warren’s sails of much needed wind, it also has the, perhaps intentional, effect of shielding Warren from accusations of being too extreme for voters in the general election. With Sanders well behind both Warren and Biden, trailing the latter by double digits, and given his recent heart attack, it seems unlikely the more forthcoming socialist is going to come within striking distance of the nomination. Once Sanders comprehends the futility of continuing, it is all but certain that he will put his weight behind Warren. From there, all future contents will be mere formalities, and Warren will have secured the nomination.

With Warren as the nominee, Big Tech will be met with the horrifying prospect of living up to their purported values. Warren has pledged to break up their monopolies, which would simultaneously devastate their financial prospects, and substantially increase the challenge of censoring the Internet. Warren is likely being profoundly disingenuous about this promise, but the Big Tech monopolists know all too well that policy is far less a concern than the direction of the National conversation. Even if Warren is bought off, and declines to break up Big Tech once elected, as one might safely bet, the thought police have very good reason to prevent such ideas from ever taking hold.

Suppressing one campaign promise of the Democrat nominee’s platform would border on impossible. To suppress the idea of breaking up their companies, they would have to suppress the candidate promoting the idea.

If Warren backtracks on the promise after winning the primary, it will harm her in the general.

Either move would help Trump.

If Trump secures a second term, and Republicans maintain their Senate majority, the impact on the judiciary will be so far reaching that few could fully comprehend the long term ramifications. Trump has already appointed a greater percentage of federal judges than any President since George Washington, and four more years of this practice would fundamentally reshape many of the lower courts. Ruth Bader Ginsburg keeps falling down and having cancer scares, making it appear unlikely that she will be capable of waiting out a Two Term Trump Presidency.  The Left’s fondness for kritarchy could thus soon backfire, leaving the lawfare battlefield solidly in favor of the Right, for the first time in recent memory.

If Zuckerberg has figured this out, one must imagine that other tech giants cannot be far behind. Those who are more interested in their continued success, than the approval of vocal transgender activists, will soon have to come to grips with the reality of our increasingly illiberal political landscape.



Join us, this and every Wednesday from 5-7pm US Eastern time for another exciting episode of the Outlaw Conservative Podcast, where I look forward to hearing from you at 808-4-OUTLAW, or on our Discord Server at https://OutlawConservative.com/discord

On another note, have you tried the Brave Browser?

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Radical Agenda S05E078 – The Meme War Heats Up

The Leftist media is in hysterics over a YouTube video in which Donald Trump’s head is superimposed on a character from a fight scene in a movie. In it, Donald Trump walks into “The Church of Fake News,” wherein all the churchgoers have the logos of media organizations, or the faces of his political enemies, superimposed on them. As per their pattern and practice, the fake news enemies of the people, and their subversive Democrat allies, attempt to kill the President. Unfortunately for these assassins, the President happens to be in possession of a pistol, and superhuman combat abilities, which he uses to lay waste to the whole lot of them.

The Press, suddenly aware of the serious impacts media can have on people’s behavior, are now in full panic mode, concerned this will somehow cause people to go out and murder reporters.

The informed observer has to suspect that this is the voice of a guilty conscience speaking. The traitorous Press has been glorifying the violence of Black Lives Matter and Antifa since prior to the President’s election. They have been hammering home the demonstrably false narrative that Trump is guilty of treason by adhering to foreign foes, which would necessarily subject him to the death penalty. They parade sham psychiatrists around, depicting the President as a “Mad King,” whose assassin would be smiled upon by history. They dedicate inordinate amounts of page space and airtime to mass murderers, gleefully dancing on the yet to be dug graves of the still warm bodies of the victims, celebrating their propaganda victory, and providing incentive to future killers in search of precisely this kind of notoriety.

They took a decidedly different tone when Kathy Griffin posed for a picture which appeared to show her holding the President’s decapitated head. Take for example Aja Romano at Vox, who wrote at the time;

Right-wing media and opinion writers rushed to criticize the incident as an example of the left’s vicious hostility toward the president and his administration, calling it “the tip of the liberal violence iceberg” and “political pornography.” But the context behind Griffin’s photo further complicates the controversy it has attracted.

The violent nature of the Griffin photo is also in keeping with its creator’s artistic tradition. Shields’s photographic art often flirts with violent themes, even when it’s not actively targeting political figures. For instance, in 2011 he collected blood from celebrities for use in his art, and later drenched his studio, Lindsay Lohan, and other performers in it.

While it’s arguable that none of these artistic statements were as shocking as the picture of Griffin holding Trump’s decapitated head drenched in fake blood, it’s also important to understand that Griffin and Shields’s photo recalls another artistic tradition: images of women beheading men.

The artists Lavinia Fontana and Artemisia Gentileschi painted recurring images of the biblical story of Judith beheading Holofernes. For Gentileschi in particular, the story allowed her to assert her empowerment through the metaphorical beheading of men with positions of political and sexual power over her. Modern artists like photographer Cindy Sherman have also turned to this theme.

Ah, well, as long as it’s being done all the time in the name of feminism, I suppose this is a great idea.

Then there was that play where Trump was depicted as Julius Caesar, and assassinated, night after night, in front of a live studio audience, for months.  Also at Vox, Alissa Wilkinson tells us “Why outrage over Shakespeare in the Park’s Trump-like Julius Caesar is so misplaced” by writing;

But right-wing media outlets’ swift move to offense and outrage over the production — and the uproar that ensued — does call into question how well any of those who are upset grasp the history of Shakespeare and his place in the Western canon, and whether they’re at familiar with Julius Caesar itself.

Because in short, a lot of people have completely missed the point of both the production and the play.

Interestingly, none of the media outlets currently fretting over the Trump parody video are terribly concerned with the context of The Kingsman, from which the scene was composed.

The Trump assassination play was sponsored by the New York Times, and CNN, both of which have been relentlessly hostile, and often dishonest, critics of the President.

Speaking of the New York Times, they famously published a story imagining the President’s assassination by a Russian spy who, upon failure of his weapon to fire, is assisted by none other than a Secret Service agent, just as anxious to see his boss take the dirt nap;

The Russian waited until they were a few steps past before he drew the gun. He sighted on the center of the president’s back, and squeezed the trigger.

The Makarov misfired.

The Secret Service agent at the president’s shoulder heard the click, spun into a crouch. He registered the scene instantly, drawing his own weapon with razor-edge reflexes.

The Russian tasted failure. He closed his eyes and waited to pay the cost.

It did not come.

He opened his eyes. The Secret Service agent stood before him, presenting his Glock, butt first.

“Here,” the agent said politely. “Use mine. …”

How about Joe Biden, who announced his campaign for President of the United States, by releasing a video of the violence from Charlottesville, featuring none other than your humble correspondent, and calling the communists who planned and initiated that mayhem, “a courageous group of Americans”.

Then there is the media’s praise and promotion of Mark Bray, the Jewish professor who authored “Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook” which glorified Left wing political violence across the last century, spanning several continents, in enthusiastic support of precisely the mayhem we’ve seen plague our discourse for the last several years.

No wonder the media is so concerned about images depicting their deaths. They know all too well what their intent is, when they promote violence across their mediums. They want Republicans to be assaulted and afraid to show their faces. They want the President to be assassinated, and incapable of leading the country. So they promote exactly that sort of thing across their pages, airwaves, and websites, and they’ve gotten everything but the President’s funeral as a return on their investment.

For the Right to respond in kind, terrifies them, precisely because they know how effective this sort of thing can be. They encouraged violence, they got it, and so they promoted more violence, and watched in glee as the violence escalated unchecked. They do not want to live in a world, where they are actually under the kind of threats they constantly pretend they are under. They fear if these sorts of things continue to proliferate, that the next mass shooter might kill somebody who actually deserves it, and they know full well that they would rank very high on that sort of hit list.

But, thanks in large part to their successful efforts to deplatform their critics, they are shielded from the sort of input that might cause them to consider why people would cheer at a video depicting their violent demise. All they know is that they hate the President, and that anyone who doesn’t agree with them is a Nazi, because that is what they see in their Twitter mentions, and talk about with one another over cocktails.



There’s a lot more to get to, plus your calls at 323-9-AGENDA, that’s 323-924-3632

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Radical Agenda S05E077 – Listen

I am usually the first to say that people who act in wicked ways ought not be rewarded with political success.

This is an important lesson our country has yet to learn about the Antifa and Black Lives Matter criminality, which has plagued our streets for several years. The repercussions of this failure will be with us for decades to come, even if we were to correct course right this minute. When violence and deception are rewarded with something so valuable as political power, one cannot be surprised if violence and deception become regular features of our existence.

Unfortunately, it is precisely that failure which has resulted in another sort of violence, far less favored by the media. White racial terrorism used to be a Left wing myth, evidence of which had to be fabricated in the form of fake hate crimes. Today it has become an all too real subject of our political discourse, brought to the forefront of our National conversation by a curious alignment of priorities, between the perpetrators of this violence, and its purported targets.

Stephan Balliet spent substantial time and effort on manufacturing improvised firearms and explosive devices, before carrying out his attempted attack on a synagogue in Halle, Germany. He left behind a manifesto of sorts, detailing more his methods than his motives, but is reported to have confessed his intent to police, and also streamed video of the assault, in which he blamed Jews for all too real problems facing his country, and ours.

He is not the first to do this, obviously. Before him came Patrick Crusius, Brenton Tarrant, Robert Bowers, and Dylann Roof, to name just a few. This list is likely to grow longer, perhaps long enough for us to begin forgetting the names, because of our society’s stubborn refusal to grapple with the root causes of these crimes, and worse, a morbid drive to double down on precisely the misguided and malicious patterns which preceded, and, arguably, necessitated them.

Normally when people resort to political violence, we rightly critique the methods of the criminal. Whatever one’s cause, no matter how righteous, violence, we insist, is never the answer. We live in democratic societies, where avenues are purportedly provided for political and social change, which do not necessitate bloodshed, thereby depriving such acts of justification. We purport to embrace free speech, respect the rights of individuals, and protect minorities from persecution at the hands of the Mob.

Had we continued to honor these time tested traditions, it would be difficult indeed to find a soul on this Earth who would watch the gruesome videos of these attacks, and find them inspiring. Their so-called “manifestos” would be dismissed by all, just as they are currently dismissed today by the majority, as the senseless rantings of deranged criminals. We would find them no more worthy of consideration, than we would the lyrics of gangster rap, or “death metal”.

Sadly, we have not honored these traditions. Some ideas, even some rather substantial facts, have been deemed too dangerous to be discussed openly, by our ruling classes. Their frantic and futile efforts to hide the truth, and suppress dissent, have resulted in precisely the outcome they purport to be trying to prevent. With each such outcome, these censorious efforts are increased, and coupled with ever louder calls to disarm the broader law abiding populace.

The inability to peacefully address legitimate grievances, combined with the drive for disarmament, create a wholly justified sense of dread, and urgency, amongst the growing numbers of people who understand these truths our rulers try so hard to suppress. Seeing in their futures a world where degeneracy, brutality, and chaos, prevail over the forces of decency, law, and order, otherwise good men reach the conclusion that cowardice alone prevents men from taking up arms against these threats to civilization.

People who reach these conclusions are further troubled by the observation that no leader has emerged to guide them toward victory. Anyone who emerges with the potential for that leadership, is rapidly set upon by the powers that be. They are assaulted, silenced, and sucked into costly legal battles which incapacitate them for years at a time.

Simultaneously, they see innocent men imprisoned, bankrupted, slandered, and worse. With time and repetition, the message becomes clear. Innocence is no defense against this threat, and thus remaining innocent has no benefit.

In a rapidly growing number of minds, these circumstances, taken together, spell out a clear choice. Either fight now, and hope that others follow suit, or cower slavishly, secure in the knowledge that far worse evils will result.

To attack the motives of such men, only proves their point. To try and silence these views, only confirms the suspicion. To disarm the populace, only increases the urgency.

The predictable result, is more of the same.

Since the intellectual capacity of those who created these problems is not a subject of debate, we can only conclude that this is precisely the desired outcome.

Our rulers, and their propagandists, do not mourn the loss of innocent life. Given their fondness for war and infanticide, that much should seem obvious. Every body, bullet, fire, and funeral, serves only as a pretext for their continued abuses. Every warrior who jumps the gun, and sacrifices himself in this “leaderless resistance” is one less warrior to support the inevitable emergence of a competent leader. Their stubborn insistence on grouping advocates of terrorism with advocates of policy, slanders the latter to the benefit of the former, because they know all too well that policy would rightly doom their ambitions.

They are quite literally “asking for it”, and for that reason, we would be fools to celebrate the granting of their wishes.


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