Radical Agenda S06E062 - Grinding

Radical Agenda S06E062 – Grinding

Radical Agenda
Radical Agenda
Radical Agenda S06E062 – Grinding

A special Monday airing tonight of the Radical Agenda, because we’ve got material too hot for SurrealPolitiks!

Last week on the SurrealPolitiks member show I unveiled the first of what I expect to be many phone calls between myself and users of the GPS based all male dating app known as Grindr.

Today, for the entirety of this 2.5 hour episode, I present two more such recordings.

The first, a gay male who was surprisingly forthcoming. We talked about his discovery of his sexuality, how culture impacts those perceptions, the phenomenon of females invading the app in the name of transgenderism, and the popularity of methamphetamine in the Grindr meat market.

As if on cue, just after this, I had the opportunity to record with one such female as mentioned above. This one was not even on testosterone or having any surgical interventions to facilitate the delusion. Her manhood was entirely a declaratory matter. This call went on much longer than the first, and now holds the title of the most hostile interview I’ve conducted so far on the platform.

There was, per custom, some audio trouble in the first 45 seconds of the first call. Those problems are resolved with a reboot of the computer I was recorded on, and the remainder of the recording is in proper order.

I think these calls are going to be a big hit. If you want to keep this show going, pay me. https://ChristopherCantwell.net/donate

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