Radical Agenda S06E067 - Shuffle

Radical Agenda S06E067 – Shuffle

Radical Agenda
Radical Agenda
Radical Agenda S06E067 – Shuffle

No shortage of amusement in my reading of the news today.

Elon Musk has stated that he will allow Nick Fuentes back on Twitter, and needless to say this has caused a great deal of consternation among Jewish war propagandists who fear being caught.

Musk laughably stated that so long as one does not violate the law, they must be allowed to speak on Twitter, My experience, of course, begs to differ. It seems that whatever forces favor Nick Fuentes to be the Mexican child leader of the “Dissident Right” have clearly made their presence felt, as he enjoys immunity from the Rumble Terms of Service, and now, reinstatement to Musk’s social network.

In other Judeo-Centrism news, Candace Owens has parted was with the Daily Wire. Having stumbled upon the story of Magnus Hirschfeld and taken issue with Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestine, her criticisms of Ben Shapiro’s most favored nation grew to be too much for the Zionist content mill to abide.

The story is made more interesting by the fact that the Daily Wire then agreed to a debate between Owns and Shapiro publicly, while working behind the scenes to make certain no such debate would occur. According to Glenn Greenwald, the Daily Wire sought enforcement of a non-disparagement provision in Owens’s employment contract, stating that to issue the debate challenge, in itself, constituted disparagement. An arbitrator agreed, and Owens has been gagged as a consequence.

There’s a lot more to get to, such as…

Fox News Caves to Hunter Biden, Pulls Controversial Series

“There is a definite antiwhite feeling in the country,” Donald Trump told Time Magazine.

More than 2,100 people have been arrested during pro-Palestinian protests on US college campuses

Ann Coulter says “Too bad the Jewish students being harassed on campuses don’t have the Proud Boys around to protect them. They can thank the Anti-Defamation League’s Jonathan Greenblatt for making that impossible.”

Trump Media auditor charged by SEC with ‘massive fraud,’ permanently barred from public company audits

Second Boeing Whistleblower Dies Suddenly


I’ll have much more to say about this, and much else, when The Radical Agenda airs live every Friday at 9:30pm US Eastern on Odysee, and on the GetMeRadio app for smartphone, Roku, and FireTV. Give us a call at 217-688-1433.



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