Radical Agenda S06E069 – One in Three

Radical Agenda
Radical Agenda
Radical Agenda S06E069 – One in Three

Billionaire investor Ray Dalio says he estimates the chances of civil war in the United States to be roughly one in three. Given the day’s headlines, that seems charitable.

The whole world is on the brink, as a Left wing fanatic has attempted to assassinate the Slovakian Prime Minister, Ukraine is unable to maintain their lines, and has forfeited more ground to Russia than they regained in their 2023 “counter offensive”. NATO is again talking about committing troops to Ukraine, and Putin and Xi have once again reaffirmed their committment to confront a belligerent US government on the world stage.

At times like this, a country as central to world affairs as the United States requires competent leadership. Instead, we have Joe Biden.

As the 2024 Presidential Election nears, Trump is on trial in several jurisdictions. In the ongoing New York Trial, Star Witness for the Prosecution, Michael Cohen, has admitted during cross examination that he committed perjury. Jonathan Turley says the only appropriate outcome for the case is a directed verdict, and that if the Judge allows the case to go to the Jury, it will be with the hope that the jury ignores the facts of the case, and convicts Trump anyway.

There is no cause to expect that any of his other trials will be any more meritorious, or conducted any more fairly. When any man is charged with this many crimes in this many jurisdictions, convictions are near certain to follow, and prison shortly after that.

Things are so bad, that it was recently reported Justice Samuel Alito, had an upside down US flag flying in his yard following the 2020 election. The New York Times, it might go without saying, considers this more a problem with the Justice than with the issues being addressed.

Birthrates keep dropping, and perhaps that is because more than 55% of sperm samples from a French infertility clinic contained high levels of glyphosate, the world’s most common weedkiller. The new research also found evidence of impacts on DNA and a correlation between glyphosate levels and oxidative stress on seminal plasma, suggesting significant impacts on fertility and reproductive health.

More Chinese nationals illegally entered the U.S. in two days this month than in all of 2021, and an illegal immigrant deported under Trump, who was let back in under Biden, has just killed a three month old infant.

Assaults against law enforcement are at their highest level in ten years, according to the FBI.

Try to imagine a scenario in which World War 3 becomes official, and a government that refuses to secure its own borders, which has made a mockery of its own elections, laws, and court systems, demands for its citizens, male and female one might safely assume, be drafted to fight a losing war against Russia and China.

Would many men sacrifice their sons to that conflict? Their daughters?

Perhaps the thing most likely to save the US from civil war, is that nobody will fight on the government’s side.

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