Radical Agenda S06E053 - Plenty

Radical Agenda S06E053 – Plenty

Radical Agenda
Radical Agenda
Radical Agenda S06E053 – Plenty

There is so much going on today it presents a challenge for creating a singular show theme, though it will surely make easy work of creating a jam packed episode. We’re gonna have a lot of fun tonight, I hope you’ll join us for the live show.

On the Wednesday SurrealPolitiks Member Show I discussed at some length the case of Justin Mohn, who decapitated his father as punishment for being employed by the Army Corps of Engineers. I have cleaned up and added music to the monologue from that episode and I’ll play it on the show tonight.

A new detail has emerged in that story. Several actually, but of particular interest to me is the fact that Mohn surrendered a “medical marijuana card” in order to obtain the firearm he used to put a bullet in his father’s head.

I’ve long said that, contrary to popular belief, marijuana is one of the most harmful drugs on the market. A heroin addict might suffer more debilitating withdrawal symptoms when deprived of his chemical crutch, but at least he has enough self awareness to know he is a drug addict. A fentanyl junky risks overdose with each hit, but he at least knows that he needs to find some portion of his day where the drug is only used to keep him level, even if only to steal efficiently.

Alcoholics destroy their bodies and relationships. They take unwarranted risks and destroy vehicles and families just to get to and from a bar. But on his worst day, the worst of drunks, find a few hours of sobriety.

Marijuana users are the only drug addicts who wake in the morning, and before taking a piss or having a coffee, begin their intoxication routine. Absent compelling forces, many will remain in this state until they fall asleep at night. Throughout the course of the day they will be under the influence of the drug, and all of their decisions are made while high. They hold the very unique distinction of being able to do this while denying that they are drug addicts, with the support of prominent people who really ought to know better.

Analyzing Mohn’s video it is clear that he has some mental health issues. He is not a full blown schizophrenic incapable of forming full sentences, and his analysis of our political problems is largely sound, so it is questionable, to say the least, whether he really believed he was the leader of a nationwide militia movement and in possession of $10,000,000 to issue bounties on government agents. One suspects he had more awareness of what he was doing than he lets on. He might have thought he was preparing an insanity defense for the murder of his father.

But among the worst things you can do is give drugs to the mentally ill. That Justin Mohn would have had a medical marijuana card to surrender is troubling in the extreme. I do not know what symptoms he claimed to receive it, but given that he had already written a book suggesting he was “the messiah”, it’s fairly plain to see that Justin Mohn was very troubled well prior to murdering his father and calling for revolution under the banner of the dead man’s head.

Still more troubling is the notion that one simply turns in their card and by this act is deemed no longer a drug addict. The question about substance abuse on the firearms background check form is not very well worded. It asks “ARE YOU” as in, at the instant of filling out this form, “addicted to or an illegal user of” controlled substances.

But if Justin Mohn had to pass a drug test to receive his Sig Sauer 9mm pistol, Mike Mohn might still be alive today, because marijuana was almost certainly still in the fat cells of his son. I am not suggesting we should implement that screening method, only pointing out that one who is so dependent upon a drug that he would forfeit his second amendment rights to have the government feed his addiction, is rid of that addiction by opting to purchase his crutches unlawfully.

One day you’re a drug addict, you fill out a form, and that same afternoon you cease to be, that’s bureaucracy at its worst.

I’ve long said that medical marijuana is a speedbump on the path to recreational legalization, wherein every pothead in town is issued a card for symptoms ranging from depression to insomnia to headaches, and eventually recreational legalization is not so much a change in policy as a codification of the de facto state of affairs. That was always  the aim and those who lobbied for it never made any secret of the agenda. Marijuana is “just a plant” then it is “just medicine” then you are “denying sick people medicine” by controlling it, then you stop controlling it. The process is predictable and destructive.

So the government was giving a powerful psychoactive drug to a man who was clearly mentally disturbed. It stopped giving him that drug, while making little effort to stop him from obtaining it elsewhere, and it gave him a gun instead.

What could possibly go wrong with that?


Here is another fun one.

It is not at all lost on me that many of you hearing my voice have sympathy for the people of Palestine and no shortage of legitimate grievances about their Jewish neighbors.

It is neither lost on me that the government of the United States tends to be operated by people who are either ideologically devoted to, or otherwise being blackmailed and extorted by, the government of Israel.

So it is odd indeed that Christopher Wray would go before Congress and state that pro Hamas rioters would not be investigated by the FBI. This from the man who told Congress just before the FBI broke my door down, that White Supremacy was America’s #1 terror threat.

Contrary to the neo-Nazi bogeyman hiding under the bed of every Democrat, there is actually substantial evidence that Islamic fanatics have a well earned reputation for blowing up buildings and murdering the innocent while screaming Allahu Akbar on their way to meet their first of many non-goat vaginas in paradise. So, even if you think the Jews deserve to be slaughtered, it’s hard not to define Hamas as a terrorist group. They are a clandestine non State actor, operating across international borders, and in the business of killing non military personnel for political purposes. It’s fairly straightforward.

So when Left wing fanatics gather in the streets and call for the eradication of a government “from the river to the sea” – it boggles the mind to think that the FBI simply considers this the very essence of our Constitution, while conjuring the most outrageous schemes to humiliate, murder, and imprison American citizens with no operational plans for violence and no interests outside of their own country.

It would not be the first time Wray had lied of course. That might be the most plausible explanation. Another is that the Jewish State appreciates these demonstrations as a means by which to keep the news coverage sympathetic to their ethnic cleansing campaign. To stop the riots would be to remind Americans that Israel’s problems are not theirs, and this would be the end of the Jewish State.


And before I conclude this annunciatory blog post and email message, an update on the Texas border battle.

It looks like there may be some hope yet of a legal remedy to avoid civil war.

It was lost on me at the time, but a post at Newsweek contains some more detailed legal analysis than I had previously consumed. It turns out that the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision last month, authorizing the Federal Government to continue dismantling border barriers erected by the Texas State Government, was not a decision on the merits of the case. It was only overturning an injunction issued by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, which had prevented the Federal Government from doing so while the case worked its way  through the courts.

It remained entirely possible, perhaps even likely, that the Court would ultimately come down on the side of Texas, but the Court had taken the position that to enjoin the Federal Government from acting during the litigation was an overstep by the lower Court.

That is, of course, still quite outrageous. If there is a likelihood of victory for Texas, the Federal Government suffers no harm by seeing immigration laws enforced. Only the narrow interests of nefarious types who facilitate invasion are diminished by this.

But that is much easier for the likes of John Roberts and Amy Coney Barrett to justify than to say that Texas has no right at all to protect itself from invasion. If either of them switch their vote when it comes time to judge the merits of the broader dispute, Texas wins, and even progressive bloggers are concluding that this is likely to be the what happens.


Much more to get to, plus your calls….


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