Radical Agenda S06E040 - Old School RA

Radical Agenda S06E040 – Old School RA

Radical Agenda
Radical Agenda
Radical Agenda S06E040 – Old School RA

Man, I’ll tell ya. Today is one of those days. Some days I do not know what to say and others it’s tough to get it all into a two hour show. Today is a day of the latter variety.


I get contacted by a guy who pretends to be a reporter. A fellow by the name of Ken Silva from a fake news website called HeadlineUSA. He tells me that my friend Bill White, whom I met in the United States Penitentiary at Marion, Illinois, informs him that I offered to get him out of prison if he would start a “fake Republican extremist group”.

As you might imagine, I found this amusing in the extreme.

If you followed news of my civil trial, the name Bill White may ring a bell to you. The Plaintiffs in Sines v. Kessler attempted to have me sanctioned by the Court because they claimed Mr. White was my ghostwriter. I also had a dispute with the BOP since they would not allow Mr. White to accompany me while reviewing evidence or documents pertaining to the case.

So, fair to say, Bill and I know one another. I do not call him my friend lightly. I mean that when I say it, so I’m surprised to read this fake blogger’s email about the guy.

But not entirely.

HeadlineUSA has been publishing claims that Bill has made in federal court filings. Bill has, with varying degrees of plausibility, asserted that near every name you can recognize in the White Nationalist movement is some kind of government operative. The affidavit Mr. Silva takes his cues from is a document familiar to me, since Bill tried to get me to file it in the Sines v. Kessler case, but I knew better.

Bill is a good guy so far as people you meet in prison go. He’s also a genius. But like many geniuses, Bill is sort of eccentric, you might fairly say, and like many good men who find themselves in prison, he is very, very angry. So he has composed this document styled as an affidavit which he claims proves that the White Supremacist movement is a government program designed to lure good men into traps and that he is just one more victim of such traps and that on account of this he should not have his prison sentence of more than 300 months.

If you know anything about me, the idea that I could get another man out of prison when I can barely keep myself this side of the walls while obeying all the laws a legislature can conjure is quite absurd. Much less would I be trying to create a “fake Republican extremist group” while my whole entire focus these days is to take the edge off and create a real Republican establishment that does not screw us all over whenever the wind sends a chill up their gelatin spines.

Mr. Silva further claims that this “fake Republican extremist group” would be warmly welcomed by the GOP power elite and that in exchange for making Republicans look like fools Mr. White would be richly rewarded with a prominent position within the Party, a plan I do not suspect would receive prompt approval from the likes of Mitch McConnell.

How much of this does Bill actually believe, and how much is he just screwing with the Courts and Mr. Silva? Well, if I knew then to say would be to disclose the contents of our private conversations, and if I did not know, then I would only be speculating about the man’s mindset. And I’ll do neither of these.

What I do know is that this story is preposterous in the extreme and that Mr. Silva is fully aware of this.

That has not stopped him from publishing as fact these absurdities in a collection of blog posts he is calling “the fed files”. This is a project the likes of which Dinesh D’Souza would find beneath his dignity, taking the unproven allegations of a fellow like Bill White without scrutiny, and using this to spread the narrative that racism is a fake government program. This of course to continue the preposterous line that all “racists” are “feds” and that true conservatives are categorically and completely ignorant of all things approaching the boundaries of genetics. The goal here, perhaps obviously, is to keep these unwitting dupes in thrall to the likes of Ben Shapiro and Benjamin Netanyahu.

A project doomed to failure, to say the least of it.

I’ll have much more to say about this on air.

Handsome Truth will be out of jail substantially sooner than my friend Mr. White, and not because he accepted my offer of starting a “fake Republican extremist group”.

This being my way of telling you that he happens to be in jail at the time of this writing. Mr. Truth was sentenced to 30 days in county for passing out fliers under the guise of littering. If you think even a guilty litterer is unlikely to spend a month in jail for tossing a bit of trash, you are obviously correct. The sentencing disparity here comes due to Mr. Truth’s litter being more accurately described as literature, and containing what some might call “shocking facts” about Jewish influence in American politics and world affairs.

If only Mr. Truth had an influential father figure involved in politics, he might have then gotten all the advantages afforded to Michael Tirrell James, the informally adopted black “son” of newly elected US House Speaker Mike Johnson.

Speaker Johnson’s dark skinned pet has been committing crimes basically his whole entire life, and was most recently arrested at age 40 for running an “illegal cannabis operation”. In an interview with the Daily Mail, this poster child for White racial consciousness says he would most likely have been to prison quite a long time ago were it not for this father’s corrupting influence on our justice system.

The news is especially rich since Speaker Johnson has touted his anti-Racist extremism bona fides by stating that he and his blonde wife had adopted a black child, and that his experiences at the hands of a racist system prove definitively that America is a land of sin in need of cleansing by way of tikkun olam. That’s not exactly a direct quote, but you get the idea.

Speaking of fraud, a bunch of Democrats just got charged with election fraud. The fraud itself is hardly surprising, but them being charged with the crime is certainly a welcome change of pace.

It just goes on and on. Like I said, it’s one of those days.

So, let me get this email out and I’ll see you at 9:30 with all this and more, plus your calls at 217-688-1433.



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