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Radical Agenda S05E087 – Blank Friday

Radical Agenda S05E087 - Blank Friday

It’s that time of year again. Shoppers are out chasing illusive bargains on crap they don’t need, for people they don’t like. For the privilege of being the first to empty their wallets and incur interest bearing debt, they have resorted to violence and hoax threats. That’s not very interesting, so let’s talk about Jews, …

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Radical Agenda S05E086 – White Pill Roundup

Radical Agenda S05E086 - White Pill Roundup

On a recent episode of Outlaw Conservative, I remarked about how even Democrats don’t believe their own media anymore. I was somewhat black pilled about this at the time, because it does illustrate a somewhat frightening phenomenon in that, even though they know the media is lying, they don’t seem to mind all that much. …

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Radical Agenda S05E085 – Doolittle’s Return

Radical Agenda S05E015 - Curt Doolittle

We had Curt Doolittle on as our guest for Radical Agenda Stage 5 Episode 15. With Ukraine in the news, I thought Curt might be an interesting fellow to talk to. Curt has spent some time in the country, and even offered to be Donald Trump’s ambassador to Ukraine after the election. While I remain …

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Radical Agenda S05E084 – The Buehler Saga

Radical Agenda S05E084 - The Buehler Saga

There are plenty of interesting things going on in the news today, and we’ll get to talking about them on this evening’s episode of the Radical Agenda, but none of them gave me any particular inspiration to write about. Fortunately, as regular listeners have heard me mention, I’ve done a great deal of other writing …

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Radical Agenda S05E083 – Impeachment Cohencidences

Radical Agenda S05E083 – Impeachment Cohencidences

Our good friends at picked up on a fun theme running through various openly Jewish publications. If you’ve been keeping up with the Trump impeachment scam, you probably assumed Jews were behind it, just from the volume of lies and hysteria. Then there’s the fact that the guy most prominently perpetrating the fraud, is …

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Outlaw Conservative S01E039 – Seamless Dishonesty

Outlaw Conservative

It’s been an exciting three weeks in Clown World. Frightening, even. Long time listeners will recall that I used to think people were crazy for doubting certain historical narratives. I used to think it would be impossible for so many people, to tell the same lies, for so long, and convince so many, so thoroughly. …

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Radical Agenda S05E082 – Adam Kokesh

Radical Agenda S05E082 - Adam Kokesh

In the book I am working on, the description of how I shifted from libertarianism to White Nationalism was a long, gradual process, which I cover in considerable detail. Those of you who have been with me for a long time, will find it unsurprising that the name Adam Kokesh came up several times in …

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Radical Agenda S05E081 – Cured

Radical Agenda S05E081 - Cured

Last we spoke I told you I had to punch out for a little while and work on some things. That was two weeks ago, and I am happy to report that things are coming along quite well. I’m going to tell you about the progress of those things in a second, but first I’ll …

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Radical Agenda S05E080 – Powering Up

Radical Agenda S05E080 - Powering Up

If you’ve been listening to the Radical Agenda or Outlaw Conservative podcasts, you have likely heard by now that I have been planning to take a few weeks off from the live shows. There are a number of reasons for this, some of which I can tell you about, and some of which I cannot. …

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Radical Agenda S05E079 – Murderberg’s House of Horrors

Radical Agenda S05E079 - Murderberg's House of Horrors

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently gave a talk at Georgetown University, supposedly reiterating his dedication to freedom of expression, in a world careening toward illiberal constraints on thought, word, and deed. The speech came on the heels of widespread hysteria over his meeting with such controversial figures on the Right as Tucker Carlson, and Byron …

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